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    Rent a Family

    I hate to take a dig at Ben Quayle, running against Pamela Gorman in Arizona’s 3rd and also son of the former Vice President, but this is just too funny.Quayle sent out a mail piece of him holding one young child with another in a seat. The caption under it reads, in part, “Tiffany and I live in this district and we are going to | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for August 4, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For August 4, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Obama Stimulus Money to Study Monkey Cocaine Use 2. Rationing at the Food and Drug Administration 3. Socialist Health Care Kills Babies … In More Ways Than One 4. The Not-Popular Party 5. Time to Go After Democrats On Repeal of Obamacare 6. The Edge | Read More »

    The Party of No

    Democrats spend a lot of time trying to pin the “Party of No” label on Republicans. But under Chairman Tom Price of Georgia, the Republican Study Committee (the caucus of social and economic conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives) has started a new series of emails to show—in very real terms—how the Democrats in the House really are the “Party of No.”Traditionally, including under | Read More »

    Paging Tea Party Activists

    Just so you know.Consider this an open thread.

    Rick Scott Continues to Lead Bill McCollum in Florida

    The gubernatorial race in Florida continues to surprise me. Bill McCollum, the unquestionably conservative Attorney General and former congressman who played a part in Bill Clinton’s impeachment, is losing to a novice politician and former hospital CEO. With just three weeks until Election Day, and early voting beginning next week, Scott is beating McCollum in every demographic and geographic category of likely GOP voters, said | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for August 3, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For August 2, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. The Ground Zero Mosque Should Be Stopped 2. House Republicans Need a Bold Spending Proposal 3. The Shallow Water Non-Moratorium 4. “Blame Bush,” RIP: 2001-2010.

    RedState Gathering

    Among the people who will be joining us at the RedState Gathering: Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) Rep. Nikki Haley (R-SC) Asm. Chuck DeVore (R-CA) and more to be announced shortly as well as one returning guest from last year that everyone loved. Here’s the rule for the RedState Gathering and why you should attend: We keep it cheap for you, include meals at no charge, | Read More »


    Why is Mike Castle Running From Christine O’Donnell?

    If Mike Castle becomes the next United States Senator from Delaware he is going to get sworn in, serve a bit, then become a Democrat, resign, and let Beau Biden get an appointment. It’s a done deal. The deal has been made already. I’m hearing this not just from Christine O’Donnell people, but party regulars in Delaware, some of whom support Castle. It is insane. | Read More »

    Excitement and Regret

    I’m a big believer that Republicans have to hold themselves accountable or the other side will. In the six years that RedState has been operating, I have done my best to hold our side accountable for deviations from conservative orthodoxy. My book will continue that.Along the way, I have made some very good friends. In fact, most of my very best friends are people I | Read More »

    His Boots Are Made For Winning

    Colorado is a mail-in ballot state for the Republican Primary. 14 counties have actual polling places for the primary, but only 2 out of the top 12 counties in terms of votes. The ballots were mailed out to voters on July 19th. The vast majority of votes will be cast before August 10th.That puts Ken Buck in a very, very good position. In a new | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for August 2, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For August 2, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. His Boots Are Made For Winning 2. Dems embrace culture of corruption — support Rangel in corruption scandal 3. President Obama, Shamelessly and Hypocritically Lying. Again. 4. Congressman, Heal Thy Street 5. The BP Shakedown: Paying Off The Democrats’ Mistakes 6. Obama to Democrats: you | Read More »

    Another Democrat Refuses to be Anywhere Near Barack Obama

    Barack Obama is going to visit Georgia. Obama is going to speak at a gathering of disabled veterans. He’ll then do a DNC fundraiser.The elected Republican Governor, Sonny Perdue, has moved heaven and earth on his schedule to make sure he can get out of what he was doing to be there to greet the President.According to his spokesman, “[E]ven if you disagree with his | Read More »

    Does the Washington Post Have a Conflict of Interest in its Editorials?

    If you are one of those people who believes there is no such thing as a coincidence, you’ll have to ask if the Washington Post is pushing one of its editors’ spousal agendas.Reuters reported a while back that the Federal Trade Commission was considering ending “pay for delay” practices with generic drugs.Basically, when a generic drug manufacturer is ready to come on the scene with | Read More »

    Wisconsin 3: Put it on Your Radar

    Wisconsin’s third congressional district is not really on anybody’s radar right now. It should be. I have obtained a copy of some polling done in the district that suggests incumbent Democrat Ron Kind has some significant problems that can be exploited. In a year when anything is possible in politics, it is very possible that Dan Kapanke could be Ron Kind. In a survey of | Read More »

    I told you Sharron Angle is Okay

    I told you yesterday that the internal numbers in the Rasmussen poll along with the other polling trends are good for Sharron Angle in Nevada.Well, Mason-Dixon is out now and also happens to be my favorite nonpartisan polling company in America with a high rate of accuracy.According to Mason-Dixon, Reid is losing ground and Angle is making up ground. The new survey by Mason-Dixon Polling | Read More »