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    Illegals March in Atlanta, Chris Chocola joins Us, and Defending Trevino

    At 7:30, Chris Chocola from the Club for Growth is going to join me on air to talk about the Club’s white papers. I’ll get into the illegals marching in Atlanta and also defend Josh Trevino. You can listen to it all at and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK. Consider this an open thread.

    Because They Won’t Attack Hillary Clinton, They Attack Josh Trevino

    The left is in a tizzy because some “well meaning” people are on a flotilla to Gaza and Josh Trevino dares to say what so many of the rest of us are thinking — if Israel takes out the flotilla in self defense, so be it.Frankly, from my vantage point, I can’t see any other rational position — particularly for those who support Israel, particularly | Read More »

    On Immorality

    The Democrats, in particular Joe Biden and Barack Obama, are out to make the moral case for tax increases. They claim the Republican position is immoral.This is what happens when we debase morality in our American political culture.For perspective, when Barack Obama was a state senator in Illinois, he was the only state senator to speak in opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. | Read More »

    Pledge Fatigue, My Butt

    Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are pushing out stories, encouraging various media outlets to write about “pledge fatigue.” This is in response to the Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge being pushed hard by conservative groups. One reporter called me for comment and said several senior Republican offices on Capitol Hill had pointed to my recent posts on the pledge as evidence of fatigue. Boy were they | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 28, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 28, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Pledge Fatigue, My Butt2. The Drunk On The Beltway: Two Obama Tricks That Are Going To Clean Boehner’s Clock3. The Latest From Obama’s Labor Dept: “You Might Be Union Busting If…”4. Our Nation Is All About The Choices We Make5. Nothing Evinces Hypocrisy More than Obama’s Oil | Read More »

    The College Democrats’ Video, Immigration, and More #EERS

    Tonight on the Erick Erickson Show, we’re going to delve into the College Democrats’ “I’m a Democrat” poorly produced ad. Also, the immigration fight heats up in Georgia, Herman Cain suffers a hit in New Hampshire, Michelle Bachmann keeps rising, and much, much more.You can listen to it all at and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.Consider this an open thread.

    Josh Mandel Gets DeMint Endorsement

    There’s big news out of Ohio. Former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is not going to seek the U.S. Senate nomination and now Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund just went all in with Josh Mandel.I’d endorsed Josh a while back and think he is a superb candidate to take on Sherrod Brown, a man consistently listed as the most liberal member of the United States | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 27, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 27, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. The Cut, Cap, and Balance Strategy2. Dirty Spending Secrets3. Why Did Obama Open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?4. Jim DeMint Brings His A Game To the Debt Vote

    Dirty Spending Secrets

    How bad is Washington spending? Well, there is a new website that’s up called Dirty Spending Secrets with a Q&A format to uncover some of Washington’s dirtiest spending secrets.Several friends of mine have emailed it to me. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out, but also horribly shocking — in the Q&A multiple choice, just go for the worst answer and you’ll probably be right.With | Read More »


    We’re Back

    RedState is back fully functioning and operational. You’ll notice a new interface on the user side.We’ve made some upgrades and performed some maintenance around the site while cleaning out some coding cobwebs.If you are having some problems on the site when you first get back on, please clear your cookies. I speak from personal experience.Have a great Sunday.Consider this an open thread.


    The Cut, Cap, and Balance Strategy

    “To win this fight, Republicans and conservatives must be willing to operate in ways Washington isn’t suppose to operate.”There is a lot of handwringing out there about how to actually implement the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge.First, let me say that you should take the pledge and every Republican in Washington should sign on to the pledge.Second, the strategy is very, very simple. Refuse to | Read More »

    Jim DeMint Brings His A Game To the Debt Vote

    Finally. Conservatives are starting to fire up on the Cut, Cap, and Balance pledge and are deciding they must hold people accountable.Senator Jim DeMint appears to be one of them. He tells ABC News that “It would be the most toxic vote” for Republicans.Now, he’s not saying necessarily that he is going to challenge them, but there are growing hints that he might. I, for | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 24, 2011

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 24, 2011Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.Just a quick note: RedState is going into “read only” mode today around noon. We have some long awaited maintenance that needs to take place You’ll be able to read the site, but no new content will appear for the rest of the day, starting at noon. — | Read More »

    Eric Cantor Pulls Out. So does Jon Kyl. It Distracts From the Big Story.

    Eric Cantor (R-VA) decided to pull out of talks with Joe Biden on what to do about the debt. He placed the problem in President Obama’s and Speaker’s Boehner’s laps saying there were issues relating to taxes that only they could resolve.Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), a man well known on Capitol Hill to negotiate defeat from the jaws of victory, decided he would pull out | Read More »

    Revving Up Cut, Cap, and Balance

    Tonight, there will be a special webcast you can watch from the comfort of your home about “Cut, Cap, and Balance. Join FRC Action President Tony Perkins and Let Freedom Ring President Colin Hanna as they host Sens. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), and other conservative leaders. They will discuss why and how Congress must Cut the deficit, Cap | Read More »