Born and raised in California, now residing in the Greater Rochester area of New York for the last 17 years. I've been registered to vote as a Republican since I was 18 and the first election cycle in which I could vote was the presidential that GHW Bush won, although I supported Jack Kemp in the primaries. I am married and have 2 children, a daughter 25, and a son 15. Aside from voting each cycle, I have been relatively inactive in politics until post 9/11 when I realized that elections do have consequences. After immersing myself in the Federalist papers, Revolutionary history, and the works of Milton Friedman I developed more of Constitutionalist world view and focus not on what, but from where political solutions to challenges should come. It does not matter to me how particular problems are solved, aside from academic merit, but it matters more that states are empowered to solve their own problems. As well intentioned as Federal political solutions may be, allowing the Federal govt to wander past the limits of enumerated powers opens the door to constant abuses and monolithic tyranny, a condition which the Constitution was specifically designed to avoid rather than embrace. Therefore, my ultimate political goal is to see the restoration of the balance of power as intended in the Constitution so that my children may know personal liberty and freedom as intended by the framers that even I have never known.