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    The Ted Cruz Roadblock

    The Ted Cruz Roadblock

    The media has started attacking Ted Cruz so much Mike Allen is whining about it in hilarious fashion.Ruth Marcus started it on the morning of Valentine’s Day.Jonathan Weisman did a story the next day on Cruz.Between Marcus and Weisman came an overnight Manu Raju piece in the Politico that caused Mike Allen’s tantrum.Writing the morning of the 15th, Mike Allen wrote Jonathan [Weisman] was working | Read More »

    From the Mail Bag

    From: Sidney Stern “”Subject: Eric Ericsson Mark SanfordDate: February 18, 2013 4:38:58 PM ESTTo: “” One weasly, smarmy, pathetic little hateful man, backing another conservative Hippocrate.Every little right wing Hippocrate gets as many new chances as they need, by just saying God forgives me, and the flock buys in.So Pathetic, but so predictable for people who have no thought process.Sidney


    Mark Sanford Starts His Ad Campaign

    Mark Sanford, running for Congress in SC-01 to replace now Senator Tim Scott, has his first ad campaign up and going starting today.His ad touches on the scandal that drove him from office and his record as a fighter for limited government.You can find out more at

    Politico’s Emily Schulteis Misses a Few Key Details About Bobby Jindal

    Politico's Emily Schulteis Misses a Few Key Details About Bobby Jindal

    Politico reporter Emily Schulteis proves today why journalism is a dying and biased industry. She bought the spin of a Louisiana political hack who actually worked for Kathleen Blanco – a politician Jindal ran against and practically forced out of office. In fact, in quoting Bob Mann, Schulteis never even mentioned that his former boss, Kathleen Blanco, was driven from office by the looming Jindal | Read More »

    Spin Masters

    I’ve been catching up on my reading of late. One book I’ve been making my way through in detail and contributed a quote on behalf of for publication is David Freddoso’s Spin Masters: How the Media Ignored the Real News and Helped Reelect Barack Obama published by RedState’s sister company, Regnery Publishing. It’s the book that needed to be written about 2012. A conservative criticism | Read More »

    Urge Your Senator to Filibuster Chuck Hagel’s Nomination

    Urge Your Senator to Filibuster Chuck Hagel's Nomination

    CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION.Senate Republicans currently have the votes to filibuster Chuck Hagel, but John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and others are going wobbly. There is no reason for Hagel to be Secretary of Defense and it is not just Republicans who should filibuster him, but Senators Pryor, Landrieu, and Senate Democrats from red states. CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION.Chuck Hagel is wrong on Israel, | Read More »

    Peddling Tolerance

    Twenty years after I arrived and sixteen years after I graduated, I returned to my alma mater, Mercer University, to deliver their Founders Day address yesterday. It was a wonderful experience.Founders Day started in 1891, twenty years at Mercer moved its campus from Penfield, GA to Macon, GA. During the 1960′s the event declined in prominence until it stopped altogether. The year I started Mercer | Read More »

    I Endorse Mark Sanford for Congress

    I Endorse Mark Sanford for Congress

    On June 23, 2009, I wrote a defense of Mark Sanford buying his story that he was on the Appalachian trail, when he was really chasing Argentinian tail. The next day it blew up in my face. There was a scandal. He had committed adultery. He had run off to Argentina in an irresponsible act. I wrote at the time What Mark Sanford did was | Read More »

    Healthcare Paid for With Unicorn Farts

    Healthcare Paid for With Unicorn Farts

    There will be many words from many people about much of the President’s State of the Union speech from last night.I will only focus on one line, which distinctly highlights again just how out to lunch the man is when it comes to real healthcare reforms in this country.During his speech the President said this: We’ll bring down costs by changing the way our government | Read More »

    Live on the Radio and You Can Call In

    That’s right RedStaters, you can call in to my radio show tonight. I’ll be on till midnight eastern time.We’ll be kicking off the show with “Highway to Hell” since Dorner is in the inferno and our debt is heading to $17 trillion.You can listen live tonight on the WSB live stream and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.

    State of the Union Open Thread & a Preview of Rand Paul’s Speech

    State of the Union Open Thread & a Preview of Rand Paul's Speech

    Tonight, use this thread to post your comments on the State of the Union and Marco Rubio’s response. Bing Politics is going to present a live stream of the State of the Union address tonight and you can participate in its interactive feature. Later, RedState will bring you a live stream of Senator Rand Paul’s speech. I’ve received tidbits about his speech tonight. It’s going | Read More »

    Join the First Interactive State Of The Union With Bing Politics

    This has the potential to be really cool and conservatives should consider taking advantage of it. Bing Politics is going to present a live stream of the State of the Union address tonight. You’ll be able to watch it live and, throughout the event, track your response as the speech progresses.Basically, it’ll be like the networks have done with personal people metering, showing the uptick | Read More »

    Dear Howard Kurtz et al, Let Me Explain Why Conservatives Hate The Press Corps With One Easy Example

    The press is convinced that conservatives do not like them because of conjured up, imaginary reasons. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This past week, the press gave us yet another example of why conservatives have legitimate reason to hate them. Yesterday, one of the best media critics in America, Howard Kurtz, wrote a column at about conservatives blaming the liberal media for | Read More »

    The Tipping Point

    The Tipping Point

    There is no permanence in politics. Democrats patting themselves on the back at a job well done will at some point be drowning their sorrows in beer as Republicans again talk about their ridiculous fantasy of a permanent Republican majority (this time without steel tariffs). People shift over time. Pendulums swing. And in the age of instantly lame ducked Presidents upon their swearing in for | Read More »

    Southern Poverty Law Center Inspires Floyd Lee Corkins’ Attempted Mass Shooting

    When Congresswoman Giffords and several others were shot in Arizona by Jared Loughner, the left went into overdrive blaming Sarah Palin for a map that had a list of political targets on it.After the fact, we learned that Lochner was a-political and he clearly had not used Sarah Palin’s map of political targets. That did not stop the left from blaming the right. In fact, | Read More »