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    Hey RedState Readers, You Can Post Now

    ne of the odd bugs we have had to deal with this week with the relaunch is one that prevented non-front page contributors from posting diaries via a front page link.That is fixed now.At the top right you’ll see a link that says “create new post”. Click it and you can do as the link says.Sorry it took so long, but now it is there.


    Paul Ryan: Winner

    Paul Ryan: Winner

    He did what he had to do — convince independent voters that it is okay to like Obama, okay to have voted for Obama, and okay to want to replace Barack Obama. His speech was not for the GOP. His speech was for independents.Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney know that as the Democrats amp up the negativity, they have to give independents an incentive to | Read More »

    Is The Media Coordinating On Race Baiting? Ask John Harris and Politico

    Is The Media Coordinating On Race Baiting?  Ask John Harris and Politico

    We should not forget that John Harris of the Politico, who asked the stupidest and most irrelevant questions of any moderator during the GOP Primary debates, is married to the former head of NARAL in Virginia. We should not forget that Jonathan Allen of the Politico once worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.We should not forget that Andy Barr of the Politico left the Politico to | Read More »

    The Vagina Monologues

    The Vagina Monologues

    Last night in Tampa, FL, Ann Romney wowed the crowd. She was personable, personal, and did her best to make her husband relatable. At the same time, the Democratic National Convention was rounding out its list of speakers. While Ann Romney, Chris Christie, and the rest of the Republicans are focused on the future of this country and the way to create jobs, the Democrats | Read More »

    A Twenty Year Old Score to Settle?

    I’ve been talking to some of the older delegates who have been around for a while. They have a theory that only people who’ve been in politics at this level for a very long time could come up with.Back in 1992, John Sununu had been pushed out of the White House as Chief of Staff, but was still a committed partisan for George H. W. | Read More »

    Redesign Open Thread

    omments, complaints, and thoughts about the redesign? Put them here. We’re still working. It was my call to put it up live haints, boogers, warts, and all otherwise we’d just keep tweaking and never get it up.I take responsibility for that. So have at it here. I’ll monitor this thread.


    GOP Rules Committee Rapidly Moving to Shut Out Grassroots at 2:00 p.m. Today

    At 2:00 p.m. today in Tampa, the Republican National Committee, led by Team Romney, is moving to shut down conservative grassroots activists. I’ve been on the phone with several individuals involved in the fight who tell me that the fight is not over, it is only just starting.Specifically, the media is reporting that the rules fight is over because Team Romney is abandoning Ben Ginsberg’s | Read More »

    The Beginning of the End

    Today marks the beginning of the end of Campaign 2012. This week, here in Tampa, Republicans will go through a well scripted event designed to make Mitt Romney their nominee. Democrats will reciprocate next week in Charlotte, NC.The GOP’s convention almost became unscripted with a heavy handed move designed to ensure a coronation and shut out the grassroots from nomination fights. According to press reports, | Read More »

    Still Working

    very time we’ve upgraded RedState, we’ve discovered bugs. It’s bound to happen. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that we’re working very hard behind the scenes to get things back to normal.This redesign is our most significant and it has not come off as perfectly as I had hoped, but we’re getting there. Please be patient today and we’ll get everything back to | Read More »


    The Fanciful Political Cross Dressing of Charlie Crist

    As the GOP head to Florida, the literal poster boy for trial lawyers in Florida is endorsing Obama. It is not a surprise. Charlie Crist was Barack Obama’s favorite Republican for the longest time. They stood shoulder to shoulder in support of the stimulus.RedState played a great role in helping beat Charlie Crist. Marco Rubio is such an improvementBut I do hope Charlie Crist gets | Read More »

    Alan Rusbridger and the UK’s Guardian Do What British Leftists Do Best: Capitulate

    A week ago the UK’s left leaning Guardian hired RedState co-founder Joshua Trevino to be a regular columnist about American conservatives. Unlike many American publications, the Guardian hired an actual conservative instead of a poseur.But that was too much.The Guardian, you see, is the left’s property. Immediately, some virulently anti-Semitic leftwing activists began an organized campaign against the Guardian because Josh Trevino has a long | Read More »

    Into Our Eighth Year: Welcome to RedState

    Into Our Eighth Year: Welcome to RedState

    I often get credit for being the founder of RedState. Actually, the credit belongs to Josh Trevino, Ben Domenech, and Mike Krempasky. Along the way they added me and put me in charge as each of them took different career paths. Thomas Crown still gets to pull rank and along the way we added Clayton out of necessity and kept him out of friendship. Now | Read More »

    Sherrod Brown

    style=”float: right; width: 250px; height: 3em; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 90px; margin-left: 5px; font-family: Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial; font-size: 22px; line-height: 23px; color: black; text-align: right;”>“Does a guy who wears dog collars in pictures with Barney Frank really want to make a political issue of other men’s . . .” In Ohio

    Chairman of the Associated Press . . . Lewinskies Obama . . . Or Something Like That

    You were expecting objectivity? Here’s the Chairman of the Associated Press introducing Barack Obama to an Associated Press meeting:I get the desire to flatter the President of the United States, but really? He might as well have pulled out a blue dress and a cigar.By the way, it is funny to think of the groups that Barack Obama has not deigned to visit and those | Read More »

    On Lance Armstrong

    If you haven’t heard yet, Lance Armstrong has given up on fighting the US Anti-Doping Agency. He’s throwing in the towel. I don’t really have a dog in the fight. I’m never cared much for competitive cycling. But it really does seem horrendous and un-American to me that a quasi-government agency, mostly funded by the government, gets to pretend it is not a part of | Read More »