Hillary Clinton Wallows in Bitterness Knowing She Will Likely Never Be President

Jay Caruso

I remember when Rocky IV debuted in November 1985. Ronald Reagan was in the White House, and most people had no idea how close we were to the conclusion of the Cold War. Rocky Balboa, after watching his friend Apollo Creed get killed in the ring against a juiced up Russian boxer, made the trip to Russia to fight Ivan Drago. Not for money and | Read More »


World War II veteran Bill Lee Eblen, 92, recovered from a bout of pneumonia just in time to be his niece’s “something blue” at her wedding this month. PHOTOS: A WWII veteran served as his niece's "something blue" on her wedding day. https://t.co/BlcyM3OXo0 #ProudAmerican pic.twitter.com/rzCq2mDiGt — Fox News (@FoxNews) May 26, 2017 “When I first I got engaged I knew I wanted to include Uncle | Read More »

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