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    Sid Dinsdale: Democrat Running as a Republican

    Sid Dinsdale is upset. Yes, I got it wrong and quickly corrected it. In fact, before Dinsdale cried foul, I had already corrected it. Dinsdale’s wife gave money to groups that collaborate with Planned Parenthood and his sister is on Planned Parenthood’s board. But those are just the beginning. Sid Dinsdale is also a Democrat. In 2008, Dinsdale gave $2,300.00 to Anthony Raimaondo. Raimaondo ran | Read More »

    With Osborn Out, Planned Parenthood’s Republican Tries to Take Out Ben Sasse

    With Osborn Out, Planned Parenthood's Republican Tries to Take Out Ben Sasse

    Shane Osborn is done in Nebraska. He cannot get the momentum to win the race. At this point, Osborn is taking the position that if he can’t win the Senate race, neither should Ben Sasse. Osborn, who thought the race was his, is desperately upset. Joined with a Mitch McConnell Super PAC, Osborn is now throwing everything he has at Ben Sasse. Waiting in the | Read More »

    Democrats Abort Their Texas Takeover

    Democrats Abort Their Texas Takeover

    Thus ends the campaign of “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis. I told the Democrats they couldn’t run a gubernatorial campaign in Texas on pink shoes and children ripped limb from limb. But the Cult of Moloch is so strong with them, they were convinced their gods would help them. No more. Under investigation from the FBI; off the campaign trail for neck surgery; losing women to | Read More »

    Det Bowers

    This will shock most of you. I like Lindsey Graham. Always have for that matter. He’s always been very pleasant to me. We’ve shared a few common fights. And I respect that he is not as willing as some of his colleagues to shift his positions on all things merely for the sake of re-election. But I disagree with Lindsey Graham on immigration. I disagree | Read More »

    Just a Reminder

    There is a lot of moral preening going on about Clayton Lockett’s execution. Liberals are calling it botched. He was executed. The execution did not go as planned and he subsequently died of a heart attack. As I noted on twitter (Aaron Gardner came up with it), “For liberals a botched execution is when the convict dies, a botched abortion is when the innocent live.” | Read More »

    The Donald Sterling Precedent

    I hope you will read this op-ed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He’s absolutely right. Donald Sterling is a terrible person. But we have known that for a long time. He has been sued repeatedly for race based discrimination. He has had to settle those cases. He is married and taking his mistress to games, which too many people find acceptable. But what’s more, it is pretty | Read More »

    Money and the Tea Party

    From January 1, 2013, through March 31, 2014, the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $49.6 million, but only gave $126,000.00 to candidate and other political committees. 71% of the money it spent went to its non-electioneering operations. That looks terrible. But it is not. For example, the NRSC has been paying former employees who are now outside consultants. Those outside consultants have worked to place | Read More »

    To Change America

    Stories continue to trickle out about coming Republican betrayals. Once primaries are over, Republicans are going to push amnesty. Once primaries are over, Republicans are going to give up efforts to repeal Obamacare. They’ll tinker instead. The only way to change the direction of the country is to change the direction of the GOP. The only way to change the direction of the GOP is | Read More »

    Silencing the Christians

    This past Thursday night, before flying to Des Moines for the Family Leader’s Senate Forum, I spoke to the Alliance Defending Freedom in north Atlanta. The Alliance is a Christian ministry that works with lawyers around the country to defend religious liberty. The Alliance has helped students in colleges where secularists have tried to stop Christian voices from being heard. The Alliance has helped doctors | Read More »

    Why Primaries Matter

    Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who Republicans chose to respond to President Obama’s State of the Union address this year, says Republicans are giving up on Obamacare. They’re going to start tinkering with it instead, thereby setting the stage for it staying around. Once the GOP fixes all the objectionable parts, there’ll be no reason to scrap it, but there’ll also be no funding mechanisms. All the | Read More »

    Taking on Iowa

    There are five people running for the U.S. Senate in the Republican Primary in Iowa. Four of the five are real contenders and those four met at the Family Leader’s Senate Forum on Friday night. I had the pleasure of moderating the forum. I hate debates and I made that clear to the candidates. The modern American political debate consists of reporters with a liberal | Read More »

    Tonight in Iowa

    Tonight in Iowa

    Tonight in Iowa, I’m honored to be the moderator of the Iowa Family Leader’s U.S. Senate Family Forum. The Family Leader has invited all the U.S. Senate candidates in Iowa to participate. Candidates Sam Clovis, Joni Ernst, Mark Jacobs, Matt Whitaker have all chosen to participate in the event. I don’t plan on asking the candidates their specific positions on policy X, Y, or Z. | Read More »

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    Karen Handel for Senate

    I have not wanted to take a position on the Georgia Senate race. I have several friends running. I have maintained that my heart is with Paul Broun and my head is with Karen Handel. If I could will someone into the Senate, it’d be Congressman Paul Broun. He’s a terrific and profoundly decent person. But in the end my head has won out for | Read More »

    Vincent Sheheen: The Molester’s Lawyer

    Vincent Sheheen: The Molester's Lawyer

    Isiah Outten supplied drugs and beer to two underage girls. He engaged in sexual acts with one of the girls. For this he was arrested, pled guilty, and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Mr. Outten hired Vincent Sheheen, who negotiated down Outten’s term to 38 days. Outten was arrested 13 more times, including twice for being in hotel rooms with alcohol and underage | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton Will Be Old By 2016

    Hillary Clinton Will Be Old By 2016

    It should not even be a debate. Yesterday, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, I noted that Hillary Clinton will be old by 2016. She will, in fact, be 69. We are not talking about tortoises here or redwood trees. Sixty-nine is no longer middle age. It is just a fact. John McCain ran for President when he was 72 years old. Were Clinton elected in | Read More »