I’m Evolving on the Color of the Sky

    I have come to believe that if three people are prepared to make a lifetime commitment to love and care for each other in good times and in bad, the government shouldn’t deny them the opportunity to get married. One day, my son came home from playgroup and told my wife and I that he desires to marry both of his friends – a boy | Read More »

    A Ted Cruz Missile Strikes Dianne Feinstein

    If Ted Cruz keeps this up in the Senate, Democrats might try to impose gun control on his Cruz missile strikes. Earlier today at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on guns, Ted Cruz directly challenges Dianne Feinstein to answer how her gun bans are constitutional if the same language protecting the right to bear arms (“the right of the people”) is used for the First | Read More »

    The Williamsburg Accord: A Conservative Folly

    Do you want to know why the Ryan budget is a waste of time?  Worse, do you want to know why the entire House majority is a waste of time?  Look no further than John Boehner’s comments to Sean Hannity regarding fighting Obamacare in the debt ceiling: “There will be opportunities ahead, but do you want to risk the full faith and credit of the | Read More »

    Trimming Deficits – The Democrat Way

    No wonder Democrats were recalcitrant to propose a budget over the past four years.  I’d be embarrassed too. This week Washington Senator Patty Murray, as Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, introduced her budget blueprint for the next 10 years.  The headline of her budget is that it achieves $1.85 trillion in deficit reduction, presumably, off the $47.2 trillion CBO baseline.  Murray claims that the | Read More »

    Defunding Obamacare is This Easy

    After the House caved on funding Obamacare in the CR, the fight moves to the Senate.  Senator Ted Cruz has taken the lead in fighting Obamacare.  For the first time in almost two years we are actually having a discussion about the rising cost of health insurance engendered by Obamacare.  Cruz is proposing an amendment to the CR, which is already full of Barbara Mikulski’s | Read More »

    Ryan Budget: Balancing with More Taxes

    Paul Ryan released his budget proposal for FY 2014 today, and as expected, it will balance within 10 years.  Let me first say that this budget would be superior to the status quo a million times over.  Medicaid and Food Stamps would be block granted to the states and Medicare would be subject to at least some free market reforms.  Most importantly, it defunds the | Read More »

    Reps. Salmon and Schweikert Call for Members to Vote Down Bad Rules

    Earlier today, Congressman Matt Salmon wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times echoing Erick’s call for conservatives to vote against the rule on bad legislation brought to the floor by leadership.  The underlying rationale is as follows: if leadership is bent on bringing legislation to the floor that needs Democrat votes to pass, the only way to fight back is by voting against the rule | Read More »

    What’s the Point of the Ryan Budget?

    This week the House and Senate will focus on spending measures for two different years, but they are both intertwined.  The Senate will vote on the House-passed CR to fund the government for the rest of the current fiscal year, while the House will introduce the “Ryan” budget resolution for FY 2014. With much anticipation and gusto, Paul Ryan will release his budget this week | Read More »

    Deciphering Man from Pig

    The behavior of the Republicans majority leadership in the House reminds me of the last paragraph in Animal Farm.  “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike.  No questions, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was | Read More »

    Tom Cole: The New John McCain of the House

    Dear residents of southwest Oklahoma, There is only one liberal left in your district (OK-4- PVI=R+18), and he happens to be your representative in Congress.  His name is Tom Cole.  Maybe you should elect someone next year who will represent the heartland and challenge the status quo instead of serving as a conduit for the left to attack conservatives. Tom Cole, like most of the | Read More »

    The Power of One Man’s Conviction

    What was it about Rand Paul’s filibuster that has captivated conservatives all over the country and reinvigorated their desire to fight for our Constitutional Republic?  The irony is that the drone issue was not even one of the most popular issues among many conservatives until last night.  I suspect that many conservatives don’t necessarily agree with some of Paul’s assertions about targeting terrorists like Al-Awlaki | Read More »

    What New Conservative Members Need to Know About AIPAC

    Roll Call reports today that teams of AIPAC lobbyists are fanning out across the Capitol in an effort to block sequester cuts for Israeli foreign aid.  We’re talking about a $155 million cut from $3.1 billion, for goodness sakes. Nonetheless, here’s a novel idea that would kill two birds with one stone.  Egypt receives about $1.5 billion in foreign aid per year.  Additionally, Obama is | Read More »

    The CR Vote Tally: Courage in the Senate; Capitulation in the House

    The House voted overwhelmingly to pass the CR today which failed to cut one cent from Obamacare.  30 members signed the Bridenstine-Huelskamp letter asking leadership to defund Obamacare through the CR.  16 members voted against the rule to bring up the CR, some of which hadn’t signed the letter.  Only 14 members voted against the CR.  In other words, several members took the drastic step | Read More »

    Just Say No to Funding Obamacare

    On Wednesday morning, the House will vote on the Continuing Resolution  (H.R. 933) to fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year.  This is the last opportunity to defund Obamacare before the health exchanges are implemented on October 1.  Conservative lawmakers, Jim Bridenstine (OK) and Tim Huelskamp (KS), submitted an amendment to the Rules Committee today to defund Obamacare.  The amendment was rejected.  | Read More »


    If you live in the real world, you will notice that the federal government has destroyed our free markets, limited our freedoms, and denigrated our right to religious liberty – all before Obamacare has fully taken effect.  The federal agencies continue to promulgate rules and regulations that drive up the cost of the most vital goods and services to the point that most of us | Read More »