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    An Interesting Coincidence?

    A week ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a big story about major hedge fund managers jumping to the GOP from Barack Obama. One of the big jumpers is Steve Cohen. Business Insider notes Cohen … has “previously been a big Democratic supporter, regularly giving the maximum allowable to Democratic legislators in his home state of Connecticut,” and spent $500,000 on Democrats in 2008. But | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for May 6, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For May 6, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Will Obama 2012 Campaign Run On The “Gutsy Call” Of Doing The Obvious?2. The First Debate: Pawlenty & Cain Win3. Violating the Oath – Voting For Cloture4. Show Us The Budget, Senator Conrad5. Did Pakistan Aid the Bin Laden Raid?6. White House Puts Out Feelers on the | Read More »

    The First Debate: Pawlenty & Cain Win

    Two winners came out of the South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate.Let me start this off by noting that Frank Luntz’s panel went for Herman Cain first and Rick Santorum second. Why? Their effective takedowns of Obama. In fact, Republican candidates need to note this, Santorum scored big tonight in his very effective take down of Obamacare.Now, to the real winners.The first winner is Governor Tim | Read More »

    Osama’s Lost Tape

    Another Steven Crowder original.

    Gutsy Calls and Pride Before Falls #EERS

    We’ll talk about Obama’s “gutsy” call, as they are calling it, and about pride coming before the fall on tonight’s Erick Erickson Show. The show starts at 7:05 p.m. You can listen live at and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.Consider this an open thread.

    Show Us The Budget, Senator Conrad

    Senator Kent Conrad is about to release the Senate Democrats’ budget. What we know so far is that Senate Democrats are aghast at what might be in it.Now, I can’t actually tell you what is in Senator Conrad’s budget because only Senate Democrats have actually seen it. It is not released to the public. Even Senate Republicans have not seen it.Based on what Senator Conrad | Read More »

    Yet Again Politifact Shows Itself to be Leftist Propaganda Masquerading as an Agent of Truth

    Politifact continues to masquerade as an agent of truth when it is, in fact, a mouthpiece for the left. It took great pains to slowly establish itself as something resembling a ref on a field, but once that reputation was established it has gone out of its way to peddle lefty talking points.Consider it labeling as “a lie” the accurate Republican claim that the Democrats | Read More »

    Pence is In!

    Mike Pence is going to do it. Just . . . um . . . not run for President.No, Mike Pence announced this morning that he is going to disappoint conservatives nationwide and make conservatives in Indiana very happy by running for Governor of Indiana.Guess I’ll have to move to Indiana now, or something.Count me all in 100% with Mike Pence for Indiana.

    Mitch Daniels: The Anti-Tea Party Candidate

    I’m still pretty sure he wants to run for the Senate and not President, but it does seem to me that Jenn Rubin delivers a fatal blow to Mitch Daniels’ run for the Presidency.The New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg explains that Daniels didn’t go to the Tea Partyers or to the National Rifle Association for a testing-the-waters confab. Instead, he went to ManhattanSurrounded by people across | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for May 5, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For May 5, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. The Palin Foreign Policy Doctrine2. GOP House Intel Chair Thinks We Are No Better Than Animals3. Visual Confirmation Denied. Obama Decides Against Releasing Bin Laden Photos.4. Congress to Examine “Inappropriate” and “Devastating” Use of “Geronimo” Codename in bin Laden Mission5. Spike The Ball – Hard!6. Boeing vs. | Read More »

    Photos, Geronimo, and the BCS #EERS

    We’ll talk about releasing photos of Bin Laden tonight, as well as the use of the word Geronimo and the Justice Department going after the BCS.The show starts at 7:05 pm ET. You can listen live at and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.Consider this an open thread.

    Congress to Examine “Inappropriate” and “Devastating” Use of “Geronimo” Codename in bin Laden Mission

    As if Congress had nothing more important to do, ABC News brings us word that Congress will hold hearings on the use of the code name Geronimo as a reference to Osama Bin Laden.“The hearing was scheduled well before the Osama bin Laden operation became news, but the concerns over the linking of the name of Geronimo, one of the greatest Native American heroes, with | Read More »

    CIA chief: Waterboarding aided bin Laden raid

    If you haven’t read this piece by Dan McLaughlin, consider it your must read of the day.For the past 48 hours, lefties have been falling all over themselves and contorting themselves in knots to downplay enhanced interrogations and the role waterboarding might have played in getting Bin Laden.One of the most humorous contortions came from Spencer Ackerman, a lefty hack who has taken one of | Read More »

    The Winter of Republican Discontent

    Republicans are unhappy with the present crop of candidates for the White House. Over last weekend, while overshadowed by bigger news, Republicans gathered at an NRA event, a Heritage Foundation event, an AFP event, and a few other gatherings. Grassroots activists lamented together about the current crop. Certainly each candidate has their acolytes, but largely the field is uninspiring. Republicans are on the verge of | Read More »


    Morning Briefing for May 4, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For May 4, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Inconvenient Facts About The Takedown of Osama bin Laden2. The Winter of Republican Discontent3. Obama vs. Panetta In The Kill Osama Decision?4. ‘Why does my gas cost $4.00 per gallon?’