An Election Night Primer on the House Races

    An Election Night Primer on the House Races

    There’s been a lot of attention focused on the race for the Senate this year.  The House races, on the other hand, have become a forgotten footnote on the 2012 election map.  The reason is quite simple: Republicans will retain control of the House, irrespective of the outcome of the presidential election. At present, Republicans control 242 seats and Democrats control 193 seats (a few | Read More »

    Today’s BLS Numbers: Garbage In Garbage Out

    If I wanted to be a political hack, I would tell you that this was a terrible jobs report because the unemployment rate rose .1% at a time when we are supposed to be experiencing only growth in the job market.  However, the truth is that just like the past few reports which showed the U3 number declining were not good reports; this one is | Read More »

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    Tom Price for GOP Conference Chairman

    As soon as we’re finished with the national elections next week, we as conservatives must assert ourselves over the congressional leadership elections.  Even if we win the political elections on November 6, we must win the policy elections in Congress.  There will be a number of important races to focus on over the next few weeks, including committee assignments, committee chairmanships, and the race for | Read More »

    The Future of Marriage Will be at Stake Next Week

    The most important issue for conservatives on election night, aside for the individual elections, will be the question of gay marriage. Maryland, Minnesota, Maine, and Washington – all blue states – will be holding ballot referendums on gay marriage.  In three of those states, we will be playing defense.  If the ballot question passes, gay marriage will be recognized in those states.  In Minnesota, we | Read More »

    Important Ballot Questions at Stake

    With all the focus on the presidential race and some of the congressional elections, there are a number of important state ballot questions that we must not overlook.  Many of us claim that conservatism is not on the ballot in many states where the candidates for Congress are underwhelming.  However, there are a plethora of ballot questions that deal with taxes, marriage, and Obamacare – | Read More »

    The 47%

    One of the most portentous comments ever made by a candidate concerning his own campaign prospects was Romney’s off-the-record remark about Obama having an automatic 47% floor of support.  The media attack dogs lambasted him for his “out of touch” sentiments.  The reality is that Romney hit the nail on the head months before the pollsters would coalesce around that number. Let’s confront an inconvenient | Read More »

    A Wide Electoral/Popular Vote Split Won’t Happen

    There is an emerging narrative percolating throughout the political world; the prospect that Romney could win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College.  The theory is predicated on the seemingly contradictory data between state and national polls.  National polls seem to show Romney with a consistent 2-4% lead, while state polls show the candidates tied or Obama slightly ahead in Ohio, Iowa, and Wisconsin. | Read More »

    Government Spending Inflates GDP Report

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis published its report for 3rd quarter GDP and found that the economy is growing at a mediocre 2.0% rate, a slight improvement of the 1.3% growth in the 2nd quarter. Had we not experienced such a deep recession, this number would not concern us. However, in order to recover from such a deep recession we need consistent growth of 4% | Read More »

    No Farm Bill in Lame Duck

    No Farm Bill in Lame Duck

    Irrespective of the outcome of this election, there must be no effort to pass major legislation during the lame duck session.  We don’t need political suicide bombers who have nothing to lose deciding consequential issues immediately preceding their departure from Congress.  As such, we must block any faux grand bargain during the post-election session.  Unfortunately, it looks like we will have to contend with another | Read More »

    The Current Electoral College State of Play

    The Current Electoral College State of Play

    Two weeks before Election Day, all signs point to this being a very tight election.  Romney clearly seized the momentum with his debate win two weeks ago – one which Obama failed to stop with his stronger performance last week.  Most national polls show Romney with a 2-3 point lead; however, the state polls show an even tighter race. One thing has not changed in | Read More »

    Obama’s Legacy: $1.03 Trillion in Welfare Spending

    In many respects, this country no longer looks like the American Republic that our parents and grandparents experienced.  More than ever before, government is destroying private enterprise on the one hand, and offering permanent dependency on the other hand.  With all the focus on big bird, binders, and the 47%, the most important figure is the $1.03 trillion – the cost of combined federal and | Read More »

    The Great Big Fat Tax Lie

    Anyone descending to Earth from Mars to view last night’s presidential debate would come away with the impression that rich people are free loaders and swindlers who pay no taxes, while the poor/middle-class shoulder the lion’s share of the tax burden.  Obama incessantly repeated the fallacy that the rich don’t play by the rules.  Anyone who lives on planet Earth should be asking, “what planet | Read More »

    The Petulant Circus Clown Drowns Out any Substance

    The Petulant Circus Clown Drowns Out any Substance

    Was Joe Biden on drugs or did he use Al Gore for his debate prep? That’s the question anyone viewing the debate on TV should be asking. Biden’s appalling petulant behavior, in conjunction with the moderator’s refusal to moderate the debate instead of debate the debate, allowed Biden to get out of control and make a clown of himself.  That is all anyone will remember.  | Read More »

    New Cook PVIs Show Big Opportunities for Conservatives in the House

    For all you political junkies, this is the type of news that will brighten up your day.  Charlie Cook has finally revised his partisan rating index for House districts to reflect the new congressional districts post-redistricting.  The index factors in the average vote totals for the Republican and Democrat presidential nominees during the past two election cycles in each district and compares them against the | Read More »


    U.S. With Highest Corporate Tax Rate

    Well, it’s official.  The socialist country of Sweden plans to cut its corporate tax rate from 26.3% to 22% to improve prospects for new jobs and investment.  So where does America – the beacon of freedom – stand in the rankings of corporate tax rates?  We’re dead last among industrialized nations, checking in at 35% with another 5% on average for state taxes. Yes, we | Read More »