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    A Brief Word In Defense of Keith Olbermann

    As you know, Keith Olbermann was suspended from MSNBC for giving political contributions to three Democrats.For the past several years, Olbermann has been giving in-kind contributions to various Democrats by putting them on the air to let them go unchallenged and unhinged. See e.g. Alan Grayson.I was shocked that Olbermann got booted for giving money, considering he has for some time given aid and comfort | Read More »

    From the Mail Bag

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you now a mailbag post from a Mr. Alastair Hastings sent to me at 1:48 a.m. this morning.I am leaving it formatted exactly as it was sent.WHAT IS ALL THIS S**T ERICK? ONCE I WAS KICKED OFF REDSTATE.COM AFTER I LEFT A COMMENT ABOUT HOW THE REPUBS WERE AS GUILTY OF SCREWING OUR COUNTRY AS THE DEMS WERE… ETC… THEY | Read More »


    Quickly, I want to follow up on this earlier post to make sure the key nuggets get eyeballs.I think having Jeb Hensarling as Conference Chair and Michelle Bachmann as Vice Chair would be a powerful duo. Hensarling is a very substantive policy guy. Michelle Bachmann gave up campaigning for herself to go all over the country for Republicans this year. She deserves a seat at | Read More »

    Will The House GOP Break Apart the GOP-Tea Party Coalition

    It is undisputed that the Tea Party Movement helped drive the renewed Republican momentum this past year. But for that energy, the Republicans would not have seen the gains they saw. The exit polls reflect that data.So now the House Republicans have some crucial decisions to make. They, unlike the Senate GOP, which appears to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing from their 2006 defeat, | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for November 5, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For November 5, 2010Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Will The House GOP Break Apart the GOP-Tea Party Coalition2. The Civil War3. So, about that union job security…4. 54 of 99.

    The Civil War

    Everyone in the media wants to talk about a Republican civil war. There are certainly feuds, but now that the election, the civil war that mostly played itself out in primaries between NRSC backed candidates and the eventual winners of most of the primaries is largely over, other than a few Senate aides and Senators upset about not being in the majority. Note to them: | Read More »


    “The NRSC’s argument amounts to telling the world that voters exercising their right to pick their candidates are stupid and Jim DeMint is stupid for siding with the voters.”On November 2, 2010, the Republican Party made its largest single day gains in the House of Representatives since 1948 and, I have been told credibly, the largest gains of any political party in local, state, and | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for November 4, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For November 4, 2010Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Recriminations2. The Democratic knives come out in the House. 3. The fight didn’t stop yesterday. Take it to the state capitals4. This is Terrific News5. The Point – Doubling Down on Freedom

    This is Terrific News

    I just heard that Jeb Hensarling is going to run for Conference Chair to replace Mike Pence.This is terrific news. Hensarling is one of the most substantive conservative policy guys I know in the House.Coincidentally, Jeb Hensarling is the first politician I ever gave money to. Seriously. The Club For Growth, in Jeb’s first run, sent out a mail piece with a list of candidates | Read More »

    Potential Tea Party Targets for 2012

    As you are settling down from yesterday’s victories, you will want to also pay attention to this list. While many will be focusing on a potential Presidential pick for the GOP, we should not all get distracted by that.We have a significant opportunity to improve the Senate GOP through some primaries. Here is a list of potential targets for primaries — the Senate Republicans up | Read More »

    The Morning Briefing: The Tsunami

    [UPDATE]: The whole of the Maine legislator has flipped to the GOP. Several people I have talked to said such a deep and thorough shift to any one party has not happened in one election in the past 100 years. —————— This is an unusual Morning Briefing because you need to understand what happened while you’ve been sleeping. Republican gains are massive. And when I | Read More »

    Robin Carnahan’s Incompetent Elections

    Ah Missouri. Robin Carnahan is the Secretary of State of Missouri — the person who oversees elections:Missouri officials say they are working to resolve a problem that has prevented local election workers from accessing the statewide voter registration computer system.Local election officials said they have been unable to access the information most of the day.As a result, election workers in Kansas City are doing time-consuming | Read More »

    A Special Note to Our Democrat Readers in Washington

    Just wanted to write a special note to our readers who are Democrats in Washington, D.C. We know we get a number of you on here and I am sure you have felt more than a little left out in the past few weeks.I want a post just for you today so you can stop feeling left out, particularly on this day.So, just for you | Read More »


    Good Morning. It Is Election Day.

    “I won.”— Barack ObamaJanuary 23, 2009“Let me just say it this way, the Democrats will retain the majority in the House of Representatives. We have a huge — we have, what, 54-, 55-vote majority. We had a swing in the last two elections of 110 seats. We will — I am not yielding one grain of sand. We are fighting for every seat.But we are | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for Election Day 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For Election Day 2010Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Good Morning. It Is Election Day.2. A Special Note to Our Democrat Readers in Washington