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    President Obama Is Going to Cause Nuts to Start Gunning People Down

    President Obama is going to spark a mass outbreak of shooters gunning people down. He should be ashamed of his overheated fear mongering. In Paris, President Obama had this to say: Our understanding of the ways human beings disrupt the climate advances by the day. Fourteen of the fifteen warmest years on record have occurred since the year 2000 — and 2015 is on pace | Read More »

    The Most Surprising Thing About the Colorado Springs Shooting

    This past Friday, a lunatic who lived in a shack with no running water or electricity killed three people in Colorado Springs, CO. He wound up going into a Planned Parenthood facility. Three people were killed. None of those were abortionists or patients. A pro-life Christian preacher/police officer was one of the victims. At 3:30pm on Friday, while the facts were shifting and things were | Read More »

    What If Rick Perry Does Get Back In?

    Rick Perry might make news by tomorrow. December 1, 2015, is the deadline to get on the ballot in Tennessee. A Super PAC has been created to try to push Perry back into the race. The deadline for getting on the ballot in Tennessee is tomorrow. It must be done by petition or, I am told, by notifying the Secretary of State who has discretion | Read More »

    From RedState to You, Happy Thanksgiving

    On June 3rd of this year, after ten years as editor of this site and eleven years as a writer on this site, I told Salem Communications I thought it was time for me to move on. December 31st is my last day here. In January, I’ll focus on radio and television with most of my writing at my radio website instead of here. I | Read More »

    Why Does Global Warming Only Cause Muslims to Become Terrorists?

    I’ve got some thoughts on this.

    President Obama Planning a Major and Devasting Attack Against ISIS

    It’s about damn time. Yesterday, President Obama announced that he will personally participate in delivering a devastating blow to ISIS. This news came at the same time as United States military sources confirmed that the American Air Force could not take out ISIS oil tankers because we ran out of bullets. Undeterred, President Obama has a plan. He announced it yesterday in France with fanfare. | Read More »

    The Left Redefines Terrorism To Blame White People

    I do have to hand it to the left. We have all these attacks by Islamic radicals and the left decides it cannot abide this. So it redefines terrorism to mean any sort of mass shooting. Now they can blame shift to white people. But wait! It’s not just to white people. According to the left, if you are white, male, and kill people, you | Read More »

    Put Me on Team Trump Against Kasich

    John Kasich’s Super PAC, taking a cue from John Kasich, has decided to launch a series of ads against Donald Trump. The first ad is basically a series of youtube clips of Trump saying stuff strung together. The advertisement is terrible. We should not be surprised that the Super PAC of John Kasich is as terrible as Kasich himself. The ad is cheap, unfocused, and | Read More »

    Poster Boy For Opposing the “No Fly List” Arrested for ISIS Ties

    You probably won’t see this one on MSNBC. Or if you do, it’ll be to say the “no fly list” turned this poor man to terrorism. Nonetheless, MSNBC a few years ago highlighted the terrible plight of Saadiq Long. He became the poster child for opposing the “no fly list.” “MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald, and Mother Jones” covered Saadiq Long’s sob story and he | Read More »

    Hey Republicans, You Can’t Just Run Against Barack Obama to Save Bad Candidates

    The Louisiana Governor’s Mansion flipped to the Democrats just four years after Bobby Jindal won re-election against a Democrat who only got 17% of the vote with Jindal winning every parish. There are some lessons national Republicans should take away. First, candidates matter. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) 84% was a terrible candidate. He threw Bobby Jindal under the bus to show Louisiana | Read More »

    Martha Roby Thinks Her Voters are Idiots

    Martha Roby Thinks Her Voters are Idiots

    Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) 62% is facing a primary challenge from tea-party hero Becky Gerritson in Alabama. It is shaping up as one of this election cycle’s top opportunities to remove one of Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%’s most reliable votes these last few years. Not surprisingly, Roby has a terrible record and is having a hard time defending | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s “Mission Accomplished”

    Maybe it was getting Osama Bin Laden. The night President Obama addressed the nation to tell us Bin Laden was dead, he overwhelmed us with “me” and “I”, as if the SEAL team was an afterthought and President Obama himself had pulled the trigger. Subsequently, the President repeatedly declared that Al Qaeda was decimated or on the run. And ever since, Islamic radical threats have | Read More »

    Wild Wings Cafe (@WildWingsCafe) Fires Student Worker After She Declares “All Lives Matter”

    Emily Faz, a student at Georgia Southern University, finally had enough of the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense circulating on college campuses. She took to her personal Facebook profile to declare that “all lives matter” and that nonsense better not start on Georgia Southern’s campus or she’d let them have it. She called it “B.S.” Naturally, college activists with no real jobs made sure she lost | Read More »

    Kentucky Newspaper Cartoonist Joel Pett Thinks Governor-elect Matt Bevin’s Children Look Like Terrorists

    I’m sure members of the Circle of Jerks will look on this and give it a complete pass. They will not see the media bias. But even Democrats in Kentucky are expressing outrage at the Lexington Herald-Leader’s decision to run an editorial cartoon comparing Matt Bevin’s children to terrorists. The cartoonist, Joel Pett, was reacting to Matt Bevin’s call to curtail the influx of Syrian | Read More »

    The American Left Hates Americans More Than They Hate ISIS

    There are a number of compelling arguments to continue to allow Syrian refugees into the United States. A number of prominent evangelical leaders are making those arguments. But the American left is not. Though they favor bringing Syrian refugees into the country, they have decided that Americans are just a bunch of racists who cannot bear debate. The President of the United States has taken | Read More »