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    What to do in Charlotte, NC

    If you’re within a reasonable driving distance of Charlotte, NC and want to learn how to organize for a free America, you need to attend this event this weekend.Bar none, this is the best training you will ever get as a conservative activist.As an added bonus? You get to hang out with me.I’m serious. You need to put down your protest signs and get involved | Read More »

    Steny Hoyer Gives the Democrats a Headache

    Steny Hoyer is causing a conversation he does not want to really have. In trying to turn up the political rhetoric on terrorism, Hoyer, the House Majority Leader, said, ““We’re tough on terrorists, that’s our policy, that’s our performance and in fact we’ve been more successful.”Really?Let’s look at the headlines.

    Last Day on the Radio

    Today’s my last day on the radio — for a while anyway. You can listen at show starts now.


    Judd Gregg and Bob Corker Sell Out GOP on Bailouts

    Judd Gregg (R-NH) and Bob Corker (R-TN) are throwing their own side under the bus on financial deform. It all involves the Federal Reserve. While saying they are working to ensure the federal government stops bailing out businesses, Corker and Gregg are working over time to defeat an amendment offered up by Senators Vitter and Sessions that would actually stop bailouts. You need to understand | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for May 5, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For May 5, 2010 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. Good morning from Macon.I don’t have any additions to this morning. Why? Well, for two years I have been working on legislation to combat human trafficking here in Middle Georgia. Despite threats to me, harassment, name calling, delays, and turf wars, last night I won. It | Read More »

    Today is a very good day

    Many of you know I am a city councilman in Macon, GA. In 2007, when I ran for office, the only issue that I really talked about was the proliferation of Asian themed massage parlors in Macon. We had, two years ago, more per capita than either San Francisco or Washington, D.C. While many people wanted to discuss these spas as they related to prostitution | Read More »

    Coats Wins. Marlin Stutzman Becomes a Conservative Rock Star

    As most all of us, including me, predicted, Dan Coats did win the Indiana primary tonight.But it is worth noting a couple of things:1. Coats was held to about 40% of the vote. 60% voted against him.2. The man in second place who got pretty doggone close was Marlin Stutzman, the man everyone said would come in third.3. Stutzman won a few major counties in | Read More »

    Beware of Bridgewater Part II

    The Utah GOP state convention is this Saturday, and 3,500 state delegates will decide whether to nominate the incumbent Senator Bob Bennett or one of seven challengers to represent the party in the general election. Several polls conducted among delegates have pointed to Mike Lee enjoying a clear lead, with Bennett and Tim Bridgewater competing for second place.From all indications, Bennett doesn’t stand a chance | Read More »

    It Was Mitch McConnell

    Mitch McConnell is finally endorsing Trey Grayson in Kentucky after working behind the scenes for months with Grayson’s campaign.Grayson’s campaign has all the hallmarks of a McConnell Senate campaign effort, i.e. it is losing. Both times McConnell led the Senate Republicans’ election efforts, they lost seats.But it gets more interesting.As news of McConnell’s endorsement percolates this morning in Kentucky, we now know which Senior Republican | Read More »

    Michael Bloomberg Proves Himself to be a Fool and Should Resign

    Michael Bloomberg should resign from office. He has proven himself to be a fool.It is truly stunning that Bloomberg’s initial reaction to the car bomb in Times Square was to blame tea party activists, not Islamic terrorists.In Bloomberg’s own words: Bloomberg later told CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric that the suspect behind the bombing attempt could be a domestic terrorist angry at the government | Read More »

    Jim DeMint’s Charge

    This is really a must read article from Marc Thiessen on Jim DeMint.With the election in Indiana today, the AP, Washington Post, and others are cheering the expected defeat of Jim DeMint and tea partiers in a fight with the establishment.But Indiana is only one state and DeMint and us have already won in Florida and Pennsylvania. And we’re going to win in places like | Read More »

    What’s Missing?

    Here is the Washington Post story on the detention of Faisal Shahzad, the suspected bomber in New York — or at least a person of interest.Here is the Wall Street Journal story on the same.The man is a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan and was detained as he was trying to fly to Dubai.Guess what words are not mentioned in either story?If you guessed “muslim” | Read More »

    On the radio again

    I had actually not intended to be back on the radio given the day job, traveling for the day job, etc.But, through a confluence of events, I agreed to get behind the microphone this morning and tomorrow morning here in Macon. You can listen at show starts now.


    Let’s Burn Kris Kobach at the Stake

    This is getting hypocritically ridiculous.You probably don’t know who Kris Kobach is, but you need to. Kobach is a law professor at the University of Missouri and helped put together Arizona’s immigration law. You know that law right? The one a majority of Americans agree with? Well, to heck with tenure, folks are out to get Kobach. Chris Salazar, UMKC alum, said, “As an individual, | Read More »

    Morning Musings

    In order to keep the Morning Briefing short, I’m breaking out my morning musings into this separate post. We Have Someone The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that we have someone in custody. The man, from Pakistan, was attempting to leave the country. He is somehow connected, or believed to be connected, to the Times Square car bomb. Whaaa . . . ? | Read More »