If Language Offends Pro-aborts They Should Stop Killing Babies

If Language Offends Pro-aborts They Should Stop Killing Babies

Quite honestly, as I've said before, I really could give a rat's patootie about the motive behind Robert Dear killing people near a Planned Parenthood abortion factory in Colorado Springs. ...

Angry Atheists Demand Hotels Ban the Bible Comparing Scripture to Danger of Smoking

The radical anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has launched a crusade to ban the Bible in hotel rooms.

In fact, FFRF is comparing the Bible to the health and safety dangers of smoking.

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5 Reasons I Will Not Vote For Trump If He Is The GOP Nominee

Every Presidential election, people talk of the importance of that particular election. “This is one of the most important Presidential elections in our nation’s history!” Truth be told, I’ve voted in six presidential elections and they’re all important. The 2016 election in my view however, is different. After eight years of President Obama, the last thing the country needs is four years (at least) of Hillary | Read More »

President Obama Is Going to Cause Nuts to Start Gunning People Down

President Obama is going to spark a mass outbreak of shooters gunning people down. He should be ashamed of his overheated fear mongering. In Paris, President Obama had this to say: Our understanding of the ways human beings disrupt the climate advances by the day. Fourteen of the fifteen warmest years on record have occurred since the year 2000 — and 2015 is on pace | Read More »

Will the Democrats shut down the government to get gun control?

There’s talk of the Democrats shutting down the government over gun control. …Well, it IS the Christmas season.

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Obama Warns Putin Not to Do Something He’s Already Done

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Fresh off his appearance at a UN Climate Summit (which, so far as we can tell, appearing at a climate summit is the only plan Obama has to combat ISIS), Barack Obama warned Vladimir Putin not to do something he has already done, i.e., intervene in Syria’s civil war: Paris (CNN)President Barack Obama warned his Russian | Read More »

Obama in Paris: Mass Shootings Just Don’t Happen In Other Countries

In Paris on Tuesday, President Obama had a press conference as part of the Paris global warming convention, when he said something so monumentally insensitive that, for once, I actually agree with the idea that Obama should be apologizing on our behalf abroad. For electing him. Obama was talking about the heinous murders that took place last week in Colorado Springs, and he made the | Read More »

Why Aren’t There as Many Attacks on Abortion Clinics Overseas?

An article today in purports to claim that attacks on abortion clinics are “largely” a United States phenomenon. Foreign Policy is normally a pretty solid (if a bit lefty and internationalist) rag, but this particular article is long on speculation and outright errors and short on actual facts. The sole basis for their claim is that they asked someone from the Guttmacher Institute (a | Read More »

Why Are So Many on the Right Helping the Left Undermine Our Patent System?

It is disappointing to see so many people who usually reside on the Right – go screaming Leftward on an issue so fundamental to all-things-free-market as private property protection. In this particular case – patent protection. All sorts of things that in every other instance the Right loves to excoriate and ridicule – these Converts-to-the-Left must ignore or accept as a part of their effort | Read More »

Slate Goes Full Metal Douchenozzle About Colorado Springs

One sure sign that the world has reached “peak douchebag” will be when Slate goes out of business. That hasn’t happened yet. So they have sent out William Saletan to recycle a tired old trope the left trots out to make themselves feel superior: the real threat to America is white Christian terrorists. In fact, he subtitles his silly little screed Forget Syria. The most | Read More »









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