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    NRA Issues Gag Order to Its Board Members on Elena Kagan

    Internal Senate emails confirmed by NRA Board Members are highlighting just how far the National Rifle Association has fallen.The organization recently collaborated with the left to obtain a carve out of the DISCLOSE Act, legislation designed to silence bloggers and outside interest groups like tea party activists. This was a first amendment issue and the NRA gladly took a position and campaigned for its members | Read More »

    Jane Norton’s Own Polling Has Her Losing

    et’s get this straight: SurveyUSA, an independent polling company, has Ken Buck leading by 16 points in Colorado.So Jane Norton hires a pollster for her campaign and finds that . . . well that Jane Norton is losing by 4 points.Now, of course Jane Norton is spinning this as a six point lead. Why? Well, her pollster asks people if they are likely to vote | Read More »

    Why Is Anyone Surprised by This Dave Weigel Business?

    You can read Ben Smith’s post here at the Politico on Dave Weigel.A few points from me:1. It is no surprise to me that Ben Smith is on Journolist too. I wonder if the push back by lefty oriented journalists over Sarah Palin complaining about that stalker moving in next door was coordinated on Journolist. Probably.2. The most shocking story is a Journolist member leaking | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 25, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 24, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Are They Liars or Telling the Truth? 2. The Battle Moves to Colorado 3. Memory Holes ‘General Betray Us.’ 4. Wal-mart Moms: This year’s catch phrase? 5. Landmark shift in the Gallup enthusiasm readings 6. John Oxendine and the “Mentally Retarded Registered Voters”

    John Oxendine and the “Mentally Retarded Registered Voters”

    ohn Oxendine, Repubilcan candidate for Governor in Georgia, tells everyone he voted for Ronald Reagan. He wants us all to know just how much of a Republican he has always been. Even when he was a Democrat, Oxendine voted Republican. That’s what he says. Except, like Oxendine’s pro-life position and every other position he has that doesn’t involve an exchange of money, it’s a lie.Oxendine | Read More »

    The Battle Moves to Colorado

    Conservatives did a marvelous job rallying in South Carolina and Utah. Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Jeff Duncan scored major conservative victories in South Carolina. Mike Lee will go on to be the next senator from Utah.The next big race will be Ken Buck vs. Jane Norton in Colorado. And conservatives need to rally to Ken Buck.Already the Norton campaign has gone totally negative. It’s | Read More »

    Are They Liars or Telling the Truth?

    There’s this thing in the United States House of Representatives called a “discharge petition.” In a nutshell, a congressman can write a bill and, when the leaders in charge of the House refuse to do anything with it, the congressman can file a discharge petition. The petition, if personally signed by 218 congressmen, forces the House Speaker to put the matter up for a vote | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 24, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 24, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. In Obama’s skin-deep understanding of policy, 30k troops + Petraeus = Automatic Victory in Unwinnable War 2. The Battle Moves to Colorado 3. “ObamaCare – Three Months of Broken Promises” 4. Amerabia 5. Going Where I Shouldn’t. Saying What I Shouldn’t.

    Going Where I Shouldn’t. Saying What I Shouldn’t.

    n victory one is supposed to be magnanimous — a polysyllabic word for not being a sore winner.The race in Utah, the attacks on Jim DeMint, the other problematic issues behind the scenes, etc. test the limits of magnanimity. I am going to go where I shouldn’t go and say what I shouldn’t say. Some of you are really, really not going to like it.

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    Freedom and the Fight.

    It was 1:25 a.m. on November 5, 2008. The Republicans had just lost badly. Barack Obama had given his victory speech. Jesse Jackson had cried. And I was tired.I sat down at my computer and wrote this post entitled “The After. The Before. The Future, Present, and Past.” The subtitle was “The Day After and the Day After That, We’ll Fight On.”I was tired that | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for June 23, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For June 23, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Freedom and the Fight. 2. New Audio: In 2004 Obama Advocated “Trading” Border Security for Amnesty 3. A Tale of Budget Cowardice…and Courage 4. Why General McChrystal Must Be Fired – But President Obama May Not Be Able To 5. Kagan “Loved” the Bork Hearings | Read More »

    Mike Lee Will Be Utah’s Next Senator

    hey laughed at us last year when I said Bob Bennett needed to be taken out. They called me crazy when I said the path to Florida from NY-23 ran through Salt Lake City.They howled with laughter when I said Utah voters should replace Bob Bennett with Mike Lee.They aren’t laughing tonight.Mike Lee won. Nikki Haley won in South Carolina. RedState won.To quote Moe Lane, | Read More »

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    Jon Lerner: Winner

    Friends, if you are still up at this late hour you know Mike Lee won in Utah.We beat Bob Bennett twice — first at the convention and second by beating his chosen successor. We beat the Chamber of Commerce and the GOP establishment back in DC with this race.But we need to raise a glass to a man many of you have never heard of. | Read More »

    Is Tim Bridgewater Crazy?

    Robert Costa has an article at National Review about today’s race in Utah and I come away with the distinct impression that Tim Bridgewater must be crazy.Why?Well, there is this bit: Bridgewater doesn’t hide that he has little love for the Palmetto State senator. “It will take me a long time before I feel comfortable working with him,” he says. “If I’m elected, there are | Read More »

    A Tale of Budget Cowardice…and Courage

    “The U.S. House has never— NEVER —failed to pass a budget resolution since the current budget rules were put into place in 1974. Until today. ” So the Democrats have finally admitted they will not produce a budget plan this year. This is the ultimate in political cowardice. To understand how cowardly, one must understand what a budget plan really is. In short, a budget | Read More »