Now is the Time to Pass an ANWR Bill

    In 1995, the Republican-controlled House and Senate passed a balanced budget act, which contained a provision to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for oil drilling and exploration.  On December 6th of that year, President Bill Clinton vetoed the bill, ensuring that not a drop of oil would be extracted from the barren land of this 20 million acre area.  We have literally been | Read More »

    Maryland’s Energy is Gone With the Wind

    The first few months of 2011 have given rise to a resurgence in federalism.  States across the country are implementing their own legislation to circumvent onerous federal policies; ranging from immigration to environmental regulations.  Red states, bolstered by fresh conservative governors and majorities in their legislatures, are asserting their power to mitigate the effects of odious federal initiatives.  Unfortunately, blue states such as Maryland are | Read More »

    Secretary Chu’s Insidious Economics of Energy

    Earlier today, Energy Secretary Steven Chu reiterated his insouciance to the plight of the American consumer of oil and gas.  Chu told members of the Senate Budget Committee that there is no need to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves because it will be corrected by spare world oil capacity: “we have spare capacity, we expect naturally that the market forces will take care of | Read More »

    Duplicative Programs Cost More than GOP Cuts

    Yesterday, we dinged Senator Coburn for his involvement in the ‘Gang of Six’.  Today, we commend him for initiating a GAO report which exposes the contempt in which the statists view taxpayers. Conservatives have always known that the promulgation of government programs was not conceived from some genuine conviction of Keynesian economics, or a professed concern for the recipients.  Most government programs serve the function | Read More »

    Beware the Gang of Six

    Imagine for a moment a private financial services firm caught running a ponzi scheme in which public funds were spent on lavish projects for the manager’s friends.  Astoundingly, instead of incarcerating the perpetrators and returning the money to the investors, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) negotiates with the criminals.  That’s right.  The SEC collaborates with the criminal executives to force the public to contribute | Read More »

    Moving RINOS Rightward is Good, Defeating them is even Better

    Well, the dust has settled from the 2010 legislative session, and organizations like National Journal and American Conservative Union have published their annual voting reports.  So who are the ‘top conservatives’?  You’ll never guess. Here is a list of the ‘top conservatives’ from National Journal and the ACU, along with their composite conservative scores.  Check out this link for the description of ACU’s scorecard and | Read More »

    Gallup: Obama Under 50% among ‘Adults’ in 38 States

    Obama's Sub-Prime Electoral Map

    Gallup has collected the data from their daily tracking polls throughout 2010 and contrasted the results to the same information from 2009.  Not surprisingly, their findings show that Obama has suffered a decline in every state since 2009.  His unpopularity is now ubiquitous.  Overall, Obama’s national approval rating has dropped 11% from 58% to 47%.  Furthermore, the | Read More »

    Haley Barbour and the Regressive Economics of Farm Subsidies

    Farm subsidies are the most popular form of corporate cronyism among many Republicans.  Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this regressive form of ‘progressive’ market intervention garners enthusiastic support from Republican presidential contenders, especially preceding the Iowa Caucuses.  Haley Barbour is the latest potential presidential candidate to prostrate on the altar of the farm lobby and support the $20 billion fleecing of the taxpayer.  Even with the | Read More »

    GOP Credulously Chooses Incremental Conservatism to Combat Perennial Socialism

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”~ Ronald | Read More »

    Hey Barack, Resign Now, and Now Means Yesterday

    From the diaries by Leon… While our nation languishes amidst record food and energy prices, unprecedented underemployment (including those excluded from the workforce) and economic stagnation, crippling regulations, and an administration in contempt of two court decisions, the media would rather distract us with the Islamist uprising in Egypt.  It is imperative that we keep up the pressure on Obama and the Democrats by denying | Read More »

    RSC Spending Plan a Good Start, More is Needed

    From the diaries by Erick The Republican Study Committee, the conservative House caucus, released a bill this week to cut $2.5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years.  This plan, which is summarized in a two page document, includes cuts in specific Obama programs, as well as the elimination of old programs and subsidies. The main objective of the RSC plan is to pass | Read More »

    The Ethanol Juggernaut: Do Republicans Have the Will to Stop Big Government?

    From the diaries by lexington_concord… It’s always politically advantageous to support tax cuts.  However, it takes more intransigence and fortitude to oppose big government programs and special interest handouts.  It is even more arduous to oppose such programs when they are coupled with tax cuts as part of a backroom compromise.  Based upon Senator Jim Inhofe’s comments to NRO, it appears that there aren’t too | Read More »

    Six Republicans Sign Letter Demanding Ethanol Subsidy Extension

    From the diaries by Erick. To quote my friend ‘Ironman’, “If an uncontested re-election doesn’t give John Thune the political courage to say no to BP and the ethanol robber barons, then he has no business getting near the White House when the successor to Obama needs to stop trillions in red ink.” ————- The ethanol mandates are one of the most regressive socialist interventions | Read More »

    The NRA is Helping Preserve the Anti Gun Democrat Majority

    Believe it or not, the only ones who might help Nancy Pelosi save her House majority are those who run legislative affairs at the NRA.  So called Blue Dog Democrats across the nation are campaigning as red meat conservatives in their home districts, while running deceptive ads about their Republican opponents.  They campaign as if they have nothing to do with the Democrat Party that | Read More »

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