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    A Corrupted Two Kingdoms For Coward Pastors

    When the Protestant Reformation occurred, (I’m simplifying here) Luther needed an explanation for why the Pope need not wield the power of the sword. He focused on the idea of the two kingdoms — there is God’s kingdom in Heaven over which here on the earth the church presides and there is God’s kingdom on earth over which civil authorities preside. Calvin picked up the | Read More »

    Joe Scarborough is Coming to the RedState Gathering. Are You?

    The RedState Gathering is shaping up pretty spectacularly for Atlanta in August. On the kick off night of August 6th, my friend Joe Scarborough is going to join us and participate in a 2016 discussion. We’ll also have a large slate of the 2016 Republican Presidential candidates there. You will want to be there. You can register at this link. In addition to the Joe | Read More »

    Daredevil Reviewed: “I am the ill intent”

    Daredevil Reviewed: "I am the ill intent"

    I have previously given my initial assessment of Daredevil a few episodes in and want to flesh that out more now that I have seen the whole show. One of the great criteria I’ve noticed with friends who have wives or girlfriends who watch this sort of show with them is how far must they go to suspend disbelief. With Daredevil, you do not have | Read More »


    Hal Heiner for Governor of Kentucky

    In the race for Governor of Kentucky, I have contributed $250.00 to Hal Heiner’s campaign and support him for Governor. I do not know him. I know some people around him. But I have been paying close attention to Heiner, his positions, and the state of the race. Heiner already has a 14 point lead. He is running a very solid race. I do like | Read More »

    Dear Madam Yesterday

    Dear Madam Yesterday

    Back in 1979, Ronald Reagan first announced his intentions to run for office by releasing a video. That is how it was done back then. It was not really that much of a surprise that you would use yesterday’s campaign tactic to declare your intentions last week. Then you got in a van for a road trip. The press called it “spontaneous.” Some members of | Read More »

    Matt Micciche, Friends School of Baltimore, and the Intolerant Left

    The Washington Post ran a profile the other day of my friend Ryan Anderson. Ryan is perhaps the leading voice in the country in support of traditional marriage. He makes a very forceful, but also very civil argument, in defense of it. His work has been quoted by members of the United States Supreme Court. Ryan is one of the politest people you will meet | Read More »

    Cruz, Paul, Walker, Rubio, Perry, Jindal, and Bush Walk Into a Ballroom

    There are going to be lots of corrals to meet the Presidential candidates. That’s the nature of it. They march in, they give speeches, and they leave. In many of these events, if you pay extra, you get closer. You may pay even more and get a photo opportunity. Good luck getting a question answered. That was one reason I wanted the RedState Gathering to | Read More »

    Democrats, the Party of Jim Crow, Want Their “House Rubio” to Fetch Them Water

    The Democratic Party has decided it is okay to let out their inner racist against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92%. The New Yorker referred to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% as “uppity” and MSNBC referred to Rubio as “boy.” Now the DNC has prepared a set of graphics about Rubio | Read More »

    Ron DeSantis Would Be a Great Pick

    Congressman Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) 88% is thinking about running for the Senate in Florida. That’d be a great pick up and a solid replacement for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92%. I’ve known Ron for a while. We backed him here at RedState when he ran for Congress the first time. He has proven himself to be a dependable | Read More »

    Madam Yesterday

    Yesterday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92% referred to Hillary Clinton as “yesterday’s candidate.” It is a theme he can use about Jeb Bush too as he tries to pivot. Rubio, like Bill Clinton in 1992, is campaigning on a bridge further into the 21st Century. As he does so, along with the other Republicans, Hillary “Madam Yesterday” Clinton is going to keep | Read More »

    So A Clinton Walks Into Chipotle

    Manager Charles Wright at Chipotle wasn't aware clinton was There till I called him. He pulled the security photo— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) April 13, 2015 Hillary Clinton walked into a Chipotle. ABC News called it “an adventure.” As you can see from the picture, she wore sunglasses while she was ordering. She was clearly looking at something and not the employee. And the manager | Read More »

    Rubio’s Turn

    Rubio's Turn

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% remains a conservative favorite in 2016. In 2012, the establishment backed his Senate opponent in Texas, then Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. The conservative grassroots backed Cruz and pushed him over the finish line. Cruz has since remained a favorite of the grassroots with a continually antagonist relationship with the Republican establishment. In 2010, [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul | Read More »

    Your Laugh For the Day

    To be fair, David Corn has been one of the Clinton critics from the left. But he will fall in line as she solidifies her nomination. That may mean, for him, that he turns his fire on the right and bites his tongue about Hillary, but it will happen. That is why I find this to be so funny. You and I both know the | Read More »

    Road Tripping Across America: Hilarity With Hillary

    “For the next 18 months, Hillary Clinton is going to be the Jim Henson of the political press. Her hand will be all the way up their collective rectum moving their lips to sing ‘It’s Not Easy Being Queen’.”I was wrong. I was convinced Hillary Clinton would not run for President. I assumed she’d be, in essence, the bullet proof vest of the Democratic Party. | Read More »

    The Closing of the Sunday Show Mind

    Bob Schieffer is retiring from CBS’s Face the Nation and with him the closing of the Sunday Show mind is complete. CBS, ABC, and NBC have long had Sunday morning news programming. I grew up watching David Brinkley hammer things out with Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldson, and George Will. The real gold standard was Tim Russert. With Brinkley and Russert dead, Schieffer was kind of | Read More »