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    Whoa. Hold On Folks.

    Sure, I wanted Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% to lose. And yes, it is continually frustrating to know conservatives in their quiet place are ready to vote against him, but when they get to the floor they cave. But I am seeing some hysterically enraged tweets, direct messages, Facebook posts, emails, and text messages. Maybe it is because I’m sitting in a | Read More »

    Glenn Grothman Is All Talk

    The reason people are so deeply cynical about politics is because they rally around candidates who say bold things only to see those candidates immediately cave once secured in their position. Behold Glenn Grothman, a Congressman from Wisconsin. “I would have no problem looking for an alternative to Speaker Boehner,” Grothman said in a candidate debate Aug. 1. “I have no problem standing up to | Read More »

    The Tea Party’s Racism

    The New York Times has a story about the challenges to Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%. It again makes the point that Republican Leaders intend to push hard against conservatives once Boehner’s spot as Speaker is secure. But there is more to it. The Times brings back up the Scalise issue. It adds extra liberal hyperbole that even I, as someone who | Read More »

    Dear Freshman Republicans

    Congratulations on your election. You all come from different backgrounds with different views and even differing ideologies and priorities. But collectively you now are called upon to decide important issues. For those of you in the House, many of you campaigned saying you would vote against Speaker Boehner. You are now trying to talk your way out of it claiming you tried behind closed doors | Read More »

    Jim Jordan on the Verge of a Horatius Moment

    Horatius stood at the Pons Sublicius as an invading army tried to conquer Rome. According to Babbington’s poem, Horatius famously asked “Who will stand on either hand and guard this bridge with me?” Horatius saved Rome. Congressman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) 96% finds himself in a similar moment. The Politico reports that privately Boehner’s aides and the Republican Leadership intend to use | Read More »

    Conservatives in the House Have Only a Veto Power

    Conservatives in the House of Representatives are considering blocking Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% from becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives. They need 29 conservatives to stand shoulder to shoulder to make that happen. There are allegedly 25 of 29 ready to do it. Of course, last time they had the votes to block the Speaker and they all caved at | Read More »

    The Insanity of the GOP: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

    New polling of Republican shows what everyone knows. The overwhelming majority of Republican voters want a new Speaker. Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% is not trusted by most Republicans. In 2006, the American public threw Republicans out of power decisively. They had no use for the Republican leadership. Two years later, the public elected Barack Obama in a further repudiation of the | Read More »

    Voting Present is a Vote for Pelosi

    Voting Present is a Vote for Pelosi

    Some new members of the House of Representatives have pledged not to vote for Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%. Instead of casting their vote for someone, they claim they will vote “present.” They need to understand that doing so is a vote for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 16%. Under House rules, a Speaker is elected based on an absolute | Read More »

    Time Magazine’s Bryan R. Walsh (@bryanrwalsh) Must Be Hoarding Water and Tuna

    When Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) ran for President in 2012, she said if she were President she would get gas below $2.00 a gallon. That led to much ridicule from the left/press who claimed that was impossible. One of the leading voices giving credibility to the rejection of Bachmann’s claim was Time Magazine’s Bryan R. Walsh. Walsh wrote of Bachmann’s claims, | Read More »

    Into the New

    There are 365 days in a year, unless the President is campaigning for office, then we have one additional, insufferable day. Each day has twenty-four hours. Each hour has sixty minutes. Each minute has sixty seconds. For all the near precision of the world wobbling, spinning, and orbiting the sun, time does not seem precise, but seems to slow sometimes almost to a crawl and | Read More »

    This Was the Standard

    This Was the Standard

    Candidates who associate with white nationalists & segregationists events give away #GOP seats to Democrats. #MSsen— Brad Dayspring (@BDayspring) April 3, 2014 But that was before it was a member of the Republican Leadership who did that. Conservatives headed to Washington and asked to vote for Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% need to realize that the leadership in place now isn’t | Read More »

    New House GOP Spin: Scalise Hanging With Racists Helps Him Work With Conservatives

    The House GOP will stand by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) 63%, signaling they will hold their leadership to lesser standards than they would conservatives. Now they are just rubbing everybody’s nose in it. Their latest spin, courtesy of the Washington Post, is that Scalise’s ability to connect with racists makes him a bridge builder between conservatives and Speaker Boehner. I kid you | Read More »

    I’ll Be Filling in for Rush Limbaugh Today

    I’ll be back in studio for Rush today. No, I won’t be behind the golden EIB microphone. It’s at the Southern Command and I’ll be in my studio in Atlanta. Nonetheless, you can tune in live from 12:00pm ET to 3pm. You can also listen live at or just go over to my home station, WSB.

    Steve Scalise, David Duke, and Electability Over Principle

    I do not think Steve Scalise is a racist. I may disagree with him on a lot of policy, but I do not think he is a bad or indecent person. In fact, he is a very nice person and there is bipartisan agreement on that front. My problem with Steve Scalise is judgment. He, like much of the Republican leadership, is so focused on | Read More »

    If You Criticize Obama, Kurt Eichenwald Thinks You Are A Sinner

    Kurt Eichenwald is the non-religious scholar who wrote a screed against Christianity in Newsweek that contained basic factual errors. Not only did it contain basic factual errors, it also took criticisms of non-Christians as fact without any rebuttal by believers. It would be as if Eichenwald decided believers in global warming cannot be trusted to be know the facts and only skeptics can be believed. | Read More »