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    Colorado’s 4th CD Must Do Better Than State Sen. Scott Renfroe

    Colorado’s 4th Congressional District covers most of the eastern half of Colorado. It is a +12 Republican district. And frankly, it deserves better than State Senator Scott Renfroe. While there are a variety of issues with Renfroe, the largest issue for those in the rural farm land that makes up the district is the connections to New Frontier Bank [NFB] and its failure in 2009.

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    Thad Cochran Hosts Fundraisers for Liberal Democrats

    Thad Cochran Hosts Fundraisers for Liberal Democrats

    The Washington Examiner reports that Thad Cochran hosts fundraisers for Democrats in his home. Well . . . they report it slightly differently. The Washington Examiner reports that Cochran’s executive assistant, Kay Webber, hosts fundraisers in her home and Thad Cochran rents a basement apartment there. But there is no basement apartment in Kay Webber’s home available for rent. That’s according to the District of | Read More »

    Bipartisan Corruption in the Texas Legislature the Media Mostly Ignores

    Bipartisan Corruption in the Texas Legislature the Media Mostly Ignores

    Wallace Hall is a University of Texas Regent appointed by Gov. Rick Perry. He is presently facing impeachment and possible jail time for uncovering what looks and smells like systematic corruption in the enrollment process of the University of Texas system due to interference from members of the Texas legislature. The Speaker of the Texas House is implicated. The Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee | Read More »

    The Caged Bird Sang to Me

    It is a little frustrating these days to decide whether or not someone is worth liking because of their politics. It is even more frustrating to see people who think nice things cannot be said of people on the other side of the aisle. I am pretty sure that Maya Angelou and I would disagree on much politically, but I’d stand still on a hot | Read More »

    The Online Off and the Offline On

    The Online Off and the Offline On

    Were one to follow Texas campaigns for the last few weeks, it would seem Ken Paxton, RedState’s choice for Texas Attorney General, was destined to lose. The stars had aligned against him because he made a small mistake his opponent had seized on. The Texas establishment had rallied to his opponent. Paxton was doomed. Twitter said so. Facebook said so. Email said so. Congratulations to | Read More »

    Another Young Man Turns Violent

    Another young man has turned to violence. Stabbing some and shooting others, he wanted to exact revenge for some rejecting him. In a “war on women” culture, some vocal voices have seized on this as what happens to men questing for a fully masculine culture. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Best we can tell, Elliot Rodger lived the very lifestyle the | Read More »

    The World Pierces In

    In 1540, Hernando de Soto marched through Middle Georgia not far from where this column originates. Just down river from where I am in Macon, Georgia, de Soto performed the first baptism in North America on the banks of the Ocmulgee River. That river cuts a lazy path through Macon and Middle Georgia. The Ocmulgee Indian natives, over time, migrated out of the area under | Read More »

    BREAKING: Tea Partiers Can Be Idiots, But McDaniel Camp Not Involved

    Tea party folks in Mississippi are being rounded up for being freaking idiots. My great regret is that we do not publicly flog people anymore because these people deserve it. But as much as the NRSC might hype this story, they will overlook one big detail: Michael Guest, the district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties, told Simmons that he doesn’t believe anyone with the | Read More »

    A Small Prayer Request

    A Small Prayer Request

    Just after the new year, I tried to explain why I write about faith more and more here at RedState. As I noted at the time, the reason I write about faith is because I need to. I spend my day being told in equal parts how awesome I am and how awful I am. I get told I need to do bigger and better | Read More »

    From the Mail Bag: Juris Doctorate Edition

    Hahahahahahaha. As a lawyer, or at least as a recovering one, putting “JD” next to your name is probably the most ridiculous thing a person can do. I don’t even know people who do “Esq.” anymore for the most part, but “JD”? Really? Oh, and Streiff is getting a promotion for his excellent ability to rid us of high in the saddle JD’s. From: Adam | Read More »


    Kingston, Hice, and Loudermilk

    Kingston, Hice, and Loudermilk

    I had hoped that Karen Handel would be able to get into the runoff for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. She is a dear friend and was a great candidate. Though underfunded, she tirelessly built momentum in the final few weeks of the campaign. But Phil Gingrey was able to get enough support out of the metro-Atlanta portion of his district that it, among other | Read More »

    McConnell for Senate

    McConnell for Senate

    I genuinely like and rooted for Matt Bevin. But his campaign made an early mistake that got amplified through the course of the campaign. He needed to give the reason “why him” instead of “why not McConnell.” Instead, he got beaten in the definition game, outspent, and overrun. Matt Bevin will not be the Republican nominee in Kentucky. As much as I wish he would | Read More »

    Republican Tom MacArthur Uses Lawfare Against Steve Lonegan

    Tom MacArthur is running against Steve Lonegan in the 3rd Congressional District in New Jersey. According to my friend Charles Johnson, MacArthur is suing Steve Lonegan, Lonegan’s treasurer, secretary, campaign manager, consultants, researcher, Charles himself — everyone associated with Lonegan’s campaign. Why? It has to do with the Lonegan campaign distributing this news article. According to the Daily Mail: Tom MacArthur ran York Risk Services | Read More »

    Losing Oregon: Does the NRSC Vet Its Candidates?

    I think the NRSC would much prefer beating up conservatives in 2014 than win the Senate. The NRSC has spent so much time and money attacking conservatives and running smear and whisper campaigns about them, we now have another candidate they did not vet. We have lost Oregon with Monica Wehby. She seemed to be a good candidate with a great ad that neutralized her | Read More »

    Thad Campaign & NRSC Had Weeks to Coordinate McDaniel Attack

    Well, well, well. The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s staff has been all over the internet blaming Chris McDaniel for some nut job videotaping Mrs. Cochran. What’s more, they claimed that no one knew anything about anything other than the McDaniel campaign. But now we know they’re lying. Thad Cochran’s campaign knew about it for at least two weeks. It’s unclear why Cochran’s attorney, Don Clark, | Read More »