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    Kill the ‘Doc Fix’

    John Fund has a good piece on the coming “doc fix” fight. The ‘doc fix’ comes from a congressional mandate cutting the amount of money doctors are paid for treating medicare patients. A lot of doctors have stopped treating them. Every few years, Congress comes back and tinkers some more. Now Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% and [mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’ | Read More »

    The Art of Hostage Taking

    The Art of Hostage Taking

    Conservatives in Washington, slowly, have learned to take legislative hostages. They have not yet learned that sometimes you must be prepared to shoot those hostages. But they are getting there. There come times in every legislator’s career that he has to man up and fight like hell for what he believes in. That fighting must sometimes be ruthless fighting. That fighting sometimes means taking a | Read More »

    150 Years Later, Democrats Are Still Fighting Efforts to End Slavery

    The Democratic Party is the Party of Slavery. They are the party that decided to secede from the Union. They are the party that started a Civil War over the right to treat people as property. They are the party that, once their side lost the war, set up structures to keep American citizens from exercising their civil rights. And now, 150 years after the | Read More »

    Just Saying . . .

    Just Saying . . .

    1. The drumbeat started on Tuesday, when RedState editor Erick Erickson issued his papal bull from Macon, Ga. Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) 39% had to go. (Source) 2. Conservative media outlets like RedState and National Review tell Schock to resign. “His lack of responsibility with the funds of others shows him to lack the necessary integrity to handle the power of | Read More »

    This Is What It Comes To

    I was an elected Republican official. Before that I was a Republican political consultant and campaign manager. I have been a lawyer for a number of Republican candidates. Today, I see Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% collaborating with Democrats to line up votes to expand government. I see Republicans in Congress waffling on Obamacare and thinking of fixing it. I see Republican | Read More »

    Battleground Israel Turns Out Like Battleground Texas

    Team Obama poured amazing resources into Battleground Texas to help Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, win and to turn Texas blue. Arguably, the Obama team had so many resources directed at Texas that they weakened themselves elsewhere. But they had a tremendous media operation and their acolytes in the press wrote hagiographic story after hagiographic story on how awesome Battleground Texas was. The media even lumped | Read More »

    Dear @ScottWalker, Liz Mair Is a Friend of Mine

    Liz Mair works for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. She has been hired to do communications outreach. She is very good at her job. She is also a friend of mine. I have known Liz for a number of years. In 2012, Liz worked for Governor Rick Perry. I am very saddened to see an organized effort by conservatives to have Governor Walker fire Liz Mair. | Read More »

    Georgia’s David Ralston Forgets Hobby Lobby

    Georgia's David Ralston Forgets Hobby Lobby

    Down in Georgia, its Republican Speaker of the House, David Ralston, pushed through a transportation tax increase. But he is signaling he has no intention of protecting religious liberty in the state. Bowing to the Chamber of Commerce and gay rights activists, David Ralston says religious liberty does not need to be protected because we have the first amendment. In fact, Ralston says the only | Read More »

    Do Not Descend Into That

    Do Not Descend Into That

    One of the bits of guilt I carry around over running RedState is that I am often given credit for the great work of others. Leon Wolf, not me, wrote this tremendous piece on the Ferguson Police Department. Though I did not write it, I agree with it and hope you will read it. In the process of some giving me credit, however, some too | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton Kept Her Emails Hidden to Avoid Congressional Oversight

    That seems to be it then. Hillary Clinton did not want Congress to see her emails, so she kept them hidden and separate then deleted the lot of them. That’s not a Republican speculating. That’s James Carville saying it. Democratic operative James Carville’s attempt to tamp down talk of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal may have instead added more fuel to the fire. Carville, who worked | Read More »

    Tolerance For Me. Not For Thee.

    Last week, singer Elton John took to the pages of the Atlanta Journal Constitution to encourage the Georgia House of Representatives to oppose S.B. 129, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA. Elton John claims that Georgia would be “turning its back on tolerance” if it chose to protect the consciences of people of faith. Simply put, this bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. | Read More »

    Tom Cotton: The Most Powerful Man in Washington

    Tom Cotton: The Most Powerful Man in Washington

    Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) 81% (R-AR) is the junior senator from Arkansas. In fact, Cotton has only been in the Senate for two months. He spent one term in the House of Representatives before making the leap to the upper house. Prior to his stint in elected politics, Cotton was a soldier in the Iraq War. He is now the most powerful | Read More »

    Ten Dollars in Cuts for One Dollar in Tax Increases

    Ten Dollars in Cuts for One Dollar in Tax Increases

    During the 2012 debates, Republicans were asked a simple question: would they accept a dollar in tax increases for ten dollars in spending cuts? A friend asked them that question. It was not meant as a bullcrap question, but it is. The reason is because it generates a sound bite that advances a narrative that leaves out a whole lot of history. As could easily | Read More »

    Mick Mulvaney’s Chance to Redeem Himself

    Next week conservatives in the House of Representatives can depose Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% by “vacating the chair.” It is there for the taking, and Boehner has given them every reason to get rid of him. But they have to be willing. Unlike the vote in January to elect a Speaker, this vote is not automatic. Someone must offer the motion | Read More »

    Prostitutes and Their Johns

    State Senator Hunter Hill proposed legislation, Senate Bill 63 (“SB63″) to bring some semblance of common sense to the State of Georgia. Georgia is one of five states that prohibits beer brewers from selling their beer directly to the public. Wineries can, but breweries cannot. The issue is not about beer. It is not about whether or not you like beer. It is about whores | Read More »