New HotAir/Townhall Poll: Trump in the Lead, Hillary in Trouble

HotAir and Townhall have released their very first jointly commissioned scientific poll of the 2016 race. There are a number of findings that are surprising in both the Republican and ...

The University of Tennessee Wishes to Introduce Your Child to Some Exciting New Pronouns

Embrace the Sweet Meteor of Death. This is the world we live in. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has sent out a directive to its professors from their Office of Diversity and Inclusion. In order to not risk offending the infinitesimally small transgender population, they want your children to learn some exciting new words that will make communicating in English insanely confusing for everyone: | Read More »

We Need a New Republican Party

The GOP today finds itself in a debate over what kind of party it is, and what kind of party it wants to become. We know today that the principles and values that lie at the heart of conservatism are shared by the majority. Despite what some in the press may say, we who are proud to call ourselves “conservative” are not a minority of a minority | Read More »

Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion comments shows she’s worried she’s losing.

Hillary Clinton thinks I’m a terrorist. Bless her heart.

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VIDEO: Terry McAuliffe Calls for Mandatory Background Checks, Then Immediately Admits Roanoke Shooter Passed a Background Check

Terry McAuliffe rushed to the WDBJ studios in Roanoke today to continue his push to use the Roanoke shooting tragedy as leverage to grab people’s guns. Most of McAuliffe’s time was spent arguing that mandatory background checks are needed. Embarrassingly, McAuliffe was forced to admit in response to the first question asked that the Roanoke shooter himself passed a background check, thus indicating (as always seems | Read More »

Nine Stunning Admissions from Planned Parenthood’s “Nothing to See Here” Letter to Congress

Planned Parenthood is on the ropes, reeling from months of being exposed for its sickeningly evil practice of selling the bodies of murdered babies for parts.

In an attempt to deflect attention from its atrocities, it has sent the several congressional committees that have opened up federal investigations into Planned Parenthood’s practices a “nothing to see here” letter.

Yet, even in its multiple deceptions and distortions, Planned Parenthood makes a number of stunning admissions about its abortion and baby harvesting practices.

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Chris Christie’s Hypocrisy on Guns

Chris Christie’s campaign is flailing about for relevance and attention with a GOP electorate that has largely passed him by. With the ascension of Carly Fiorina and John Kasich, he stands to risk not even being in the top 10 anymore and failing to make the larger television debates. Part of the problem is that Christie doesn’t seem to really know what kind of campaign | Read More »

Why does Planned Parenthood want to hear David Daleiden pee?

Planned Parenthood is reeling from undercover videos in which its own senior level leadership is caught negotiating for the highest price for baby body parts and describing the ways they can illegally alter the abortion procedure to “crush” the parts of the baby they don’t need and keep the valuable organs for its buyers. Thus, the nation’s largest abortion business did the only thing it | Read More »


The entire political world was made aware a few weeks ago of Rick Perry’s money woes. The news leaked that most staffers had their pay frozen, so Perry could continue basic necessities of infrastructure and travel. Campaign manager, Jeff  Miller expressed gratitude for their service and his desire for them to stay, but assured them no hard feelings if they chose another endeavor. All but | Read More »

The New York Times’ Racist Attack on Clarence Thomas

It is interesting that a major newspaper would so blatantly call out the only black man on the Supreme Court for borrowing language in briefings. He is by far not the only one, and his average rate of language borrowed from briefings is not that much different from his peers. Over the years, the average rate of nearly identical language between a party’s brief and the | Read More »









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