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    Africa Must Remain Poor With No Power or the World Will Boil Over

    Africa Must Remain Poor With No Power or the World Will Boil Over

    On June 29, 2013, President Obama participated in the “Young African Leaders Initiative Town Hall” in Johannesburg, South Africa. Toward the very end of his remarks, he said something very telling about his world view: We’re going to all have to work together to find ways in which collectively, we reduce carbon but we make sure that there’s some differentiation so that countries that are | Read More »

    The Real World and the Chart

    Paul Krugman wishes to disprove something I wrote the other day.In this post I wrote: The sage of creased pants bipartisanship, David Brooks, reports on Jesus’s letter to the Corinthians. Thomas Friedman, the guru of globalism reduced to ridiculous phrases with no meaning yells at train stewards for not clearing his plate fast enough. And the Washington to New York crowd laps them all up | Read More »

    Rick Perry Praises Wendy Davis. Political Left Gets Outraged

    Rick Perry had kind things to say about Wendy Davis at the National Right to Life meeting going on in Dallas. In his speech he noted: In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances, the daughter of a single mother and a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve | Read More »

    The Latest George Soros Group: The Evangelical Immigration Table

    A number of evangelical leaders in America joined on to the Evangelical Immigration Table early. They felt a calling and need to help. But more and more of them are backing away now that they know it is just another left-wing George Soros funded group designed to appear both moderate in its intentions and ecumenical in its outreach.It is not.In fact, as Marjorie Jeffrey writes | Read More »

    Yes, You Will Be Made to Care

    You will be made to care about gay marriage. You may think it does not affect you or will not affect you or you can support it and leave well enough alone, but you cannot. The secular left and aggressive gay rights activists will not allow you to. You must either fully embrace it or be shunned. You may think it does not affect your | Read More »

    Call Them Back, @GovernorPerry [update]

    UPDATE: Governor Perry has called them back effective July 1st.————–When last the Republicans filibustered anywhere, it was Rand Paul who led Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas, and others to filibuster over the use of drones against Americans in the United States. The Democrats chose to filibuster legislation that would save the lives of American citizens. It is telling.Last night in Texas, white | Read More »

    Why America Hates Washington

    I sat in the first class section of the Acela Express once from New York to Washington. I was on a book tour and the publisher was whisking me from New York to DC for events. Thomas Freidman sat diagonally from me. His single seat backed up to where the First Class Stewards worked. As the train pulled into DC, the overworked steward hadn’t taken | Read More »

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    Marco Rubio Steps Closer to an Obama Hug

    Marco Rubio Steps Closer to an Obama Hug

    You may remember lessons when you were a child by your parent or Sunday School teacher that doing bad things leads to a life of ruin. That telling one little white lie often leads to other lies to cover up the first one, which can lead to worse things. Which brings me to my disappointment in Marco Rubio and how he came to support the | Read More »

    The Stories They Told

    The Stories They Told

    Republicans (and red state Democrats) used to tell voters amazing things about their opposition to amnesty. Then they got elected and supported legislation that actually weakens border security and puts people on a path not just to legalization, but to citizenship, before ever securing our borders.1. Rubio: “I would vote against anything that grants amnesty because I think it destroys your ability to enforce the | Read More »

    Update on Senate Whip List

    I previously provided a whip list of Senators to reach out to on immigration in the Senate. With the first major test on the issue, Hoeven-Corker, over, I’ve updated the list, added a couple of names, and noted how they voted. Please note on a few there are some editorial comments on their positions. Those comments are provided by those involved directly in the fight | Read More »

    Here’s the Whip List for Immigration

    I’m being a bit more cautious and including a few who, like the co-sponsors of the Corker plan, will probably vote for the immigration bill, but should be called anyway. Call them and tell them to oppose the Corker amendment (yes, tell Bob Corker) and to oppose the immigration legislation. SENATOR STATE NUMBER Murkowski AK 202-224-6665 Pryor AR 202-224-2353 Chambliss GA 202-224-3521 Isakson GA 202-224-3643 | Read More »

    The Mission Fields

    My wife and I spent the better part of last Friday afternoon and evening in the emergency room at a local hospital. Long story, but all is well. While there, only a curtain separated our section of a room from another. Several patients rotated through on the other side of the curtain.The first was a young man with terrible ear pain. A nurse came to | Read More »

    Amazing Audio from @GRTL : “If All Aren’t Protected, None Are Protected.”

    There is a rumor the folks at Georgia Right to Life reject Genesis 5 – 10 because Noah couldn’t save all the animals, only pairs. Fox 5 Atlanta led their newscast last night with Georgia Right to Life joining pro-abortion groups to oppose pro-life legislation in Congress. I have been telling you that Georgia Right to Life’s position has descended to the insane position of | Read More »

    Rubio vs. Rubio

    Rubio vs. Rubio

    As a candidate for the United States Senate, Marco Rubio campaigned on a tough, “no amnesty” immigration stance, in which he advocated against a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and in strong support of border security before legalization. Now, as a leader of the “Gang of 8,” he has embraced — and in many instances moved farther left of — the very policies he | Read More »

    Moral Vacancy at Georgia Right to Life

    “As far as I am concerned, Georgia Right to Life has now become the Westboro Baptist Church of the pro-life movement Instead of saving souls, they’d rather stone those who are trying to save souls. We need a new pro-life group in Georgia.” The United States House of Representatives passed legislation on Tuesday evening that would prohibit abortions in the United States after 20 weeks | Read More »