GOP Congressman Calls For Devin Nunes To Recuse Himself; Dismisses Speaker Ryan’s Support

Jay Caruso
EU Council President Donald Tusk, right, gets British Prime Minister Theresa May's formal notice to leave the bloc under Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty from UK Permanent Representative to the EU Tim Barrow in Brussels, Wednesday, March 29, 2017.  Barrow hand-delivered the letter signed by Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May that will formally trigger the beginning of Britain’s exit from the European Union. (Emmanuel Dunand, Pool via AP)

Predictions of a European Union crack up have flown around for years, but today the first time a member has served notice that it is quitting.

Conservatives never stop hearing about how little they care for America’s poor. In the eyes of leftist betters, those on the right sit around twirling canes and puffing on cigars, plotting the next wave of massive benefit cuts designed to take away people’s healthcare (simply for a cheap chuckle of course). Because conservatives don’t want to pay for everyone’s food, shelter, education and healthcare via | Read More »

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