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    Flynn For Congress

    My friend Mike Flynn is running for Congress in Illinois. I’ve known Mike for several years. He is a solid guy and a good conservative. Many of you know him through his days with Breitbart. We need to get Mike Flynn to Congress. Mike is running for Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) 38%‘s seat. He is running against Darin LaHood who Washington insiders | Read More »

    The Burden of Doing What’s Right

    Over the weekend in the New York Times, author Lee Siegel admits to proudly being a deadbeat and he thinks you should be one too. He stopped paying back his student loans and has no regrets. In fact, he says he “chose life” instead of paying back his student loans. I turned forty this past week. I last practiced law in any form in 2006. | Read More »

    An NBC Affiliate Manufactures a Story to Attack Conservatives

    “Months before the conference, my family booked a hotel room at the same resort as ALEC,” reported Brendan Keefe of WXIA TV, also known as 11 Alive. It’s the NBC affiliate in Atlanta. “We found the fabled back room where the laws are made,” he told their audience. It was sweeps week and NBC had a scoop. What he failed to mention is that the | Read More »

    Dear Reader, The Editor Hates Your F—ing Guts

    Dear Reader, The Editor Hates Your F---ing Guts

    Dave Perry, the Editor of the Aurora Sentinel, is having a bad time at work. The Denver Post is downsizing again and cutting costs to make ends meet. Conservatives hate the Denver Post because they think the paper leans left, though the paper has endorsed some Republicans. Liberals hate the Denver Post because it occasionally calls out leftists and has endorsed some Republicans. But what | Read More »

    Rick Perry Enters the Arena

    Today in Dallas, TX, Rick Perry will declare his candidacy for the President of the United States. It is his second time. Last time, Perry’s announced at the RedState Gathering in Charleston, SC in August of 2011 and surged quickly in the field to first place with almost a third of the Republican primary voters ready to back him. But several bad debate performances marginalized | Read More »

    That’s a nice mention

    Where do Republican Presidential candidates go in the media? I recognize one of the places. Erick Erickson has a trifecta — an afternoon radio show, a leading role at a website (Red State Blog) and an annual conference that draws the likes of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94%, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. He’s a Fox News contributor. Conservative leaders whisper in | Read More »


    40 and 10

    Eleven years ago next month RedState started and a struggling lawyer from Middle Georgia emailed some dude with an email address at (trust me when I tell you not to visit that site now) to say he’d be willing to cover Georgia politics. After all, he — that’d be me — was a lawyer in Georgia who also handled election law, campaign management, and | Read More »

    If Hillary Clinton Fell in the Forest Would Anybody Hear?

    If Hillary Clinton Fell in the Forest Would Anybody Hear?

    You might not have known this, but Hillary Clinton has not announced she is running for President. I realize she put out a video telling us she was running for President. I realized she did a driving tour of Iowa after that announcement to tell everyone she was running for President. I even realize she did another announcement this past week. But Democrats are still | Read More »

    If Your ‘Authentic Self’ Requires Plastic Surgery and Hormone Therapy, You Need Help, Not Affirmation.

    I hope a lot of people are praying for Bruce Jenner. It seems most of Hollywood and the White House are applauding him decided that he is now a she. Bruce Jenner certainly has issues, but society itself has gotten mentally sick when it confuses compassion with celebration. Look, I realize this is going to piss off those of you who already live in a | Read More »

    Good for Rand Paul

    Good for Rand Paul

    When the government shut down because Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% refused to back down over Obamacare defunding, government agencies made all sorts of hysterical claims about what would happen if they did not have money. Conservatives were quick to point out that the calamitous claims were overblown hysteria by the government. For some reason, when the government makes calamitous claims about | Read More »

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    This Way Comes

    “The difference between Bush’s mistakes and his disappointments may just be that he hasn’t yet taken ownership of the latter,” Massimo Calabresi wrote in Time as he covered President George W. Bush’s final press conference in January of 2009. Four years earlier, left-wing journalist John Dickerson had begun a trend among the Bush White House press corps, demanding from the President a recognition of his | Read More »

    The Circle of Jerks Turns From Scott Walker to Ted Cruz

    The Circle of Jerks went blind the other day over a quote from Scott Walker about ultrasounds prior to an abortion being “cool.” The Politico ran it. Various left leaning journalists circulated it. It’s as if they had an email server and they all descended at once with their stories printed on kleenex. The only problem is that the story was made up. Some of | Read More »

    The Believer in the Public Square

    On May 16, 2015, I gave my first sermon at the conference in Chicago, IL. I have the audio now of it and wanted to share that with you. The text as presented a few weeks ago differs from the sermon as delivered. You can listen at your own place via Soundcloud. The audio is also embedded in this post.


    Rick Perry Approaches the Arena

    Rick Perry Approaches the Arena

    When the economy began to slide under George W. Bush and then cratered complete with Barack Obama entering the White House, Texas’s economy stayed strong. When the summer of recovery saw more and more Americans leaving the workforce, Texas saw more and more people going to work. In fact, if Texas were not a hotbed of economic activity in the past six years, Barack Obama | Read More »

    Why Rick Santorum Matters

    Earlier today, Rick Santorum declared his candidacy for President of the United States. Santorum lost his re-election bid for the Senate in Pennsylvania in 2006. He has not held office since. There are a lot of people who wonder why Rick Santorum thinks he has a chance and why he is running. That reason comes from his debate performance in Mesa, AZ on February 22, | Read More »