The Rubio Factor

      has instructed his staff to proceed as if he will be a candidate for President in 2016.  This makes sense as gearing for a presidential run can be easily converted to another senatorial run in 2016.  Thus, this writer does not necessarily believe this is a signal that he will run.  I do, however, believe that he is looking into the possibility.  He recently | Read More »

    Ferguson, Missouri and Race

    Ferguson, Missouri and Race

    I have been loathe to comment on the recent racial disturbances in Ferguson, Missouri prompted by the death of Michael Brown.  The reasons are simple: we have witnessed this scene before and we are likely to witness it again.  The thing that most aggravates me is the rush to judgment on both sides.  The African-American community views this differently than some in the white community. | Read More »

    Hobby Lobby and the Amusing Meltdown on the Left

    The reaction on the Left to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision has been colorful if nothing else.  When not urging that Hobby Lobby stores be burnt to the ground, some have urged organized F#!@-ins at the stores “in the glitter aisle.”  With commentary like this, they certainly do more harm to the cause of feminism than any Supreme Court decision could ever achieve.  The | Read More »

    The “War on Women:” (Part 1) Reproductive Rights

    *Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron* Today’s modern feminist is proud to echo the line once used by Hillary Clinton: “All issues are women’s issues.”  To the feminist this translates to: “There is a larger economic or policy angle to every issue dismissed as ‘women’s.’”  The liberal asserts that to the conservative this means: “There is a woman’s angle to every issue.”  But, one supposes | Read More »