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    Saxby Chambliss’s Office Says I’m Lying

    I read from an email from the Republican Communications Director for the Senate Budget Committee. A listener to my show this morning called Saxby’s Washington Office and they said I was lying. Well, read for yourself what the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee say about Saxby Chambliss’s proposal: It seems the G6 plan does not balance elimination of deductions with reductions of rates in | Read More »

    In Other Words, House Republicans Should Hold the Line on Cut, Cap, and Balance

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Bank of America is probably going to cut the U.S. credit rating anyway.Bank of America-Merrill Lynch says in a note that the U.S. credit rating will likely be cut to AA by the end of the year. Even though the house believes a stopgap deal will come at the last minute, any follow-up deal is likely to be disappointing | Read More »

    House Republican Leaders Cave in Less Than 24 Hours

    This is embarrassing.On Fox News Sunday, John Boehner began the day saying that he wanted a deal that kept to the principles of “Cut, Cap, and Balance.”He concluded Sunday by telling House Republicans that Cut, Cap, and Balance was off the table due to Senate opposition.Twice the House GOP has staked out a position. Twice they have been shot up and beat to hell by | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for July 25, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For July 25, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Hold Fast In the Face of Fear2. God and Oslo3. House Republican Leaders Cave in Less Than 24 Hours4. The Unanswered Questions for GOP Leaders from Freshmen5. Dear Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Rob Portman, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio6. Putting Saxby Chambliss, Mike Crapo, and | Read More »

    The Stupid Party

    Having watched this debt ceiling fight play out over the past couple of months, I keep coming back to one inescapable conclusion: we need better generals.The Washington GOP wants to force another vote on the debt ceiling right before the election. That’s one of the ideas being kicked around in part of this grand deal.Let’s play this out:We get to the last week. The Democrats | Read More »

    Dear Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Rob Portman, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio

    Welcome to the Senate. It ain’t easy, is it? Here’s the thing you need to know. Right now, you are probably telling yourself you need to be reasonable. You are probably telling yourself you need to cut a deal. I’m willing to bet you are telling yourself you should do something short term and in six more months or whenever, after everything has calmed back | Read More »

    It’s “Sh#!”

    A House Republican who is in leadership called me tonight. He said what we are hearing about — the two tier plan — is “sh*t” and he’s blaming Boehner. He agrees that Boehner is getting nervous and wants a deal. But this two tier plan seems to be the Republicans’ initial offer. Harry Reid is headed that way. Many Democrats want more. So keep in | Read More »

    Hold Fast In the Face of Fear

    “The only reason this is a crisis and the only reason they now want a last minute deal is because while House Republicans were working to save the country Democrats were busy scoring cheap political points.”I’ve gotten lots of calls about compromise this weekend. Senators have called. Congressmen have called. Staffers have called.I try not to be too committal on these calls because I like | Read More »

    God and Oslo

    Yesterday, I filled in for Neal Boortz on his syndicated show and was live on air as the news was breaking from the horror in Oslo, Norway. With Al Jazeera, international news networks, and domestic networks all raising the link to an Islamic radical Norway was deporting, I put on twitter that the odds were it wasn’t an angry Lutheran doing the bombing and shooting | Read More »

    House GOP Leadership Admits It Will Not Hold The Line

    Greta Van Sustren has a quote up from Eric Cantor. Cantor and the House Republicans are blaming Saxby Chambliss, Mike Crapo, Tom Coburn, and the other members of the Gang of Six for blowing things for them.It might actually be a blessing in disguise. Why? Because the overlooked portion of the Cantor statement makes clear to House Republicans that Leadership is abandoning Cut, Cap, and | Read More »

    We’re Back

    Thanks to Neil working his magic, we are back. Some tinkering under the hood went awry. Thanks to all who emailed, tweeted, texted, Facebooked, Google+’d, etc.


    Putting Saxby Chambliss, Mike Crapo, and Tom Coburn in Perspective

    This is really sad and pathetic. I can only guess they have struck such a bad deal because they negotiated from a position of fear. You never get a good deal when you are negotiating because you are scared. The Senate Budget Committee is sending around an email pointing out some of the horrors of the Gang of Six’s gangrene plan. Consider this: Saxby Chambliss, | Read More »

    House Republicans Should Not Rely on Democrats For Votes on the Debt Ceiling

    I think conservatives need to draw one more line in the sand on the debt ceiling.There is a growing worry that John Boehner and Eric Cantor will come up with a deal with the White House that will require Democrat votes to get through the House of Representatives. This would be a replay of the continuing resolution fiasco that cut little and cost much.If Republican | Read More »

    A Quick Note to House Republicans

    Cut, Cap, and Balance failed in the United States Senate with four votes shy of 50. The vote was 51-46 to table.Hold the freaking line.You only need four votes in the Senate to have a majority.You do not need Plan B. You do not need to negotiate. You do not need to play Washington politics as usual. That got us to this point.You have a | Read More »

    The List of Senators to Call

    Jim DeMint just sent out this email. Please note the list of Senators to call ASAP:The Senate will vote TODAY at 10:00 AM Eastern on the “Cut-Cap-Balance” legislation that we have been working so hard to advance.Republicans in the House passed it earlier this week with bipartisan support. Now it’s the Senate’s turn.Please call the Democrat senators listed below right now to urge them to | Read More »