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    Think Progress: It’s the Army’s Fault We Traded Five Terrorists

    Think Progress: It's the Army's Fault We Traded Five Terrorists

    The shark has officially been jumped by the left. Think Progress, the left wing site that has no intellectual honesty, actually has a post entitled “Did Sergeant Bergdahl Desert The Army Or Did The Army Desert Him?” They allege that Bowe Bergdahl might have been mentally ill and the Army should have done a better job of dealing with him instead of letting him wander | Read More »

    D-Day + 70 Years

    D-Day + 70 Years

    Remarks by President Ronald W. Reagan at a ceremony commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Normandy invasion June 6, 1984 Pointe Du Hoc We’re here to mark that day in history when the Allied armies joined in battle to reclaim this continent to liberty. For 4 long years, much of Europe had been under a terrible shadow. Free nations had fallen, Jews cried out in | Read More »

    Foot Soldiers in the Real War on Women

    Foot Soldiers in the Real War on Women

    Five more foot soldiers are headed back to the front lines of the real war on women thanks to President Obama. Abdul Haq Wasiq was a deputy minister of intelligence for the Taliban and helped Al Qaeda. He has been accused of murder and torture. Mullah Norullah Noori was a military commander for the Taliban. He fought American forces in Afghanistan and, according to Fox | Read More »



    If you’re in the Atlanta area, come to my birthday bash. I’m having a birthday party at Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta on June 12th. I’ll be broadcasting live from the brewery, sampling the beers, and going on a tour of the brewery. If you guys are in the Atlanta area, register now and come on by.

    President Admits He’ll Break the Law if Threatened

    President Admits He'll Break the Law if Threatened

    White House officials are admitting the President can be bullied and threatened into breaking American law. BREAKING: Officials: Congress not told of swap because Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if it leaked . — The Associated Press (@AP) June 5, 2014 Perhaps we should not elect men who wear mom jeans. This is pretty staggering. The Taliban now say they want to take more high | Read More »

    Why You Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists 101

    Why You Don't Negotiate With Terrorists 101

    Ronald Reagan refused to negotiate with terrorists. Heck, most American Presidents have refused to negotiate with terrorists. Maybe the President needs to watch “The Wind and the Lion“. In any event, the Taliban feels emboldened to engage in more high profile kidnappings now. Yes, they’ve talked to Time. A Taliban commander close to the negotiations over the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl told | Read More »

    Obama Administration Official, Brandon Friedman, Calls Soldiers ‘Psychopaths’

    Obama Administration Official, Brandon Friedman, Calls Soldiers 'Psychopaths'

    Brandon Friedman is a former liberal activist and disillusioned veteran. After working hard and relatively unsuccessfully to get soldiers to vote for Barack Obama, he got a job inside the administration. He now works for the Department of Housing and Urban Development as the Secretary for Public Affairs. Friedman has taken to twitter to call the soldiers who served with Bergdahl “psychopaths” for daring to | Read More »

    Not All Soldiers Are Equal

    Not All Soldiers Are Equal

    The left’s contention is that conservatives would prefer if we left an American soldier to rot in Afghanistan. No one is arguing that, that I know of. What we are arguing is that the President should not have traded five members of the Taliban for one American soldier who, it appears, left base without permission in search of the Taliban. Even Hillary Clinton, we now | Read More »

    Greatest Email EVER

    Got this email this evening. It is my favorite email I have ever gotten. But this guy clearly does not speak Southern. Dear Erick, Love what you say…got a problem with your pronunciation. Tinder Tender Two different words, but you would pronounce them the same. Many words that have an “e” you pronounce as an “i”: Dimocrat Sinator Tind Consinsus Git Depind Intint Agin Avingers | Read More »

    Filling in for Rush Limbaugh

    I’m filling in for Rush Limbaugh today starting at noon eastern. I’ve been on a vacation of sorts, at least from radio, so I have lots to talk about. You can listen at or go to, where my show is, to listen.

    Impeachment and Coups

    Impeachment and Coups

    Barack Obama is not a stupid man. One does not win the Presidency twice by being stupid. Looking at all of his foreign policy and national security blunders and pronouncements, I think there is only one rationale way to explain his foreign and national security policy without relying on him being stupid. Barack Obama has decided the best way to make the world a safer | Read More »

    Mississippi Runoff

    The best shot the establishment had at beating Chris McDaniel was a primary. But now they find themselves in a runoff where the most energized supporters show up. When their candidate lacks energy, it is hard for any of their voters to have energy. But Chris McDaniel has energy headed into a three week runoff. The only caveat is if overnight some mystery votes from | Read More »

    Why Are You So Angry?

    I have been in rural Louisiana the last few days spending time with family. This is the first time my children have been old enough to see and experience life where I grew up in the United States. Maybe one day they can go to Dubai, but it will be far different. Jackson, LA, in rural East Feliciana Parish, changes little. My parents now live | Read More »

    The Annual Birthday Post

    Here’s what I want you to do for my birthday. First, go read Steve Hayes. Second, register for the RedState Gathering. Third, consider contributing to one or more of the following: Senate Conservatives Fund Madison Project Heritage Action for America Club for Growth FreedomWorks And if you’re in Mississippi, go vote for Chris McDaniel today.


    Distractions and Focus

    Distractions and Focus

    Eric Shinseki is gone. It happened on Friday. News like this happens on a Friday. Jay Carney followed shortly thereafter on Friday. But then there was the other story. We have gotten back Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban. The Administration is focusing on this and distracting the press, most likely willingly, from a few issues that require focus. First is the ongoing V.A. scandal. The | Read More »