CEI Study Exposes Intellectual Dishonesty of Gambling Ban Proponents

    CEI Study Exposes Intellectual Dishonesty of Gambling Ban Proponents

    Red herrings have long been a favored tactic used by Washington DC insiders to justify otherwise illegitimate activities. Occasionally, these insiders’ ploys are exposed and undermined by an unyielding torrent of facts. Such is the case for proponents of legislation intended to overturn states’ rights to self-determination on the issue of Internet gaming by imposing a sweeping federal ban on the activity. Billionaire casino owner | Read More »

    John Feehery to GOP: Stop Opposing Crony Capitalism

    John Feehery call your office.  It appears someone has signed into your computer and is emailing columns out under your name that make you look like a simpleton.  The Wall Street Journal has fallen for the ruse.  They just published a column under your name lamenting conservative opposition to crony capitalism. Feehery is everything that is wrong with the modern day GOP.  With his phone | Read More »

    Unsurprisingly Corporations are Gaming Obamacare

    Star War fans will always remember when Obi-Wan Kenobi described the spaceport Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy.”  It’s easy to recall that description when you learn about a conference occurring in Washington, DC this week known as the 340B Coalition.  “Scum and villainy” might be too strong a term to describe the conferees but “cronies and | Read More »

    Democrats’ New Outrageous Property Rights Power Grab

    Radical environmentalists have long used government as a weapon to stop development projects across the country.   Opponents of the Keystone Pipeline have utilized every tactic known to date to stop its implementation. But now the left has  devised a new strategy–an ultimate trump card–to stop economic development dead in its tracks and a vote on the measure could come in the House of Representatives as | Read More »