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    Conservative Catharsis

    Conservative Catharsis

    Much has been written about conservatives in the United States over the past decade. Most of the studies and commentaries come with a healthy dose of bias against conservatism. Those that do the best still have a “Gorillas in the Mist” quality. Some things are vastly easier to understand than those studying them believe. So much of what has happened within the Republican Party since | Read More »

    To Reconcile Obamacare

    To Reconcile Obamacare

    The other day, the Politico reported that a handful of Senate Republicans are now considering reconciliation as a vehicle for tax reform. Reconciliation, you may recall, is the process by which the Congress fast tracks changes to the budget. In 2010, Obama and the Democrats used reconciliation to pass Obamacare. Reconciliation is a potent weapon in the Senate arsenal because it only requires 51 votes | Read More »

    Thank You House Republicans

    Normally at this time of year Republicans run away from the issue of abortion as fast as possible. They don’t like the “War on Women” and they just give up. But in 2014, we saw the “war on women” lose to Republicans who champion life. Now the GOP is going to take positive steps to advance a culture of life. Instead of running from the | Read More »

    Matt Lewis Misses Some Important History

    It is like history began in 2004 in Matt Lewis’s analysis of the Jeb v. George situation. I see Matt’s article being passed around by people stroking their beards over it, nodding knowingly, but I think it fundamentally misses something that throws the whole out of whack, while parts of it taken alone hold up. There were numerous and sustained conversations in the late nineties | Read More »

    It Is Time for House Conservatives to Abandon the RSC and Start a New Conservative Group

    Last year the Republican Study Committee in the House of Representatives began a purge of conservative staffers. The organization, which collaborated with outside conservative groups to push the House GOP right and hold the House GOP Leadership accountable, fired several staffers who were doing just that. Since then, the Republican Study Committee has been less a check on the wayward drift of the House GOP | Read More »

    Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

    I live in Macon, Georgia. We have a gang problem in parts of Macon. But in the early part of the twenty-first century we did not have a gang problem. At least we did not have a gang problem according to the new Mayor. In an historic election, the first black Mayor of Macon, Georgia declared there were no more gangs in the city. Thinking | Read More »

    The Question on Dave Agema is Not Difficult

    Dave Agema is an RNC Committeeman from Michigan. The Republican National Committee will consider expelling him at its upcoming meeting. There are a lot of people who want to portray this as a complicated issue, but it is not. Agema should be removed. Agema has linked to, cited, and otherwise put forward a lot of information on the gay rights agenda and on gays. At | Read More »

    New York Times Endorses Thought Crimes

    This is a really amazing editorial from the New York Times. Kelvin Cochran, the Fire Chief of Atlanta, published a book (with permission from the Ethics Office for the City of Atlanta), in which he expressed his Christian faith on sex, marriage, and life. For that, the New York Times says he included “virulent anti-gay views.” Actually, Cochran endorsed orthodox Christian views. He was fired | Read More »

    The Media’s Standard in the Terrorist Fight

    Yesterday, while the President was speaking about cyber security, ISIS’s friends hacked our Central Command’s social media presence. The terrorists put up propaganda videos on YouTube and posted soldiers’ personal data on CENTCOM’s twitter feed. Leave aside the question of why CENTCOM has social media feeds. The dismissiveness of the American press over the data breach was staggering. ISIS published the home addresses of soldiers | Read More »

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    No Longer Chickening Out on This

    I keep a separate site for my radio stuff. To the extent it hosts my content from RedState, it pulls in an excerpt and links backs here to send the traffic back. But there is one thing I’m going to put there that I will not put here. Several hundred listeners to my radio show have been encouraging me to do something that I kind | Read More »

    ISIS Hacks CENTCOM While Obama Speaks

    ISIS Hacks CENTCOM While Obama Speaks

    The President is speaking about cyber security and, while speaking, ISIS is making clear it has already hacked Central Command. Taking over CENTCOM’s twitter feed and YouTube account, they’re not only posting propaganda, but also detailing pictures taken inside US military facilities, war plans involving China and North Korea, the names and home addresses of US soldiers, etc. It appears the breach is pretty substantial | Read More »

    Où Est Le Président?

    Où Est Le Président?

    Where is the President? Yesterday, in Paris, the people took to the streets to stand against Islamic extremism. The Israeli Prime Minister, Palestinian leader, the Jordanian King who is a direct descendant of Mohammed, the German Chancellor, and various other heads of state joined together with thousands upon thousands of French citizens and others to rally in the face of Islamic extremism. President Obama did | Read More »

    The Exegetical Left and the Koran

    The Exegetical Left and the Koran

    There has been a lot of commentary in the media in the last few days, as there always is when bad things happen at the hands of Islamic terrorists, that the beliefs of the Islamic terrorists are not in the Koran. These typically follow with quotes from the Koran and the usually white, urban, liberal explaining at the terrorist is just misreading that passage. I | Read More »

    Destruction Because of Offense: Je Suis Kelvin Cochran

    It is a growing phenomenon, and it was on visible display last week. A group of terrorists was so offended by a publisher that the publisher had to be destroyed publicly as both an act of vengeance and an act of instruction. The act of vengeance was directed against the publisher directly. He came under attack for his personal actions. He published something that offended | Read More »

    So They Were Actual Muslims Then?

    There is an interesting thought experiment underway in my twitter feed. For several days now the press and proponents of religious pluralism have told us that the terrorists in France were not actual muslims, or at least were really bad and unfaithful muslims. Further, they told us we should not extrapolate from their behavior that real and faithful muslims would behave in any appreciable way | Read More »