More on Ted Cruz and the Activist Left’s ‘SHUT UP!’ principle in action.

More on Ted Cruz and the Activist Left's 'SHUT UP!' principle in action.

Ah, ‘Shut up.’ The Activist Left so does love that argument. ...

Mike Huckabee mocked over ‘criminalization of Christianity’ remarks

One of the many facets of the ongoing culture war is that the left can’t even run hit pieces that are coherent. For instance, yesterday the New York Times was lubriciously lathered in their nether regions over this stunning revelation: Ted Cruz Is Guest of Two Gay Businessmen. That’s the headline. And to prove it, they run an image of Ted Cruz posing with one | Read More »

Militant Progressives Message to America: Even Gays Will Be Made To Care

If you thought it would end with small town pizza parlors in Indiana and Oregon cake bakers, you would be wrong. The enforcement of militant liberal orthodoxy, having claimed a few scalps from moderate-income Christian business owners, now sets its sights even higher. Our Editor Erick said over two years ago that “You Will Be Made To Care” and most people thought he was speaking | Read More »

Comcast learns you can’t make deals with Extremists

After spending many months and many dollars campaigning for support for the deal, Comcast has given up on acquiring Time Warner Cable under pressure from the extreme left. Comcast just spent the whole Net Neutrality fight appeasing the left by supporting their plans, and now they get no loyalty in return. There’s a lesson here.

The NYT Caught the Clintons in a Lie on Uranium

My colleagues Moe Lane and streiff have done a great job covering how the Clintons have sold us to Russia when it comes to uranium. However, we now know even more damning information on the story. Namely, that the Clintons lied to the New York Times about the negotiations for the deal with the Kazakhstani state owned nuclear company Kazatomprom. The Blaze has written an | Read More »

The Culture War Goes to Church

“[T]he new pastor told the congregation to ‘f*ck off’.”Still Waters United Methodist Church is a postcard church. It sits on a hill overlooking North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta, Georgia. Its grass is postcard green. Its trees, casting shadows on the grass, are postcard sized tall. It has a high, white steeple. The sound of children laughing filters down the hill from the fenced in | Read More »

Rubio vs. The Field

In sports, whenever there is a prohibitive favorite that has to compete against a crowded field (especially in sports where the outcome is hard to predict), a popular game sports talkers like to play is to play “Prohibitive favorite vs. the field – who would you pick?” For example, in the NCAA basketball tournament this year, Kentucky was a roughly even bet to win the | Read More »

What’s that looking in your window? Your insurance company’s new drone.

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the proliferation of commercial drones, their good and bad uses and the privacy and safety concerns of drone filled skies.

Read More »

More GOP Failure Theater: We have to save Obamacare in order to destroy it

The problem with the GOP, particularly the Senate, is that other than being gutless poltroons they simply don’t know how to win. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Mitch McConnell67%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard67%‘s idea of fighting is dropping his trousers and handing the nearest Democrat a tub of Astroglide. The Supreme Court heard King versus Burwell in March. That case could decide the fate of Obamacare. If the | Read More »

Consciously Sidelining Ourselves

Though Walmart remains fixed in the American conscience as Sam Walton’s business, it is less and less that. Walton was folksy and relatable to the Americans who shopped at Walmart. Everyone could imagine Sam Walton shopping there too. But over the years, Walmart’s management has passed out of the direct hands of Walton’s family. A few of the Walton clan remain on the Walmart Board | Read More »








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