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    Coat Hangers, Hysteria, and Hyperbole in the Cult of Death

    Coat Hangers, Hysteria, and Hyperbole in the Cult of Death

    A few weeks ago, State Senator Wendy Davis of Texas tried to filibuster legislation that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks in Texas and require facilities wanting to perform the medical procedure to adhere to standards for outpatient medical facilities. Her filibuster failed and liberal activists disrupted the final minutes of the Texas legislature’s special session. Governor Rick Perry called back the Texas House and | Read More »

    There is Only Tragedy Here

    There is Only Tragedy Here

    There is only tragedy in the Zimmerman trial. There are no sides but Justice to root for, but a Justice that will leave one side unsatisfied and still empty. Both sides made mistakes in this awful mess. George Zimmerman may not be guilty of either murder or manslaughter, but he killed Trayvon Martin. A seventeen year old is dead. A family has lost a son. | Read More »

    My Sincere Apologies to the Kid Killing Caucus

    I must offer up my sincerest apologies to the kid killing caucus that took it on the chin or other body parts in Texas last night.After days on end of abortion supporters in Texas holding up coat hangers and then, yesterday, throwing feces, urine, and tampons in defense of killing kids, I tweeted out a link to a coat hanger wholesale store.The kid killers were | Read More »

    “For We Are Legion”: Hell Breaks Loose In Texas

    And when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and fell down before him.And crying out with a loud voice, he said, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me.”For he was saying to him, “Come out of the man, you unclean spirit!And Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” | Read More »

    Senator Ted Cruz Gets It. Will Others?

    Senator Ted Cruz has come out forcefully today against half measures on Obamacare. Instead he wants the GOP to unite behind completely defunding the law. As the Senator noted: Delaying only one aspect of this tangled mess leaves Americans holding the tab for an irreparably broken law they do not support. Moreover, it leaves in motion many of the most egregious parts of the law, | Read More »

    Millennial Liberals Will Make You Care

    Joe Therrien took out $35,000 in student loans to get a Masters of Fine Art in puppetry. Shockingly, carrying student loan debt and the claim of being an NYC Teaching Fellow, Therrien could not find a job sticking his hand up the rear end of a puppet to make its lips move. So he joined the Occupy crowd to fight the man for the market | Read More »

    Reality Check

    Reality Check

    Two nights ago I posted my thoughts on being on radio. I followed it up on radio yesterday afternoon. In both, I made this observation: No one likes people who talk politics all the time. I’ve spent an entire segment once on the fine art of browning onions in butter. And you know what? It’s been a widely requested segment of my show for repeat | Read More »


    Disrupt Mike Simpson, Support Bryan Smith for Congress

    Several months ago, Club for Growth Action, the SuperPAC of the Club for Growth, launched The purpose of the website was simple: raise public awareness of some of the worst Republicans serving in Congress today. It offered up 10 incumbents and the opportunity for the general public to recommend a primary challenge to them. The fact is most folks hate Congress, but they can’t | Read More »

    Matt O’Brien, Associate Editor of the Atlantic, Calls Obamacare Implementation “Leninism”

    Matt O'Brien, Associate Editor of the Atlantic, Calls Obamacare Implementation "Leninism"

    Matt O’Brien is the Associate Editor of the Atlantic. This morning, I made clear I think Obamcare should be implemented exactly as it was designed and written by the Democrats on the timeline it was intended to be implemented. In other words — let’s proceed as the Democrats demanded when they passed Obamacare. Matt O’Brien says this is Leninism. More Leninism from @EWErickson — | Read More »

    Hell No

    Hell No

    Dick Durbin thinks the GOP needs to step up and help “change and improve” Obamacare. Hell no. In fact, I am disappointed with John Boehner and the House GOP wanting to delay implementation of the individual mandate. I think Obamacare needs to go forward as designed by the Democrats. I think someone should sue the Obama Administration over delaying the employer mandate. It should happen | Read More »

    Behind the Microphone & Something President Clinton and I Agree On

    I feel odd writing about being on radio. I am a novice to a degree, though doing well enough that I’m hosting evening drive time in Atlanta on the top talk station in the country.That would be WSB, which has one of the best signals, and has a whole lot of listeners stuck in Atlanta traffic during the evening.[1] And they have me to listen | Read More »

    Mitt Romney Supports Gay Marriage. Except He Doesn’t. But His Team Will Profit From It.

    The Politico has a story on Organizing for America’s use of Barack Obama’s campaign email list. They are using the emails very effectively with Barack Obama remaining the key voice in the emails.Contrast that with Team Romney post election. Mitt Romney’s campaign is handling its list differently. Romney’s digital firm, Targeted Victory, is simply selling the email list to any organization willing to pay.“They’re actually | Read More »

    US Rep. Charles Boustany (@RepBoustany) Wants Louisiana to Embrace Obamacare

    US Rep. Charles Boustany (@RepBoustany) Wants Louisiana to Embrace Obamacare

    Robert Costa at National Review has a report that Eric Cantor is yelling at House Committee Chairmen for doing the right thing and opposing the farm bill. The Committee Chairmen recognize just how terrible the legislation is and Cantor is upset with them.One would think the House Republican Majority Leader would be more upset with House Republicans who want states to embrace Obamacare.For example, Rep. | Read More »

    Drawing the Battle Lines

    The Republican Party is not fighting for the heart and soul of the nation because the Republican Party is fighting for its own heart and soul. Made worse, many in the Republican base continue to idolize some of the men and women in the Republican Party who have caused the very problems the party now faces. It is adrift morally, intellectually, and physically with a | Read More »

    Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor

    Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor

    Two hundred thirty seven years ago, our forefathers sat in a hot room with closed windows arguing over the future of the thirteen colonies they represented. For a while they had thought of reconciliation with their motherland. But over time it became clear that neither King nor Parliament were interested in anything other than submission. These fifty-six men did what had not been done before | Read More »