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    What to do #EERS

    I keep getting asked “what I’d do differently.” Well, let’s hash this out. Listen live at and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK. Consider this an open thread.

    What to do #EERS

    I keep getting asked “what I’d do differently.”Well, let’s hash this out.Listen live at and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.Consider this an open thread.

    Crossing a Line and Overreaching

    UPDATED: Speaker Boehner has come out forcefully and denied that he is a part of or approves of redistricting Jim Jordan out of office. —————— Yesterday, House Republicans went to war against the conservative Republican Study Committee and its staffers who’ve been doing the Lord’s work against the Boehner plan. Some of those attacks helped energize and militarize some of the conservative leaders who had | Read More »


    I see a lot of John Boehner Plan supporters mockingly referring to guys like Mike Pence as “RINOs”.I have not and will not.Let’s be clear that while a number of us in the past few days have been called hobbits and “pro-Obama” this remains a disagreement among guys who are typically friends.I disagree with Mike Pence and Allen West on this one. They are not | Read More »

    The Horserace for July 28, 2011

    IA Caucus: Feb. 6, 2012 NH Primary: Feb. 14, 2012 (expected) SC Primary: TBD NV Caucus: Feb. 18, 2012 In this week’s horserace, Michele Bachmann has stabilized and the attacks against her have actually helped her. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, finally decided to come out of the candidate protection program and be seen to endorse John Boehner’s plan. His support was not as | Read More »


    The Three Scenarios (And A Fourth)

    There are three scenarios I see playing out here on the debt ceiling.The least likely scenario is John Boehner’s plan barely makes it through the House and then the Senate Democrats say, “Okay, we’re out of time, let’s do it.” That’s what the GOP is telling themselves will happen. Senator Reid today quashed that idea by saying the Senate will vote tonight to kill Boehner’s | Read More »

    More Proof It Is A Trap

    From Mike Allen’s Playbook in the Politico today comes this quote from a “top Democrat”: “The press will obsess about [today’s House] vote [on the Boehner Two-Step], but at best it is an exercise in political machismo, at worst it is the beginning of the most irresponsible act in Congressional history. The House bill is dead on arrival in the Senate — at least 58 | Read More »

    Our Admiral Ackbar Moment — It Is A Trap

    As you wake up, here is what you need to know.John Boehner thinks he has the votes to pass his third plan out of the House. Work to make sure he does not by going to and calling your member of Congress. Tell them to oppose Boehner’s plan.Even if you are sympathetic to Boehner’s plan, here is why it must be killed — it | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for July 28, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For July 28, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Our Admiral Ackbar Moment — It Is A Trap2. All You Need To Know About The House Republicans3. The Great Divide4. Message to RSC Members: Get in or Get Out5. What is the End Game for Big Government?

    All You Need To Know About The House Republicans

    One week ago the entire conservative movement was unified behind Cut, Cap, and Balance as was both House and Senate GOP caucus — no small feat to be sure. Then, because Harry Reid denied CCB a vote through a procedural motion, John Boehner produces a crackpot plan that rips the conservative movement apart at the seams and after taking two stabs at it, still can’t | Read More »

    The Great Divide

    If you want to stop the GOP from taking a bad deal out of fear, go to right now and call your member of Congress to oppose John Boehner’s plan.This morning took an interesting turn of events. First the Wall Street Journal called us hobbits. Then Bill Kristol proclaimed us “pro-Obama.” Then John Boehner told his members to get their “asses in line.”And then | Read More »

    Bill Kristol’s Advice

    Max Pappas at Freedom Works has the best summation of why Republicans in the House of Representatives should not take Bill Kristol’s advice:Supported a “moderate” stimulus: “I would have supported a moderate stimulus.”Saw nothing wrong with the spending in the stimulus bill:”If Obama wants a stimulus, Republicans will give it to him tomorrow. It’s the president’s and the Democrats’ insistence on incorporating a huge and | Read More »

    The Closing Argument: We Are Filthy Hobbitses

    So now we have the closing arguments.The Wall Street Journal calls conservatives hobbits. I’d point out that the hobbits won.Bill Kristol calls conservatives “pro-Obama.”And now John Boehner tells Republicans to get their “asses in line.”To quote General McAuliffe, “NUTS”Hold the line. When the Congressional Budget Office is saying that Harry Reid’s plan actually cuts more money than John Boehner’s even beyond budgetary gimmicks.Hold the line. | Read More »

    But How Does Your Hand Improve?

    The Kristol fans want to know how our hand improves if we reject the Boehner plan. First, it is worth pointing out what Bill Kristol noted back at the first part of July:“It sounds as if it’s heading towards a deal,” Kristol said. “It’s not a deal that I’m going to like I suspect, and think I it’s going to be a bad deal for | Read More »

    7.5 Hours on Radio Again Today

    I’m going to be on the radio for 8 hours today — 4.5 for Neal Boortz’s show and 3 for mine this evening. It will be a long day of talking and you can listen to it all by clicking right here.You can also call in at 1-877-310-2100 for Neal’s show and this evening for mine you can call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.I’ll be on 8:30 | Read More »