President Obama Planning a Major and Devasting Attack Against ISIS

It's about damn time. Yesterday, President Obama announced that he will personally participate in delivering a devastating blow to ISIS. This news came at the same time as United States ...

Chicago Policeman Facing Murder Charges After Gunning Down Black Teen

A black teen running down the road was shot sixteen times by a Chicago police officer. He had PCP in his system and a small knife on his person. At no point did he seem to make any threatening moves toward any of the multiple police officers who were on the scene that night. Here we are, months later, and we are seeing the video | Read More »

Jeb Bush is Touting the Endorsement of Kermit Gosnell’s Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Jeb Bush is out there touting what he apparently thinks is a big get: the endorsement of former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge:   Thanks for your support, Gov. Ridge. We need proven leadership in the White House. — Jeb Bush (@JebBush) November 25, 2015 Now, Jeb Bush can’t control who endorses him. But the fact that he’s touting this endorsement means that he’s glad | Read More »

Marco Rubio Helps Kill Obamacare

Back in 2013, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94% was very vocal about “risk corridors,” which were essentially guarantees that any company that took part in the government’s health care exchanges would get help in preventing losses. Rubio did not like this, and so he went on to fight it, eventually getting a rider put into a budget agreement effectively killing the program | Read More »

Marco Rubio And the GOP Establishment Take Aim At Ted Cruz

I posted a bit earlier on the panic the GOP Establishment finds itself in over the rise of Donald Trump and his apparent immunity from traditional laws of political behavior and consequences. They are becoming just as panicked about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%. Now a Super Pac run by a major Rubio supporter is attacking Ted Cruz for his vote to | Read More »

The Left Redefines Terrorism To Blame White People

I do have to hand it to the left. We have all these attacks by Islamic radicals and the left decides it cannot abide this. So it redefines terrorism to mean any sort of mass shooting. Now they can blame shift to white people. But wait! It’s not just to white people. According to the left, if you are white, male, and kill people, you | Read More »

Put Me on Team Trump Against Kasich

John Kasich’s Super PAC, taking a cue from John Kasich, has decided to launch a series of ads against Donald Trump. The first ad is basically a series of youtube clips of Trump saying stuff strung together. The advertisement is terrible. We should not be surprised that the Super PAC of John Kasich is as terrible as Kasich himself. The ad is cheap, unfocused, and | Read More »

The GOP Establishment Is Trying To Elect Donald Trump?

Panic is a very ugly thing. It is a triumph of primal fear over the intellect. It is when “flight” kicks “fight’s” ass. In pre-gunpowder days, armies would hammer away at each other for hours with few losses. Then panic would set in bringing slaughter with it. It is demeaning. It is unmanly. Unfortunately, panic is one of the two modes favored by the GOP | Read More »

Rubio on FoxNews: Watch a Master at Work

I used to hate the Chicago Bulls. In fact, I hated them so much I almost quit watching the NBA entirely due to how boring they made the NBA every year during Jordan’s reign. It was almost pitiful how little chance the other teams had when Jordan was in his prime. But that having been said, I used to watch them play sometimes just for | Read More »

No, Huffington Post, the Pilgrims Were Not Refugees

There are few things more amusing than watching the left contort themselves attempting to bootstrap an image that they imagine appeals to the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, WalMart-shopping, rednecks out in fly-over country into whatever their pet cause du jour is. What makes this impulse so cute is the idea that if they relate to us in terms we’ll understand they will make their point and when they use | Read More »









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