WATCH: VP Pence Draws From His Faith To Explain The Current Trump-Sessions Rift

Susan Wright

That burst of air one felt a few months back was Western Europe breathing a sigh of relief that Marine Le Pen lost in France as centrist Emmanuel Macron came from nowhere to defeat her aspirations.  Now some three months into his presidency, Macron is filling a leadership void in the European Union by articulating a path forward for Europe and bringing Germany along with | Read More »

Image by Don Hinchcliffe via Flickr Creative Commons License:

Yesterday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted an announcement that the military would not allow transgender soldiers in its ranks. The move was praised by many Republicans and decried by Democrats. The Media, who are rarely (if ever!) on the side of the Republicans, went to work to find anything and everything they think will discredit Trump in some way. The Washington Post decided the best | Read More »

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