Keep Cheerleaders Hot

Any blasphemous materials that encourages being fit and hot must be ridiculed, complained about, and hopefully burned. So sayeth the church of feminism.

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The current state of play for the Colorado Senate Republican primary.

In which I try to give you an idea of who is running for Senate in Colorado’s Republican primary.

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Jon Huntsman Joins the Trump Train So John Kasich Isn’t Far Behind

Utah’s human weathervane, Jon Huntsman, is now aboard the Trump Train: “We’ve had enough intraparty fighting. Now’s the time to stitch together a winning coalition,” said Jon Huntsman, the former governor of Utah. “And it’s been clear almost from the beginning that Donald Trump has the ability to assemble a nontraditional bloc of supporters. … The ability to cut across traditional party boundaries — like | Read More »

The Best Tasting, Finest, Largest, Most Flavorful Donald Trump Video Yet, ‘Believe Me’

Donald Trump likes to sell. He sells his name and his brand, which is not an inherently bad thing. IF you have a good product. But we have a long American tradition of mocking and ridiculing the salesmen for crap products. Here’s a new Heatstreet video that upholds that time-honored practice: Trump is a flim-flam man. He does his selling in the most predictable way | Read More »

NC Governor McCrory Doubles Down On Purpose For Bathroom Bill

Biology doesn’t care about your outrage.

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Water Cooler 4/30/2016 OPEN THREAD – Trump, Anti-Trump and #NeverTrump

   SiriusXM and the Republican Convention SiriusXM, in expectation of Donald Trump Reality Radio (SiriusXM is calling it “Convention Radio,” but none are fooled), will provide “gavel to gavel” coverage of Cleveland live from the convention floor. Although the Republican Convention isn’t officially called to order until Monday, July 18th, the plan is to promote the weekend prior as “Prelude to The Convention” programming. “Our | Read More »

Is Indiana Mike Pence Really This Much Of A P***y?

It is pretty ironic that in Pence’s endorsement that he proclaimed this was “a time to choose” and yet at a critical juncture for his nation and party, Mike Pence is reported to have come within a gnat’s whisker of voting “present.”

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New York Times Trolls Pennsylvania Delegate Count To Keep Trump Revenue Coming

New York Times Trolls Pennsylvania Delegate Count To Keep Trump Revenue Coming

I’m not a pollyanna. Ted Cruz is in a tough fight for the nomination. If he loses on Tuesday in Indiana I think the wind goes out of his campaign ...

Water Cooler 5/1/2016 OPEN THREAD – Green Zone Protests, AfD Conference, May Day & Baby Parts

Iraq Green Zone Protests Sunni Muslims have called off their protests in the Green Zone in Baghdad for the time being. Sunni clerics aren’t happy with the current configuration of government, and factions aren’t happy with each other. The fear of a rift between Shia factions will stoke instability in Iraq, which is already at war with IS. And the crisis will alarm key allies | Read More »

No, You’re Not Really Moving If Trump Wins

Every presidential election cycle, celebrities and regular-folk alike claim that if a certain candidate wins, they’ll move elsewhere. The temper tantrum may sound good, but no one actually follows through with it. Most recently, actress, producer, Hillary Clinton superfan, and all-around feminist maniac Lena Dunham declared she would indeed move to Canada if Donald Trump became president. As CNN reported: “I know a lovely place in Vancouver, | Read More »

Donald Trump Says Mike Tyson Is Not A Rapist; Chris Wallace Goes Along With Him (VIDEO)

Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz a liar for saying Mike Tyson is a rapist. Fox News’s Chris Wallace just goes along with him

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Weekend Delegate Results. Non-Trump Kicks Trump’s Ass In the Delegate Chase

Donald Trump’s gang that couldn’t shoot straight continues its pattern of failure at the weekend delegate selection conventions.

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Is Ted Cruz Edging Toward #NeverTrump?

Ted Cruz took nearly five minutes to not answer Chuck Todd’s question about Cruz supporting Trump if he is the nominee

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Donald Trump: Pence Endorsed Me

The gilded toad has an inflated sense of his own importance.

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Pete Wilson Endorses ‘Not Anti-Immigrant’ and ‘Not Anti- Latino’ Ted Cruz

Wilson highlighted the fact that Cruz is “not anti-immigrant” and “not anti- Latino”:

And by the way, something that you and I know but the mainstream media just won’t write. He is not anti-immigrant. He is, as am I, for legal emigration of the kind that has made this country great. And I might point out that he is hardly anti-Latino

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Paul Manafort Wins Again. Trump Gets TWO At-Large Delegate In Arizona

Alleged Russian mob fixer, Paul Manafort, upped Donald Trump’s game yesterday in Arizona. Instead of being shut out he got two Trump loyalists as delegates

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Pence to Campaign for Cruz in Indiana

Better late than never, I suppose. After waiting until the last minute to make an endorsement at all, and then endorsing in a manner that some (including Trump) accused of being tepid, Indiana governor Mike Pence has announced that he will campaign with Cruz over the last few days of the primary, and also cut ads for him. Cruz, meanwhile, will head Monday evening to | Read More »

CATASTROPHE: New Indiana Poll Shows Trump with HUGE Lead

Well, I think we have hit a new low in terms of polling.

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#NeverTrump Is Not New And Andrew Breitbart Knew Trump Was A Fraud

It’s hard to tell whether or not #NeverTrump is just a social media sensation or if it will result in a contested convention that sees Donald Trump being shown the door if he fails to secure 1,237 delegates prior to the start of the Republican National Convention in July. I am happy to say that I was #NeverTrump before it was even fashionable to do | Read More »

Yes, Donald Trump Would Be Worse Than Any Prior Republican Nominee

My reasons for not voting for Donald Trump, even in a general election against Hillary Clinton, are straightforward. Trump is not with me on any issue I care about, would be a terrible and unstable Commander-in-Chief, and would discredit and poison the party and the movement I believe in. Why on earth would I give my vote to him, ever? One of the standard questions | Read More »

Delegate Allocation Watch: Ken Cuccinelli beats out Paul Manafort in Virginia.

Ted Cruz ensures that another ten delegates in Virginia (out of thirteen) are ultimately loyal to *him*.

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Old And Busted: Donald Trump Wins On First Ballot. New Hotness: A Scorched Earth Convention

There is no reason why the GOP should allow Donald Trump to have the nomination no matter how many delegates he shows up with.

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Shows Indiana Gov. Mike Pence How To Make An Endorsement

Sometimes it takes a Badger to do work Hoosiers just won’t do. Scott Walker delivered a ringing endorsement of Ted Cruz in Indiana, something Governor Mike Pence would not do.

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