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    Collapse of the Leviathan

    106,000 Americans have put an Obamacare plan in their shopping cart on one of the state or federal Affordable Care Act websites. It is not that 106,000 people have paid for a healthcare plan. The federal government has decided to tabulate those who have paid for an account and those who have merely selected an account without checking out from the website as having gotten | Read More »

    On the President and Gettysburg

    150 years ago today, Abraham Lincoln uttered 272 remarkable words on the battlefield at Gettysburg.It remains one of the most notable speeches ever given by an American President. Lincoln, in his speech, said, “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here.” Giving Lincoln’s eulogy on June 1, 1865, Senator Charles Sumner said, “The world noted at once what he said, and | Read More »

    150 Years Ago Today

    Senator Ted Cruz’s Office put this together for today. Happy to post it.

    Wait…Didn’t Republicans Beat Up Conservatives For That?

    During the fight over defunding Obamacare, Congressional Republicans claimed that Heritage Action for America, the Senate Conservatives Fund, RedState, and others were raising money off the defund fight and knew it would never work. In effect, they and their friends in the lobbyist community claimed conservatives were stirring up the base for the sole purpose of raising money. Now, in Congress, Republicans are considering Fred | Read More »

    The Other Problem With Fred Upton’s Legislation

    Let’s say the House passes Congressman Upton’s legislation and the Senate passes Senate Landrieu’s legislation.Let’s further say that Landrieu’s will not pass the House.We have two pieces of legislation that cannot pass either chamber.After the President’s press conference yesterday, a number of states announced that, contrary to what the President said, people will not be able to keep their healthcare plans. Likewise, more than a | Read More »

    Riddle Me This, Republicans

    I have read Jeffrey Anderson trying to explain how the Upton + Landrieu combo is not a trap.He and other Republicans argue that Landrieu will destabilize Obamacare by keeping people out of the exchanges who are needed in the exchanges to fund it.Some of them are honest about what is going to happen. Rate shock will escalate more quickly and painfully.Insurance companies that have spent | Read More »

    Yes, It’s a Trap.

    Since yesterday afternoon a bunch of good Republicans who’ve decided to put their faith in the man who banned the incandescent lightbulb, have been telling me how wrong I am for thinking the Upton Plan is a trap.Folks, it is a trap. You may not think it is a trap, but the Democrats are going to use it to turn the tables on the GOPCertainly | Read More »

    It’s a Trap!

    It's a Trap!

    Republicans are walking into a trap and they don’t even realize it. They are about to consider, in the House of Representatives, legislation by Congressman Upton that would allow people to keep their insurance plans. There’s a problem though. It is widely acknowledged that Congressman Upton’s legislation is more messaging than substance. His legislation does not have anything in it that can force insurance companies, | Read More »

    I Support Tommy Moll for Congress

    In Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District, there is only one candidate conservatives can support with a clear conscience. That would be Tommy Moll.Tommy Moll has a degree from William & Mary, a law degree from Columbia, and co-founded Law Students for Life. He’s worked hard in the pro-life movement and the greater conservative movement.To be honest though, the race in Arkansas’s 4th is more about Tommy’s | Read More »


    Barack Obama’s Iraq

    In lamenting the sorry state of Meet the Press these days, Dave Weigel reminds me of a Barack Obama quote worth pointing out to Republicans. In an interview with the New Yorker magazine, Barack Obama opined on Iraq, “There’s an old saying in politics: when your opponent’s in trouble, just get out of the way … in political terms, I don’t think that Democrats are | Read More »

    The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

    The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

    On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of this year in the twenty-first century, we pause to honor our veterans on this Veterans Day and remember that first of the great world wars, which ended the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. To those who served, we thank you. In Flanders fields the poppies | Read More »

    Repeal is the Only Fix

    There are, winding their way through the House and Senate, several Republican proposals to fix or ameliorate the effects of Obamacare. I get the desire to message. The Republicans are always messaging. Heck, back in 2009, the GOP offered up a series of amendments to contrast Republican ideas on healthcare to Democrat ideas. Senator John Kyl, then the Republican Senate Whip, went on Bill Bennett’s | Read More »

    NRSC Wants a “Conservative” Not “Republican” Senate, But Declares War on Conservatives

    NRSC Wants a "Conservative" Not "Republican" Senate, But Declares War on Conservatives

    The New York Times reports that Republicans are moving quickly to shut down the right wing of the party. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has declared war on conservatives — punishing any groups that work with the Senate Conservatives Fund. Likewise, the NRSC is paying people to attack conservatives without disclosing they’re on the payroll. So you might find it very funny that the National | Read More »

    A Question for Mitch McConnell: Will Any Reporter Ask It?

    A Question for Mitch McConnell: Will Any Reporter Ask It?

    Mitch McConnell and his merry band of lobbyists have a clever little line attacking the Senate Conservatives Fund. They claim the Senate Conservatives Fund (“SCF”) has gotten more Democrats elected than the Democratic National Committee.It’s their favorite attack these days, now that attacking SCF for raising money has proved fruitless given that this particular attack is being made by dandified lobbyists and other hangers on.But | Read More »

    The ATM Ate

    I don’t need to belabor this point, but I think it is a point worth making.Last year, Barack Obama blamed ATM’s for unemployment. In fact, Barack Obama is pretty sure that the rise of technology has caused unemployment, not his policies.If he believes that, you’d think he’d hire a bunch of unemployed people to answer phones all day and process Obamacare manually instead of largely | Read More »