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    Morning Briefing for August 1, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For August 1, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.I’ll be filling in for Neal Boortz again today. You can listen live from 8:30 a.m. to 1p.m. by going to and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.— Erick1. Not Playing the Fool2. Why We Fight3. The Liar, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: Five Lies about the Debt Limit | Read More »

    The RedState Gathering

    At the first RedState Gathering, a few people national audiences had not really heard of named Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Michael Williams, and Ken Cucinnelli showed up.Last year, we had a few more.This year, we’ll have Governor Rick Scott of Florida, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Treasurer Don Stenberg of Nebraska, | Read More »

    See, We Told You So

    Back in 1994, Rush Limbaugh wrote See I Told You So. From page 88 of the book:[T]he cure for: a) the budget deficit = more taxes; b) unemployment = more taxes; c) recession = more taxes; d) environmental problems = more taxes; e) illiteracy = more taxes; f) L.A. riots = more taxes. It doesn’t matter what the nature of the problem is.This week, whether | Read More »

    Interesting Nugget About John Boehner’s Bill

    Guess who wrote it?The late-night jousting in the Senate followed a vote on House Speaker John A. Boehner’s debt-limit measure, which would extend the Treasury’s borrowing power until early next year and force another economy-rattling fistfight within a few months.Drafted largely by aides to Reid and McConnell last weekend, the measure was originally designed to appeal to the more centrist Senate.Everything we’ve gone through this | Read More »

    The 22 Who Held the Line

    Here are the 22 heros who defied their House leaders and opposed the Boehner plan. Note that the South Carolina delegation comes out on tops. Its two senators, Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham, also opposed it. It’s something that South Carolina has more testicular fortitude than Texas. Amash (MI) Bachmann (MN) Broun (GA) Chaffetz (UT) Cravaack (MN) DesJarlais (TN) Duncan (SC) Gowdy (SC) Graves (GA) | Read More »

    You Know What Would Be Awesome?

    The problem the GOP has now is that because of where John Boehner led the House, the GOP looks increasingly unwilling to act in a bipartisan way or compromise. Most people are missing the fact that raising the debt ceiling is the compromise, but that is beside the point.Here’s what the House and Senate GOP should do — box the Democrats in.Hold a press conference | Read More »

    An Interesting Observation

    As I wrap up what turned out to be 7 hours of radio and 3 of television, let me leave you with an interesting observation from a very wise conservative sage:John Boehner’s flailing performance may actually have a silver lining to conservatives’ advantage. When his plan and the end game blow up in the House Republicans’ face as it surely will, a lot of the | Read More »

    The Final Fall Back Position

    Talking to a number of folks on the hill today, I think their final fallback — last man on the barricades position — should be this:We’ll give the Democrats a clean debt ceiling increase in exchange for them sending the Lee-Cornyn-Hatch Balanced Budget Amendment to the states.Yeah, it may never happen. But a lot of people said they’d never vote for TARP until the market | Read More »

    A note to you disenchanted tea party activists

    I’m getting a lot of emails from tea party members rather upset with members of Congress today.The funniest story I’ve heard today from several people on the hill is that the House GOP held a budget “listening” session to learn how to message better for tea parties and independents. The House GOP leaders really thought that they had the policy right and just needed to | Read More »

    It Amazes and Baffles Me

    A week ago, the United States House of Representatives sent a bipartisan measure to the United States Senate where it fell five votes short of a majority.Today, John Boehner sent over legislation that couldn’t even get all the Republicans to support it, didn’t get any Democrats to support it, and will get less support in the Senate than last week’s plan.And now the Democrats have | Read More »


    As I called it. John Boehner now has the votes to pass his plan.Harry Reid just declared that the only compromise that will pass will be his plan. “The only compromise there is — is mine,” he said.Harry Reid will take John Boehner’s plan, insert all the Democrats’ demands, and send it back to the House daring the GOP to kill “the Boehner Plan.”The Democrats | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Secret Plan to Save America, Solve the Debt Crisis, and Fight the Freemasons

    Apparently, according to White House Chief of Staff William Daley, Barack Obama has a secret plan to raise the debt ceiling. We’re not allowed to see it.From the transcript with Wolf Blitzer:BLITZER: So what you’re saying is the president did present a plan to the speaker, John Boehner.DALEY: Yes.BLITZER: But – but he didn’t…DALEY: Right.BLITZER: – make it public.DALEY: No, because there’s… both the speaker | Read More »

    So Erickson, What Would You Do?

    I keep getting asked what I’d do instead of the Boehner plan. Well, today I’m filling in for Neal Boortz again and I’ll tell you what I’d do. Tune in live from 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET by clicking right here. The phone number is 1-800-WSB-TALK. Consider this an open thread.

    The Reality Check

    At some point, whether during the TARP fight or . . . you name it . . . you come to the realization that there really aren’t a lot of friends left around you on the front lines fighting back at what is, for all intents and purposes, what is arguably the side you’re supposed to be on.At that moment, you must perform a reality | Read More »

    The Worst Negotiators

    I cannot decide who the worst negotiators are, Republican leaders or House conservatives.John Boehner’s plan couldn’t get the votes last night so Boehner had to agree to add language conditioning a vote on a balanced budget amendment — an amendment House Republicans said could not pass so there was no reason to pursue Cut, Cap, and Balance. The vote will now be today.The vote now | Read More »