INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Clinton Cronies Used IRS Audit Threat To Help A Major Clinton Foundation Donor


After the fall — or, more precisely, non-election — of their queen, the Democrats (likely out of desperation) have been doing that thing where they openly and brazenly contradict themselves with even more baffling fervor and conviction. Or perhaps the charade is just more noticeable without all the special interest money keeping the logic-twisting gaffes looking like slick and polished policy ideas. Here lately, the | Read More »

Remember that old euphemism, “the rabbit died”? It used to mean a woman’s confirmed pregnancy (or, in the case of this awful Joan Rivers/Billy Crystal movie, a man finding out he’s pregnant). Not anymore, thanks to the fine folks at United Airlines. The beleaguered airline has yet another PR disaster on its hands in the form of one dead rabbit named Simon. Simon was not your | Read More »

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