Those 100 Black Pastors: “We Never Said We Would Endorse Trump.”

Those 100 Black Pastors: "We Never Said We Would Endorse Trump."

  Last week, Trump made a major deal out of the fact that 100 black pastors were going to endorse him after a major meeting with him at Trump tower. ...

Planned Parenthood is ill-clothed in robes of self-righteous hypocrisy

This has to be one of the worst cases of confirmation bias and self-righteous hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Before anything official has been released about Richard Lewis Dear, 57, the man who killed three, including a police officer who gave his life in the line of duty, the press and Planned Parenthood have pulled the chocks and rolled the bandwagon down the hill. Planned Parenthood | Read More »

No, I Still Don’t Stand With Planned Parenthood

No, I still don’t stand with Planned Parenthood. The attack on the Planned Parenthood clinic yesterday in Colorado Springs was atrocious. There is nothing that justifies that kind of behavior. Granted, a motive has not yet been established. We’re unclear what the shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, was thinking before, during, or after the incident. Sadly, three people lost their lives, including an officer who was doing | Read More »

Narrative Down? Neighbors Say Robert Lewis Dear Never Talked Religion Or Abortion

If there is anything the left (and by extension the mainstream media) loves more than anything else, it is maintaining their own little narratives about events in the news. The same people who will scream bloody murder over the phrase “radical Islam” are the first to claim any violence directed at or near a Planned Parenthood facility is without a doubt, a radical right wing | Read More »

It Isn’t Science Or Love, You Are Just A Pervert

Ever since Anthony Kennedy made buggery a Constitutionally protected activity, the left and libertarians have been actively pushing to make any manner of sexual perversion both legal and protected. The Kennedy Court has now created a situation where a businessman or woman can be made to participate in a bastardization of Holy Matrimony under penalty of law. Culture has degraded to the point where the | Read More »

#BlackLivesMatter Won’t Be Taken Seriously Until This Happens

Laquan McDonald, a 17 year old in Chicago, was shot 16 times in October of 2014 as he tried to escape police officers after attempting to burglarize vehicles in the area.  He was grasping a knife in one hand and appeared on the video to attempt the escape by hurrying past officers on foot, picking up his pace in a different direction. He was then | Read More »

I’ll Apologize for Robert Dear when Anjem Choudary Apologizes for the Paris Attacks

As of right now, we know virtually nothing about Robert L. Dear, the man involved in the shootout near a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs yesterday. We don’t know his motivations, his political leanings, or even if he was targeting the Planned Parenthood clinic. We know nothing except that three people are dead, tragically including a police officer who responded to the scene. Of | Read More »

This Is YUGE! Over 100 Black Pastors And Religious Leaders To Endorse Donald Trump

In what would be a sea change in American politics, if it proves to be what it is portrayed to be, Donald Trump is set to announce his endorsement by a consortium of 100 black pastor and religious leaders at Trump’s Manhattan headquarters on Monday: The Republican presidential candidate has a private meeting with the group scheduled on Monday before they make their offer of | Read More »

Can We Have A Safe Space Away From History?

Here in the present, we have college students who need “safe spaces” from things that offend their delicate sensibilities. Things like, you know, basic rights (i.e. free speech). That we as a nation have this belief that we can say what we’re thinking, even if it upsets just one person is so terribly problematic. However, it is not just the present – in fact, it | Read More »

Shocker: 2008 Obama supporter thinks democracy doesn’t work!

Time for another Barack Obama supporter to claim that it’s all the American Republic’s fault!

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