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    Milton Wolf Starts His Ad Buy

    In Kansas, Milton Wolf is beginning to do what I suggested this morning he do — reach out to Kansas voters to show he is a credible alternative to Pat Roberts. Here is the first in his series of ad buys:

    The Challengers Under Attack

    The truth may hurt, but is not mean, as my friend Andrew Breitbart would say. The truth is the major challengers to incumbent Republican Senators — Matt Bevin in Kentucky, Milton Wolf in Kansas, and Chris McDaniel in Mississippi — are behind. This is not to say they cannot win. I believe they can. But, this is to say that for them to win, their | Read More »

    The Rich Man and Lazarus’s Big Gulp

    The Rich Man and Lazarus's Big Gulp

    It is always sad when you realize someone is on the road to hell. There is a sense of foreboding in it. For Christians, we should be fearfully in prayer for others — even our enemies as the Lord tells us. There is no better time than Holy Week to be reminded of that. A great case in point is Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He is | Read More »

    If Obamacare Were Working, They Would Not Do This

    One must admire the Obama Administration’s willingness to use every tool at its disposal to win an argument. They are now changing the way the census records healthcare data to wipe out any qualms about Obamacare. The Federalist has a good background on what is happening, but it is not just the Federalist that is paying attention. Even the liberal New York Times realizes what | Read More »

    The Common Core Problem

    The Common Core Problem

    I don’t think Common Core supporters understand what they’ve done. The supporters of common core seem to think that people should be thanking them for the great benefit that is being bestowed upon their children. At its heart, it makes sense that in a highly mobile society, students should be essentially on the same path of study so there is no disadvantage in a parent | Read More »

    A Personal Note

    Over the weekend, my friend Herb Emory died. We referred to him as Captain Herb. If any of you have spent any time in Atlanta in the past several decades, you have probably heard Captain Herb on the radio. He was the voice of Atlanta traffic. For more than two decades, his voice has been on WSB radio getting you to work in the morning | Read More »

    It is Precious to Them

    More and more Republicans inside the beltway are whispering that they can fix Obamacare. We’ve already seen House Republicans do it. They’ve started fixing Obamacare, claiming they are dismantling it. Really, they are making it more and more likely that Obamacare will, in some perverted form, stay. Leading Republican intellectuals are trotting out columns and white papers on what to do to fix Obamacare — | Read More »

    Will the National Republican Senatorial Committee Pledge to Support Chris McDaniel?

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out an email this morning, as it usually does. One link attacked Matt Bevin in Kentucky. Several attacked Democrats around the country. Thirteen links in the email attacked Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel. McDaniel is challenging the incumbent Republican Thad Cochran in Mississippi. The email, following other tweets and hits from the NRSC, accuse McDaniel of being racist, a | Read More »

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham Oppose Ben Sasse in Nebraska

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham Oppose Ben Sasse in Nebraska

    As if you didn’t need even more reason to support Ben Sasse in Nebraska’s Republican Senate Primary, now comes word that John McCain and Lindsey Graham are helping Sasse’s opponent. FreedomWork recently retracted its endorsement of Ben Sasse’s opponent. Then FreedomWorks joined RedState, National Review, Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Tom Coburn, and so many others in supporting Ben Sasse. Mitch McConnell is opposing | Read More »

    History’s Greatest Event

    History’s Greatest Event

    This coming week starts the anniversary celebrations of the greatest event in history. Two thousand years ago, in a rather routine and inconsequential act for that time, Roman authorities nailed a man to a cross. What happened next is subject to dispute. But since then, most of the western world has believed that three days after his execution, the man named Jesus came back to | Read More »


    BREAKING: White House Admits Democrats Will Lose the Senate

    Put another way, Kathleen Sebelius has resigned and “Senior Administration Officials” are telling the media it is because of You do not have a celebration event last week to celebrate 7 million sign ups and have Sebelius there to get credit then this week throw her under the bus because of a screw up that happened last October. They have been standing with her | Read More »

    IRS and Congressional Democrats Worked Together Against Conservatives

    Katie Pavlich did the reporting on this over at Townhall. It is quite an impressive scoop. New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote. True the Vote was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax exempt | Read More »

    After Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy Are Not Options

    After Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy Are Not Options

    With the primaries going as they are coupled with existing pledges from Republicans in the House of Representatives, it is becoming more and more certain that John Boehner will not remain as Speaker of the House after this year. A number of candidates ahead in primaries, including John Ratcliffe in Texas and others, have pledged to oppose Boehner as Speaker come 2015. Likewise, by my | Read More »

    Regarding Jeb

    Regarding Jeb

    Contrary to many conservatives, I hold Jeb Bush in high regard. That does not mean I agree with him on everything. I don’t. But he was an excellent governor. He has always been more intrinsically conservative than his brother. He relates well to the growing hispanic community in the nation. And he understands that education is a civil rights issue. I like him. In 2012, | Read More »

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    A Story That Needed Telling

    A Story That Needed Telling

    I have been very angry, though privately, with people who have attacked Ben Sasse for being friends with Mike Leavitt, the former Bush Secretary of Health and Human Services who sucks on Obamacare. I have been privy to private information. I’m very glad the Sasse campaign is now telling this story. On the day Ben Sasse was to meet his new boss, Mike Leavitt, Ben’s | Read More »