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    The Morning Briefing: The Tsunami

    [UPDATE]: The whole of the Maine legislator has flipped to the GOP. Several people I have talked to said such a deep and thorough shift to any one party has not happened in one election in the past 100 years. —————— This is an unusual Morning Briefing because you need to understand what happened while you’ve been sleeping. Republican gains are massive. And when I | Read More »

    Robin Carnahan’s Incompetent Elections

    Ah Missouri. Robin Carnahan is the Secretary of State of Missouri — the person who oversees elections: Missouri officials say they are working to resolve a problem that has prevented local election workers from accessing the statewide voter registration computer system.Local election officials said they have been unable to access the information most of the day.As a result, election workers in Kansas City are doing | Read More »

    A Special Note to Our Democrat Readers in Washington

    Just wanted to write a special note to our readers who are Democrats in Washington, D.C. We know we get a number of you on here and I am sure you have felt more than a little left out in the past few weeks.I want a post just for you today so you can stop feeling left out, particularly on this day.So, just for you | Read More »


    Good Morning. It Is Election Day.

    “I won.” — Barack ObamaJanuary 23, 2009 “Let me just say it this way, the Democrats will retain the majority in the House of Representatives. We have a huge — we have, what, 54-, 55-vote majority. We had a swing in the last two elections of 110 seats. We will — I am not yielding one grain of sand. We are fighting for every seat.But | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for Election Day 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For Election Day 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Good Morning. It Is Election Day. 2. A Special Note to Our Democrat Readers in Washington

    Stopping Sarah Palin

    Much has been made of this story about Republicans attacking Sarah Palin and trying to stop her.There have been some ferocious denials today about it. Many would-be 2012 candidates have denounced it, etc.Here are the facts: there is a significant, though small contingent of heavily anti-Palin forces at the upper echelons of the Establishment GOP in Washington.A good number of them are actually Hill staffers | Read More »

    Assessing Joe Miller

    A lot of people have accused Joe Miller in Alaska of running a “paranoid” campaign. I admit that I’ve thought it.Turns out he has been right to do so.We have the local CBS affiliate in Alaska out to get him — caught on tape no less.We have John Cornyn on TV giving a muddled message about who he supports, forcing the NRSC to come out and | Read More »

    Delegitimizing The Victories: The Politics of the Angry White Male

    “It will be easier for the Democrats to believe in a grand conspiracy that stole the election, than to accept rejection by the American people.” Conservatives will be fighting on two fronts after today. First, Establishment Republicans will be peddling stories, as they have in the past week, that conservative gains in the Senate were really not significant compared to the Establishment pickups.We’ll deal with | Read More »

    This is How ABC News Treats Conservatives

    ABC News was going to have Arianna Huffington and Andrew Breitbart on TV on election night to discuss American politics, etc. Breitbart, at least, was going to be involved in a digital town hall. The television anchors would regularly go into the townhall, talk to the reporters, talk to Breitbart, etc.But the left soiled their collectivist shorts over the idea that the man who brought | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for November 1, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For November 1, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Delegitimizing The Victories: The Politics of the Angry White Male 2. An Open Letter to the Freshman Republican Victors 3. This is How ABC News Treats Conservatives 4. Why Are Casino Bosses Teaming With Union Bosses in Funding an Anti-Tea Party Group? 5. Chris Murphy, | Read More »

    An Open Letter to the Freshman Republican Victors

    “Remember, as much as McConnell, Alexander, Boehner, Cantor, etc. did for you, you are more important to them than they are to you. But for you, they would still be in the minority.” I am putting this up the Sunday before the election because in the noise and hubbub after the election it will be drowned out and it is very, very important. If you | Read More »


    Leftwing Thumbsuckers and the Politics of Outrage Over Andrew Breitbart

    The left is perfectly fine with George Stephanopoulos being an “objective” newsman on ABC News. The Politico, earlier this year, ran two articles about coordination between then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, James Carville, Paul Begala, and Stephanopoulos. One article noted the four trade regular phone calls. Emanuel told the Politico the calls “are about what’s happening, what the implications are of what’s | Read More »

    Where Anecdote Is Not Data, But . . .

    We should never confuse anecdotes for data, but I’ve got a funny one.I got called up to New York on the spur of the moment this past week for CNN so I ran out to early voting. I was somewhat stunned by the high number of black voters doing early voting.In any event, I stood in line in front of a black preacher from the | Read More »

    Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal, and the Terror Threats

    What we are finding out this afternoon is that it appears the terrorists are still probing for weaknesses to penetrate this country and kill many Americans.A “manipulated toner cartridge” discovered in cargo set off the bells and whistles. FedEx and UPS have been discovering suspicious packages from overseas throughout the day.Luckily, the planes grounded in Philly and Newark had no explosives on them.It is important | Read More »

    America’s First Black President Tries to Push Out Another Black Politician

    First they came for David Patterson, Governor of New York. Barack Obama and the Democrats ganged up on him and forced him to not seek re-election. Now they’ve come for Kendrick Meeks, or at least Bill Clinton, America’s first black President, has come for Kendrick Meeks, but at the behest of America’s second black President.It started with a story in the Politico. Bill Clinton sought | Read More »