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    Morning Briefing for June 22, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 22, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Jon Huntsman Admitted He Was Representing Barack Obama2. Senate Plans to Abdicate its Confirmation Duties3. Jen Rubin Continues Her Tragic Self-Beclowning4. Labor Refighting the American Civil War

    Jon Huntsman Admitted He Was Representing Barack Obama

    One of the big excuses and counters to my argument that Jon Huntsman was disloyal to the President of the United States was that he wasn’t representing the President, but the United States. And the people who make this argument usually say something like, “Well, he may have been disloyal to Obama, but he wasn’t loyal to the country and that’s who he represented.” Except | Read More »

    Jon Huntsman and John Edwards #EERS

    Tonight, we’re talking about the Johns. You can listen live at and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.Consider this an open thread.

    Jon Huntsman Calls Obama ‘Remarkable’ Before Plotting His Treachery

    As Jon Huntsman headed out the door to China in August of 2009, he sent Barack Obama a handwritten note. Included is the statement “You are a remarkable leader — and it has been a great honor getting to know you.”The rest of the story is that Huntsman went to China to serve as Barack Obama’s Ambassador to the Chicoms and, concurrent to that, decided | Read More »

    Ed Schultz and MSNBC Have Not Apologized to Neal Boortz Yet

    Yesterday, I provided conclusive proof that MSNBC’s Ed Schultz had doctored a Neal Boortz quote to make it look like Neal Boortz was advocating white people in Atlanta murder black people. In reality, Boortz was advocating that victims of carjackings get conceal-carry permits and gun down the thugs trying to car jack them. Ed Schultz willfully and maliciously left out the key part of Boortz’s | Read More »

    Embracing the Bilderberger Conspiracy

    Unbeknownst to any of us here, there seems to be a great concern from a few concern trolls on this site that we Bilderbergers are on the rise. It’s not like we’ve been hiding. We’ve got our own website for pete’s sake.As much as we here at RedState are desperate to raise capital to open a chain of Build-A-Burger restaurants where the food is so | Read More »

    Rick Perry Will Be At the RedState Gathering. Will You?

    The weekend of August 14, 2011, RedState will be going to Charleston, SC for our 2011 RedState Gathering.Nikki Haley will be there. Ted Cruz and Michael Williams will be there. Adam Hasner will be there. We expect Jim DeMint to be there (he hasn’t confirmed yet) and Mike Pence too.I can finally confirm today that Governor Rick Perry of Texas will be there as well. | Read More »

    Silence of the Lambs

    Yesterday, I called on conservatives and conservative organizations to actually dare to retaliate against Republican members of Congress who refuse to cut, cap, and balance before raising the debt ceiling. If any Republican dares to raise the debt ceiling without first ensuring (1) cuts in the budget; (2) caps in spending; and (3) the Lee-Cornyn-Hatch Balanced Budget Amendment makes it out to the states, conservatives | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for July 21, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 21, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Rick Perry Will Be At the RedState Gathering. Will You?2. Silence of the Lambs3. Ed Schultz Doctored a Neal Boortz Quote to Accuse Boortz of Advocating Murder4. Steve Benen Is Shocked To Find That Some People Don’t Like Signing Statements5. McCain and Graham Claim to Speak for | Read More »

    NBC Keeps Doctoring Quotes, Herman Cain Rebounds, Rick Perry Rises, and More #EERS

    Finally, I’m home and live tonight for three hours from Atlanta. We’ll talk about NBC doctoring Boortz’s quote and leaving out “under God” from the pledge of allegiance. I’ll focus on Herman Cain rebounding and do a mini horserace segment tonight with a review of this past weekend.You can listen live at starting at 7:05 p.m. ET and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.Consider this an | Read More »

    Ed Schultz Doctored a Neal Boortz Quote to Accuse Boortz of Advocating Murder

    My WSB colleague and guru, the Talkmaster Neal Boortz, created a bit of controversy this past week over comments he made about shooting thugs in Atlanta. The controversy actually blew up because of Ed Schultz at MSNBC who claimed Boortz was advocating the murder of urban youths in Atlanta. In fact, you can see this screen shot from the Schutlz show highlighting Neal Boortz’s controversial | Read More »

    The Feckless Are Phoning In Now

    I’m already hearing whining and lamenting about my post this morning on conservatives’ need to do more than pledge. It’s only 10 a.m. and I’m getting the “how dare you question my integrity” emails and the “who the heck do you think you are” emails.”But . . . meow . . . I’m a 501(c)(3). I can’t do anything . . . meow.”That’s typical of | Read More »

    Mark Amodei Comes Out Swinging

    Mark Amodei is the Republican pick for the special election in Nevada 2 to replace now Senator Heller. I suspect we’re going to hear a lot of Republicans sounding a similar theme. It’s just that Amodei’s first commercial is extremely timely.You can learn more about him here.

    Are Conservatives & Conservative Organizations in D.C. Actually Feckless Wimps?

    A number of conservatives and conservative groups in Washington, D.C. are pushing yet another pledge. This one is to cut, cap, and balance. They want you to pledge to urge your Senator and Congressman to oppose any debt limit unless all three of the following conditions are met: (1) substantial cuts in spending; (2) enforceable spending caps; and (3) passage of the Lee-Cornyn-Hatch Balanced Budget | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 20, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 20, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.Save the American DreamBecause you’re a RedState conservative, you understand the financial catastrophe that is looming in Washington-and what this means for all Americans. I can think of no better way to fight back and advance the conservative principles that are the only solution to what ails America. | Read More »