The Left’s Misinformation Campaign has More Asylum Seekers Attempting to Illegally Cross into Canada

Andrea Ruth

Lest you thought peak Donald Trump was late night Twitter rants against celebrities and news organizations, the President of the United States wants you to know he is better than your expectations. He is now engaging in an online spat with an entire damn country. It starts off, as these things do, with a statement made by Donald Trump that is questionable at best. At | Read More »


By now, everybody knows Milo Yiannopoulos is going to be speaking at CPAC. He is in fact, a keynote speaker. President Donald Trump will be speaking as well, as will Fox News host Sean Hannity. Naturally, there is a segment of the political population who are thrilled by this development. To me, it’s rather pathetic because, among all three, there is not a single one who | Read More »

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