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    That’s Not an Apology for Losing Health Care Insurance

    Everyone is spinning that Barack Obama is apologizing for people losing their healthcare. He did not. Listen to him. He’s apologizing for people believing they would not lose healthcare insurance based on his statements. That’s a pretty big difference. He knew. The White House knew people would lose their healthcare insurance. They misled people to try to build support for people. Barack Obama is apologizing | Read More »



    Let me start today with a post well off the beaten path. I’ve been struggling lately, and I know some of you have because you’ve told me, with controlling things not in my control. It can get very frustrating. You know something has to give, but you can’t control what must. Or, you know something is going to happen, but you cannot control the timing. | Read More »

    Justin Berrier of Media Matters Claims Wendy Davis Isn’t Mental, Just a Liar

    Justin Berrier of Media Matters Claims Wendy Davis Isn't Mental, Just a Liar

    Earlier today, I noted accurately that in 1996, Wendy Davis claimed to have suffered ongoing damage to her mental health because a newspaper editorial criticized her. She sued in court making that claim.Never fear liberals! Justin Berrier of Media Matters has rushed to Wendy Davis’s defense. According to Media Matters, they admit Wendy Davis did claim she suffered ongoing “damages to her mental health,” but | Read More »

    “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis Claims in Court That She Has Mental Health Issues

    "Abortion Barbie" Wendy Davis Claims in Court That She Has Mental Health Issues

    The Democrats intent on taking back Texas were so desperate for a hero, they turned to pink clad Wendy Davis with, as Vogue described her, “Barbie-doll looks”. They might live to regret that. Back in 1996, Wendy Davis lost an election for the Fort Worth, TX City Council. After the election, she sued the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the local newspaper, for defamation. In short, Davis | Read More »


    Ken Cuccinelli is a friend and I am sorry he lost. In 2009, the Republican National Committee spent $9 million to win Virginia by a big margin. For the past 48 hours, the party bosses have been screaming to everyone about how much money they poured in this time in Virginia. We’ve had a few diarists at RedState document it and suck it up as | Read More »

    PURITY! They Were Never Part of the Coalition Anyway

    Jimmy LaSalvia of or formerly of GOProud is on Facebook letting everyone know Ken Cuccinelli is the 2013 equivalent of David Duke. Because two dudes not being able to buy a china pattern together is the same as not being able to vote, being forced to use separate bathrooms, and being attacked by fire hoses and dogs in the streets.His GOProud partner, Chris Barron went | Read More »

    Mitch McConnell Embraces the Anti-Rush Limbaugh Playbook

    Mitch McConnell Embraces the Anti-Rush Limbaugh Playbook

    For the last year, the left has engaged in an organized campaign to drive Rush Limbaugh off the air. Knowing they cannot go after Rush Limbaugh directly, the left has launched repeated boycotts against any advertisers who dare advertise while Rush Limbaugh is on. Consequently, some advertisers decided to stop advertising at all on political talk radio, depriving the genre as a whole of resources. | Read More »

    The Perfect Spot

    You’ll have to forgive this being on the front page. For a variety of reasons, when I post the site processes automatically to the front. This is more diary stuff, but worth sharing. Last fall at the RedState Gathering in Jacksonville, FL, I discovered Balcones Distilling, the wonderful distillery in Waco, Texas. Balcones Single Malt has become a staple of my personal, growing collection of | Read More »

    In Alabama, the Chamber of Commerce Fires Shots Against the Tea Party

    I have not really paid attention to the race between Bradley Byrne and Dean Young in Alabama’s first congressional district. But it suddenly flew onto my radar yesterday with news that the Chamber of Commerce is using it as its first base of operations to repel the tea party. The only polling I’ve seen has Young slightly ahead but I am not sure about the | Read More »

    Cuccinelli Closing In on McAuliffe

    Cuccinelli Closing In on McAuliffe

    I’ve been struggling to find good news in the Virginia Governor’s race and there is finally a bit. Cuccinelli has closed the gap with McAuliffe and is only 4 points behind now, even with the third party candidate at 9%. Hallelujah. Ken is a good friend and I’ve been both dearly worried about him and deeply disappointed in a bunch of Republicans who’ve decided to | Read More »

    The Hungry and the Well Fed

    The Hungry and the Well Fed

    In William F. Buckley’s mission statement for National Review, written in 1955, he did not mention winning elections. That’s not to say it is unimportant, unneeded, or unwanted. But it was not mentioned. In fact, Buckley wrote, “We believe that truth is neither arrived at nor illuminated by monitoring election results, binding though these are for other purposes, but by other means, including a study | Read More »

    Liberals Fear the Heritage Foundation and They Should

    Liberals Fear the Heritage Foundation and They Should

    The other day on Morning Joe, Eugene Robison was on and lashed out at the Heritage Foundation for leading the fight against Obamacare. He, like many other concern trolling liberals, said “Heritage Foundation, for example, which, you know, you would think ought to be coming out with those sort of reasonable [health care] policies … now they’re like, one of the loudest voices thanks to | Read More »

    Follow the Law

    Vladimir Lenin is said to have observed, “the worse, the better,” meaning the worse things got for Russians the better it was for the communists. Lately, the left has taken to calling conservatives “Leninists” for our refusal to fix Obamacare. The implicit acknowledgement here is that Obamacare is going to make things worse, despite their claims to the contrary. No conservative wants things to get | Read More »

    Americans for Tax Reform’s Ryan Ellis Thinks Tea Party Activists Are “Freaking Retarded”

    Americans for Tax Reform's Ryan Ellis Thinks Tea Party Activists Are "Freaking Retarded"

    When last we checked in on Ryan Ellis, the Tax Policy Director for Americans for Tax Reform, he was online saying Ted Cruz can go to hell and comparing Cruz to Aaron Burr. Not content to express his hatred of Cruz, Ellis is now going after the tea party. Like with Cruz, his tweet speaks for itself: I’m pretty sure ATR has, in the past, | Read More »

    My Fear

    My Fear

    I once had a person leave a message on my home answering machine telling me how he was going to come to my house, tie me up, cut off my eye lids, and force me to watch as he raped and murdered my family.Another person once emailed a very similar tale.One time after I’d made a bunch of liberals mad while I was out of | Read More »