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    The Whores of Moloch Preside Over the American Press Corps

    The Whores of Moloch Preside Over the American Press Corps

    I often call the DC-NYC press that covers politics the circle of jerks. The euphemism implied in it aptly describes the typical coverage we have come to expect out of the press corps covering politics. But I think it is worth noting that, at root, they are whores of Moloch. Moloch was the Middle Eastern idol to whom many pagans sacrificed children. The sacrifices were | Read More »

    As Planned Parenthood Is Crushing Children to Harvest Organs, John Kasich Says This!

    More unedited video has come out of Planned Parenthood planning on altering how it crushes up children in order to preserve organs for resale. The story has been all over conservative media in the past week. Fox News has talked about. And today, when John Kasich gives his announcement speech, he says this: Creating jobs is our highest moral purpose I wonder if Jesus told | Read More »

    Regarding John Kasich

    Regarding John Kasich

    At my radio website, I used blunter language that would get me banned here at RedState. So, calming down the language here, let me say this. John Kasich is declaring his candidacy for President today. He has hired a group of people who hate the Republican Party’s voters to run his campaign. He is the second coming of Jon Huntsman without the winning smile. In | Read More »

    A Reality Check on Donald Trump

    A Reality Check on Donald Trump

    “Trump at 24% in the ABC poll is probably his high water mark…. Mitt Romney could not get above 25% in the polls until January of 2012 and couldn’t stay consistently above 30% until March of 2012.”Let’s have a reality check on Donald Trump for just a minute. He is a Hillary Clinton donor. Many of Trump’s supporters rationalize that by saying he is a | Read More »

    The Gay Mafia Wants to Stop You From Doing This

    There is an organized movement within the gay rights community that is sometimess referred to as the “gay mafia.” They want to harass those who disagree with their agenda and silence any dissent from their agenda. They have worked overtime in the past twenty-four hours because an AP poll shows that the number of Americans who now support gay marriage has declined since the Supreme | Read More »

    One Day A Year

    Today is the one day a year I make a specific ask from all of you. Once a year at my home radio station, WSB, we raise money to find children’s cancer — specifically funding the AFLAC Children’s Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Altanta. It is a worthwhile cause and I hope you might concern a tax-deductible donation to fight | Read More »

    Jeb Bush as Jeb, Not George Or Anti-George

    Jeb Bush as Jeb, Not George Or Anti-George

    Today, Jeb Bush is going to start laying out what he stands for in terms of policy. He, more than any of the other Republican candidates, walks a delicate balance. He is anchored by his last name and his brother’s legacy. If he tilts too far one way, there is no maneuvering he can do to distance himself from claims that he is the second | Read More »

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    They Created Trump 2016

    All the elected Republicans with heartburn over Donald Trump’s rise in the polls should really ponder their role in the creation of Trump 2016. It’s not just New York Republicans who have greeted Trump with open arms. In his election bid in 2012, Mitt Romney gladly had Donald Trump take the stage with him for an endorsement. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 54% | Read More »

    Donald Trump’s Big Mistake Wasn’t His Statement on John McCain

    Donald Trump made a potentially fatal error yesterday in Iowa. Contrary to what most people in the press and the establishment think, it was not insulting Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 51%. Though he crossed a line with his McCain remark, that’s not what the average evangelical, base Republican voter was paying attention to. In addition to his statement on McCain, Trump also | Read More »

    You Actually Are Better Than This, Donald Trump

    Donald Trump needs to apologize to John McCain. I do not care for John McCain as a Senator. I think he is far nastier to Republicans than Democrats. I think he ran a terrible race for President. I’m just not a fan of him as a politician. But John McCain was a war hero. Contrary to what Donald Trump said today, it is not because | Read More »

    Thank You Duncan Hunter

    Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) 74% announced this morning that he is submitting legislation to let military recruiters carry weapons or have the Pentagon maintain outside security. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) 74% is a retired Marine. He made the comment on Morning Joe. Good for him.

    Dear GOP, Including the Bush Family, Please Return Nancy G. Brinker’s Donations

    A few years ago, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, persuaded the Susan G. Komen Foundation to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood. There was a leftwing orchestrated public backlash and, on the advice of Karl Rove, the Komen Foundation reversed its position and Karen Handel quit as the Foundation resumed tithing to Planned Parenthood. Nancy Brinker is a major Republican donor and heads | Read More »

    My Conversation with Gov. Scott Walker

    Earlier today I had a conversation with Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He’s out on the campaign trail now. I started the interview with the late breaking news about Chattanooga, but also got him to focus on his one big item and why liberals, even when winning, seem so angry.

    Apple, Inc. Has Little Interest in Conservative News Voices

    I knew this was going to happen. I wrote about it a few weeks ago. It was my impression that Apple, in preparing a news service, would set it up in such a way as to make right-wing and orthodox Christian voices disappear. Sure enough. I just set up Apple News on my iPad. Here is the start screen. So we have the left-wing New | Read More »

    What the Hell Happened to Rand Paul?

    Here is the guy who should be doing some cross-party fusion. He rallied a lot of Americans in bipartisan fashion on national security. He seemed to be playing his cards right. And . . . ? Bernie Sanders is kicking his butt in campaign fundraising. In fact, I dare say Sanders froze Paul’s chance at fusion. All the little rich libertine millennials that Paul was | Read More »