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    The Second Stage

    The Second Stage

    From denial, wherein Democrats swept out of office have decided to keep the same party leaders in the same position, we are moving on to anger. We have liberal writers positing Pelican Brief scenarios of dead Supreme Court Justices causing 4-4 preservations of Obamacare to others claiming the GOP wants to kill people. Along the way, all the liberal tributes to the fall of the | Read More »

    Congratulations GOVERNOR Rick Scott on Defeating Charlie Crist

    Congratulations GOVERNOR Rick Scott on Defeating Charlie Crist

    It’s been just short of week since Rick Scott destroyed the political career of Charlie Crist and I still get a smile thinking about it. Four years ago, I was one of very, very few conservatives who dared even be nice to Rick Scott. His primary opponent had been a congressman and an impeachment manager in the Clinton impeachment. Virtually all of the major conservative | Read More »

    I’ll be on Outnumbered at Noon Today

    I’ll be on Outnumbered on Fox News at 12:00 p.m. ET today. Be sure to tune in.


    The Democrats’ Obama Problem

    The Democrats' Obama Problem

    Democrats began telling themselves demography is destiny back in 1968 after Richard Nixon’s election. They have been saying it ever since. That day may eventually arrive, but today is not that day. They may also believe they are a permanent party, but history is filled with Ozymandias like permanence. Last Tuesday’s voter turnout should not give the Democrats the comfort they have taken from it. | Read More »

    Battleground Texas Got Curb-Stomped

    Battleground Texas Got Curb-Stomped

    This is just wonderful to read. You really need to read the Texas Tribune article. You almost get the sense it was written in the fetal position. Allow me to be direct. After every campaign cycle, the media makes heroes of individuals who did things in campaigns. Campaigns are most often won on fundamentals, but we live in a day and age of the Cult | Read More »

    The Day After Asssessment

    Yesterday we did a call with RedState readers where Drew Ryun from the Madison Project and I reviewed the state of play nationally. We also took a lot of questions from RedState readers. You can listen to the whole thing here.

    The Press’s Confirmation Bias and the End of Objectivity

    “With polling seemingly increasingly impossible to get right, the last checks on media objectivity are dissolving.”Most reporters in the DC Circle of Jerks lean left. They do. Look at their marriages, their career paths, etc. They lean left. But I do think a lot of them recognize it and try to balance it with alternative data. That is all coming to an end now rather | Read More »

    Two States Where Black Voters Helped the GOP

    My friend Roland Martin put one of these on my radar. In Illinois, prominent black ministers around the state cast their lot with the GOP. They encouraged congregants to abandon Governor Quinn in Illinois and support the Republican. That made a real difference in the metropolitan Chicago area, where the Republican this time outperformed prior Republicans. Another one that is a real surprise to me | Read More »

    The Funniest Part of the Washington Post Story on the Democrat Meltdown

    The Washington Post has a long story on what went wrong for the Democrats. Basically, as Ron Fournier notes, there are two progressive parties now, the Democrats and the Obamas. The Democrats are going on record (!!!), not background, to attack the President and his team. The funniest part of it? This: Lawyers negotiated for months over legal minutia, with Obama’s counselors insisting that the | Read More »

    Lessons From the Night

    Republicans are going to have the largest House majority they’ve seen since 1946. They have won gubernatorial races, congressional races, and Senate races in blue territory. The GOP not only held Florida, Kansas, and Maine, races they were expected to lose, but they gained Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. They picked up the State House in Minnesota. The GOP did very well in a wave. I | Read More »

    Steve Munisteri is the Big Winner From Tuesday

    You have probably never heard of Steve Munisteri, but you need to get to know him. Munisteri is the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party. He got in that position by challenging the Texas Republican establishment. He fought his way in as an outsider. After he won, panic set in among Texas Republicans. They were pretty sure they were screwed. Munisteri was an outsider after | Read More »

    Dear Democrats

    3pm ET today: Q&A at Facebook

    I’ll be dropping by the RedState Facebook page at 3pm ET today for a Q&A session with RedState readers. Come on by at 3pm and I’ll get started taking questions from the crowd. Our Facebook page is

    The “We Are Not Obama” Election of 2014

    The spin doctors involved in the election would have you believe this has been a substantive campaign. They’d have you believe that real issues were discussed to get people to vote. My wife is classified as a swing voter because she typically does not vote in primaries, but has had to, like me, vote in local Democrat primaries to shape local electoral outcomes. Otherwise she | Read More »

    Honoring Wendy Davis and the Campaign of Awesome

    Honoring Wendy Davis and the Campaign of Awesome

    Wendy Davis, the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee in Texas, will lose today. I had the honor of coining the phrase “Abortion Barbie” to define her campaign. Sabo, the artist, then did a giant Abortion Barbie poster to celebrate Davis’s trip to California for a fundraiser. He sent me an original of the poster. To honor both Sabo’s gift and Wendy Davis’s campaign that provided months of | Read More »