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    We’re About to Witness the Greatest Show in Washington

    Folks, we are about to witness the greatest show in Washington, D.c. It is coming to you within days. In fact, if you know where to look, it is already happening. For decades, the GOP and Pro-Life groups have been pouring in money from people who want to stop the killing of innocent children. Now we have videos of Planned Parenthood pulling whole children from | Read More »

    John Boehner’s Career At An End

    The Politico is warning that Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%‘s career is coming to an end. He probably can withstand vacating the chair, but he cannot stand for Speaker again. The votes are not there. Behind the scenes, I don’t think people realize that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 56% is already plotting and is described by various conservative congressmen | Read More »

    Bidenmania as Democrats No Longer Crazy About Hillary

    We’re going to hear a lot about Joe Biden coming up. He is suddenly relevant again. As Hillary’s poll numbers go down and leading Democrats continue to see Bernie Sanders as not really viable, Biden becomes a logical alternative. Joe and Jill Biden are two of the nicest people in Washington, D.C. The amount of time they spend caring for wounded veterans, unreported by the | Read More »

    A Nation of Laws No More

    When five largely unrepresentative and unaccountable people can decide to impose their moral values on a nation of 320 million, we really are not a nation of laws, but a nation of men. When clerks in Washington, D.C. can deny citizens access to guns, despite there being an individual, constitutional right, we really are not a nation of laws, but a nation of men. When | Read More »

    Kim Davis Should Have Done This

    Kim Davis, the Clerk of Rowan County, took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States. After Anthony Kennedy ruled that gay marriage was the law of the land, Kim Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses to anyone. I think she took an oath to faithfully execute the laws and she has broken that oath. She did so | Read More »

    That Dead Boy is Barack Obama’s Fault

    ISIS did not exist when George W. Bush left the White House. ISIS did not exist in the first few years of Barack Obama’s time in the White House. ISIS only became a thing when the White House, out of pride and arrogance, decided it was better to placate the left by withdrawing all troops from Iraq rather than help the Iraqis maintain their stability. | Read More »

    My Problem With Jeb Bush’s Candidacy

    My Problem With Jeb Bush's Candidacy

    Kevin Williamson at National Review has written a piece about Jeb Bush in which he says Bush “was a good governor of a different era” and is not really an ideas guy. Williamson, like me, does not dislike Jeb Bush, but neither of us support him. My concern with Governor Bush, which I have told him before personally, is more esoteric. I disagree with Bush | Read More »

    If They Won’t Fight, Destroy Them

    Children had their heads cut open and their brains removed. Others were pulled, whole and intact, from freezers then carved up and sold for scrap. Brokers haggled over the prices of heads and eyes and livers and hearts. Hands and feet were tossed about. These are the things we have learned about Planned Parenthood. What we are learning now is that Republican leaders have no | Read More »

    Jim Pfaff for Congress

    It’s been years ago now that Jim Pfaff and I became friends. He had been writing online then took a job with Focus on the Family. He worked on the Kansas Marriage Amendment issue and then worked in radio before becoming Chief of Staff for Congressman Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) 90%. But Jim is an Indiana boy and kept wanting to go | Read More »

    The Situation With Kim Davis

    Kim Davis is the elected Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky. She has refused to issue marriage licenses in Rowan County over gay marriage. My thinking on this is more complicated than a good or bad, yes or no, binary situation. I think government employment needs to be open to all, not just those who go along with present secular zeitgeist. A government cannot be composed | Read More »

    Sniffing Hillary Clinton Staffer Noses

    Sniffing Hillary Clinton Staffer Noses

    “She is trying to run a campaign as her own woman when she originally got elected by being Bill Clinton’s kept woman.”A listener to my radio last night suggested that in New York City you can tell who Hillary Clinton’s staffers are because nearby dogs would rather sniff their noses than other dogs’ butts. There is probably some truth to that. Based on a reading | Read More »

    Have We Not More Faith Than This?

    “We cannot compartmentalize our faith. We cannot say I’m a Christian, but this is separate. We cannot tribalize Christianity”One of my favorite emails after the Trump situation at the RedState Gathering was this piece of hate mail, which I present to you in its entirety from email address to email signature line, lightly edited. From: heavenbound****@****.com Subject: What event? Date: August 8, 2015 at 3:40:49 | Read More »

    Naming Names: A More Precise Look at Why The Republican Party is Dying

    Both Ross Douthat and I have concluded that the Republican Party is set to learn the wrong lessons from the rise of Donald Trump. The party, as we know it, is going to die because the party leadership is incapable of changing. We should examine part of this from one side that rarely gets mentioned — consultants. The consultant class within the GOP has arranged | Read More »

    That Whole Jesus Thing

    If we demanded that only people who understand Christianity covered it in the press, we’d maybe only have a dozen journalists worldwide who were capable of writing about the faith. But it comes in handy today, given the Pope’s latest. I’m not even Catholic, but laughed when I woke up and saw headlines that the Pope was suddenly letting people be forgiven. It’s as if | Read More »

    The Planned Parenthood Shutdown

    Stop what you are doing and go read this from Ben Domenech on the coming September 30th deadline for Congress to deal with Planned Parenthood. This is one of those pieces I wish I had written. He is spot on and everyone, regardless of your politics, should read it. One of the big points to pay attention to is the media. But the worst bind | Read More »