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    Dear Conservative Organizations

    Rumors are swirling that many Republican Governors are thinking of going wobbly on setting up state level healthcare exchanges to comply with Obamacare, instead of forcing the federal government to set up a federal exchange.The deadline to notify Washington is November 16, 2012 (though possibly moved to December).Michael Cannon has an excellent must read on why no state should do so.Further, the Republican Party controls | Read More »

    From November 8, 2011: See, I Told You So

    Yep, I’m going to label it that way.Only after the first debate did I start to think Romney could win (and frankly, given the way some of you people reacted when I said the polls weren’t rigged, I’d have kept my mouth shut if I thought otherwise), but for five years I have been saying roughly what is now happening would happen — Romney would | Read More »



    On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of this year in the twenty-first century, we pause to honor our veterans on this Veterans Day and remember that first of the great world wars, which ended the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. To those who served, we thank you. In Flanders fields the poppies | Read More »

    The Only Thing You Need to Read Today About the Election

    We are three days removed from a brutal election for the GOP. A lot has been said. I have decided it is virtually all bull crap. Whenever the GOP loses — actually going back to some time around 1972 and the re-election of Richard Nixon — Democrats have told the GOP they are going to lose the demographic battle. Demography is only destiny when you | Read More »


    It Is Time to Throw the Social Conservatives Out of the GOP

    It is time to throw the social conservatives out of the GOP. Look at what they got us — Barack Obama. It was the social conservatives who did it. They insisted the GOP support real marriage and children. To hell with that. I’m getting this, in various forms, from lots of tea party activists. The GOP establishment in Washington is whispering it to each other. | Read More »

    Tom Price for Conference Chairman

    Tom Price is the former Republican Study Committee Chairman who is now running for conference chairman within the House Republican Conference.His opponent is Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington State. She has a HAFA score of 56%, 10 points lower than the House Republican average. Rep. Price, however, a 78% score, twelve points higher than the House Republican average.Speaker Boehner is pushing McMorris Rodgers because | Read More »

    We Forget

    There is no permanence in politics. All is fleeting. All is cyclical. We find comfort in our cycle and distress when others rise to the top.Right now, conservatives are bitterly disappointed. Some choose to check out mentally. Some have decided to throw in the towel. A few blame the American people. Many think the gig is up, the show is over, and destiny is undone.Demography | Read More »


    To Beat the President

    Even if you get pissed off, make it to the fourth paragraph below please.I have spent five years and a few months loudly saying Mitt Romney could not win the Presidency and a month and a half actually thinking he could through no act of his own, but rather the act of the President failing miserably in the first debate.I should have stuck to my | Read More »

    The Charlatans

    The GOP spent a ton of money through a bunch of organizations, including Super PACs, that was flat out wasted. The Newt Gingrich Super PAC was just a sign of things to come it seems. The excuse that is going to be used is that had these groups not spent the money, the GOP would have suffered major losses. For the past several months, even | Read More »


    The usual hand wringing is occurring now about social conservatives causing the GOP to lose.Todd Akin lost because he swallowed his foot and kept gagging on it, not because he is pro-life.Richard Mourdock was beaten by a Democrat who ran as a pro-lifer.As for the so called “war on women,” there is no war on women and women did not abandon Mitt Romney for Barack | Read More »

    Status Quo Ante

    Status Quo Ante

    Like when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, we now know what happens when a candidate so weak anybody can beat him meets a candidate so weak he cannot beat anybody. Americans vote for the status quo. $6 billion later, Americans voted for the status quo. Karl Rove, call your donors.Republicans will keep the House. Democrats will keep the Senate. Obama will keep the | Read More »

    Who The Heck Knows?

    Republicans are supposed to be “rah-rah” for Romney today.Democrats are supposed to be “rah-rah” for Obama today.I don’t much believe either side at this point. Democrats are supremely confident right now in Washington. The Republican consultants not so much. It is a reversal from just two weeks ago.Here’s what I do know and do believe.I believe Mitt Romney will win Florida, Virginia, and Colorado. If | Read More »

    Private Emails From Texas Speaker Joe Straus’s Office Reveal War Against Conservatives

    Private Emails From Texas Speaker Joe Straus's Office Reveal War Against Conservatives

    “These e-mails from the redistricting process shed new light on just how dismissive the Straus team was of Republican Party and conservative efforts to draw more fair districts – and should serve as a warning bell to the new House that it is time for Straus to go.” RedState has uncovered never-before-seen, profanity-laden e-mails between senior staff and legislative lieutenants of Texas’ liberal GOP House | Read More »

    50,000 Feet Looking Down

    50,000 Feet Looking Down

    I believe Mitt Romney will win on election day. I’m somewhat stunned to be writing that as I never really thought he could win until about the moment Clint Eastwood trotted out on stage at the Republican National Convention with that empty chair. Even now I waver by the hour, but if forced to predict, I think Romney wins Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, | Read More »

    You Too Can Be Like Former Daily Kos Blogger Nate Silver

    You Too Can Be Like Former Daily Kos Blogger Nate Silver

    Nate Silver has all the liberals calmed down these days. He is the Xanax of the activist left, nervous about Tuesday. In an article HotAir linked to earlier today about rich, white San Francisco residents so upset by the thought of a Romney win they can’t use their home gyms, Mary Katharine Ham found this hilarious quote about a liberal who watched the first debate: | Read More »