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    100 Days

    10 years ago I began the transition from law to politics and full time stewardship of this site. It was, in fact, two weeks before the birth of my first child ten years ago in August that I told my wife I was going to quit being a lawyer to be a full time blogger. It went over as well as you might imagine. Ten | Read More »

    The Fact of the Matter That is Baltimore

    The Fact of the Matter That is Baltimore

    As I write this, the Governor of Maryland has called out the National Guard, parts of Baltimore are on fire, the rubble grows, and violence is sweeping the city. I think there are partisan points to make, but I prefer not to make them here. I think there are political points to make, but I prefer in this not to make them. My heart just | Read More »


    If Only President Obama Weren’t Black

    “If only President Obama weren’t black, maybe he would realize that people don’t dislike him because he is black, they dislike him because he is a self-absorbed ass.”Over the weekend, most of the worst people in the world gathered together in Washington, D.C. as a circle of jerks to sing each other’s praises. Sadly, there was no Samson to tear down the columns and collapse | Read More »

    Christian Persecution in America: Will You Help The Christians?

    Aaron and Melissa Klein have five children and had a bakery. The bakery is all but gone now because the Klein family declined to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. Hell hath no fury like two angry lesbians and Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman claimed “emotional, mental, and physical suffering” because the Kleins put their faith ahead of their business. A judge is now | Read More »

    The Totalitarianism of the Gay Rights Movement

    The Totalitarianism of the Gay Rights Movement

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% supports real marriage. He is opposed by gay rights activists who are more and more showing themselves to be little despots. Cruz spoke at the home of Ian Reisner who is both gay and supports homosexual marriage. The gaystapo has decreed that Mr. Reisner’s businesses must be boycotted. He dared to associate with a conservative. Consequently, Mr. | Read More »

    The Culture War Goes to Church

    “[T]he new pastor told the congregation to ‘f*ck off’.”Still Waters United Methodist Church is a postcard church. It sits on a hill overlooking North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta, Georgia. Its grass is postcard green. Its trees, casting shadows on the grass, are postcard sized tall. It has a high, white steeple. The sound of children laughing filters down the hill from the fenced in | Read More »

    Consciously Sidelining Ourselves

    Consciously Sidelining Ourselves

    Though Walmart remains fixed in the American conscience as Sam Walton’s business, it is less and less that. Walton was folksy and relatable to the Americans who shopped at Walmart. Everyone could imagine Sam Walton shopping there too. But over the years, Walmart’s management has passed out of the direct hands of Walton’s family. A few of the Walton clan remain on the Walmart Board | Read More »

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    National Insanity

    Twice did Bruce Jenner win gold medals for the decathlon. In 1975 at the Pan Am Games in Mexico City, then again in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Jenner bested the world and broke some world records in the process. After the Olympics, Jenner found himself on the Wheaties box. He appeared in film and television. He took up car racing. His name and image made | Read More »

    Entitled Underachieving Middle Son of the Romney Clan Wants Someone to Challenge Mike Lee

    Josh Romney is the unaccomplished and underachieving middle child of Mitt Romney. He is consequently starved for attention and, as a result, decided to sit down with KSL television in Utah to declare that he is politically ambitious because it is in his blood, but he has no desire to challenge Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) 100%. But, the lesser Romney middle child | Read More »

    Mike Flynn For Congress

    Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) 39%‘s Peoria, IL based congressional district is vacant after his resignation. Darin LaHood, who is the son of President Obama’s former transportation secretary, is seeking Schock’s seat as a Republican. He’s received money already from the left-wing Republican Main Street Parternship. There is currently no alternative to LaHood, but I believe that before the sun sets today we | Read More »

    A Corrupted Two Kingdoms For Coward Pastors

    When the Protestant Reformation occurred, (I’m simplifying here) Luther needed an explanation for why the Pope need not wield the power of the sword. He focused on the idea of the two kingdoms — there is God’s kingdom in Heaven over which here on the earth the church presides and there is God’s kingdom on earth over which civil authorities preside. Calvin picked up the | Read More »

    Joe Scarborough is Coming to the RedState Gathering. Are You?

    The RedState Gathering is shaping up pretty spectacularly for Atlanta in August. On the kick off night of August 6th, my friend Joe Scarborough is going to join us and participate in a 2016 discussion. We’ll also have a large slate of the 2016 Republican Presidential candidates there. You will want to be there. You can register at this link. In addition to the Joe | Read More »

    Daredevil Reviewed: “I am the ill intent”

    Daredevil Reviewed: "I am the ill intent"

    I have previously given my initial assessment of Daredevil a few episodes in and want to flesh that out more now that I have seen the whole show. One of the great criteria I’ve noticed with friends who have wives or girlfriends who watch this sort of show with them is how far must they go to suspend disbelief. With Daredevil, you do not have | Read More »


    Hal Heiner for Governor of Kentucky

    In the race for Governor of Kentucky, I have contributed $250.00 to Hal Heiner’s campaign and support him for Governor. I do not know him. I know some people around him. But I have been paying close attention to Heiner, his positions, and the state of the race. Heiner already has a 14 point lead. He is running a very solid race. I do like | Read More »

    Dear Madam Yesterday

    Dear Madam Yesterday

    Back in 1979, Ronald Reagan first announced his intentions to run for office by releasing a video. That is how it was done back then. It was not really that much of a surprise that you would use yesterday’s campaign tactic to declare your intentions last week. Then you got in a van for a road trip. The press called it “spontaneous.” Some members of | Read More »