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    David Petraeus And The Koran Burnings

    David Petraeus is right.That church burning the korans in Florida will incite muslims to kill Americans, particularly American soldiers.Why? Well, in part, because David Petraeus and the media have decided to magnify the event and guarantee it’ll be featured on the front page of every major newspaper in the Middle East.Ramzy Kilic of the Council on American-Islamic Relations surprisingly sounds wisest here:”He just wants to | Read More »

    Mayberry Throws Andy Griffith Out of Office

    Just how bad is it for Democrats? Were an election held in Mayberry, Sheriff Andy would be toast.That’s right — Andy Griffith, chief North Carolina closer for the Democratic Party has seen his popularity crash 25%. Why?He volunteered to be the face of Obamacare.In July he cut an ad for the U.S. government promising “good things” to come from the Democratic-backed health care law. The | Read More »

    Harry Reid’s Job Review

    Harry Reid is saying he had nothing to do with the 14% unemployment in Nevada. But back in June, Reid was bragging about creating jobs. Now Harry Reid says, “My job is to create jobs.” So we have the Majority Leader of the United States Senate say it is his job to create jobs. The same man also says the lack of jobs is not | Read More »

    A Few More Thoughts on Delaware

    i wrote multiple times in my post the other day that I still want Christine O’Donnell to win the Delaware Primary, and I do. See for example this line:”I wish Christine O’Donnell the best. I’d rather her than Castle.”and this line:”I want Christine O’Donnell to win.”Nonetheless, many people read my prior post as a decision to support Castle, which I made absolutely clear it was | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for September 8, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For September 8, 2010Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. Two Soldiers Die of Mysterious Causes in Iraq2. A Few More Thoughts on Delaware3. Understanding Carly Fiorina4. The Right Technology

    A Connecticut Conservative In the House of Representatives

    I never thought I’d see the day, but it is looking likely.Sam Caligiuri has released one of his internal polls showing he is one point behind Chris Murphy. Now, the Democrats will say this is an internal poll and scoff. But if they erect a firewall around CT-5 to try to save Chris Murphy, we know this internal poll is accurate.And frankly, it would not | Read More »

    Understanding Carly Fiorina

    We endorsed Chuck DeVore in the GOP California Senate primary over Carly Fiorina. We did so because of DeVore’s proven record of staunch conservatism — which he continues fighting for now, having just helped kill a California open-carry ban — but also because we didn’t really trust or know anything about Fiorina. Carly’s conservative record was thin to nonexistent, and there were many troubling signs | Read More »

    The Right Technology

    I have a confession to make: I think the Right is still bogged down on the technology front in a way the Left is not. I also think the reason is simple. If you look at the major players on the right, they have little interest in working with each other when they could be seeking competitive advantages against each other as well as major | Read More »


    The Concord Project: Every Man A Paul Revere

    A group of RedState diarists have gotten together and collaborated on a new project I think you need to pay attention to.The Concord Project is a get out the vote website for ordinary Americans — normal people called to action or modern day Paul Reveres if you will.We preach a lot about getting out the vote and local activism here at RedState, but frankly, I | Read More »

    The Victim in Chief Makes a Pitch for Greater Socialism

    Barack Obama went to Milwaukee, WI yesterday to speak to one of the few friendly audiences he has left in America — Big Labor.Our Victim-in-Chief, with no sense of history, declared that people talk about him like a dog. First, it is worth point out he named his dog after himself — Bo. Either the dog stinks or got Mr. Obama’s initials. It could be | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for September 7, 2010

    RedState Morning Briefing For September 7, 2010Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.1. The Victim in Chief Makes a Pitch for Greater Socialism2. Save the Light Bulb3. Ovide Lamontagne Rising in New Hampshire4. Congress Needs Reforms, but Committees Don’t Need More Power5. Robert Reich: Economic Illiterate6. “[F]ew observers believe the violence was due to racial hatred.”7. Democrats argue it is | Read More »

    ‘Recovery Summer’ Wasn’t All It Was Cracked Up To Be

    Brought to you by the NRSC:

    Ovide Lamontagne Rising in New Hampshire

    A lot of really good people have come out for Kelly Ayotte in the New Hamphire GOP Senate Primary. I have quietly pulled for Ovide Lamontagne, but supported those who cast their lots with Ayotte.For a good while it looked like Ovide was getting no traction and were he not in the race, Kelly Ayotte would be my pick. The other guy in the race, | Read More »

    Save the Light Bulb

    Dear John Boehner, Ted Poe, and Members of the incoming 112th Congress,If you do only one thing in your time in Washington, and frankly I hope you do only one thing given your propensity to expand government (other than eradicating Obamacare), it is this: SAVE THE LIGHT BULB.People may not realize it, but one of the first acts of the Democratic Congress in 2007, was | Read More »

    I have a man-crush on Joe Miller

    Thanks to Media Matters (thought I’d never write anything like that) for highlighting my clip from CNN last night about Joe Miller.I so totally have a man-crush on this dude. He calls the Democrats ‘socialists’, says Barack Obama is ‘bad for America’, and wants to privatize social security.Wish they’d actually kept it going to the point where I was also praising Jesse Helms.Yes you have | Read More »