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    The Cult of Paul Ryan

    The Cult of Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan was a great pick for Mitt Romney’s Vice President. He’s a young, articulate guy the left has tried and failed repeatedly to paint as some sort of heartless monster. His “Ryan Plan” has some great points in it, though it is not as bold as the left would have you believe or as Ryan’s acolytes would have you believe. But this fiscal cliff | Read More »


    ‘House GOP in Disarray’ Isn’t Just Liberal Media Spin

    'House GOP in Disarray' Isn't Just Liberal Media Spin

    Many Republicans are trying ton convince themselves that they will make up ground on the spending side of the equation come the debt ceiling fight. Mr. Obama says he will not negotiate, but he is going to have to. The problem for the GOP is that its House leadership is working at cross purposes and really is in the disarray the “liberal media” keeps saying. | Read More »

    A New Agenda

    A New Agenda

    As we start the new year, it is sad to see so many Republicans patting themselves on the back, Grover Norquist included it seems, saying, “It’s ok, it really was a tax decrease because it is Tuesday.” The one pledge to rule them all got obfuscated away conveniently and it is time to move on to a new agenda for the Republican Party. We are | Read More »

    The McConnell Tax Hike

    The McConnell Tax Hike

    The McConnell Tax Hike will become law of the land. Mitch McConnell can and should take responsibility for it. The McConnell Tax Hike raises taxes on people making over $400,000.00, but it also raises taxes on the middle class. “More than 80 percent of households with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000 would pay higher taxes.” Not only does the McConnell Tax Hike stick it to | Read More »

    House Republicans: Don’t Play the Game

    Last night, without any legislative language, the Senate Republicans and Democrats voted to raise taxes. They did not just vote to raise income taxes. They voted to raise the payroll tax on all Americans.This will hurt small businesses. Ironically, this plan generates less revenue than even John Boehner’s Plan B option. But both options, as I have long maintained, were only about breaking the will | Read More »

    Tom Coburn, Ron Johnson, and Pat Toomey Should be Ashamed

    Tom Coburn cares about the size and scope of the federal government. So do Ron Johnson and Pat Toomey. But they just voted for a tax increase with legislation that was not even publicly available. In other words, they voted for a law that was not even written for them to review.And what was in the law?Nothing to rein in the size of Washington. A | Read More »

    Hey House Republicans, Here’s What Obama is Saying Today

    As Chad Pergram notes on twitter, Ed Henry reports the White House is calling getting the GOP to break its tax pledge, “One of the most consequential policy achievements of the last couple of decades.”See how this is already being spun.Do you really want to do this? You have a choice. Oppose this deal. It does nothing to solve our problems. It does nothing to | Read More »

    Conservatives Should Kill This Deal

    Conservatives within the Republican Conference should kill the compromise plan for the fiscal cliff.For years, squishy folks on both sides and lots of think tankers have told us that we needed a “balanced” approach to solve our debt and deficit problems. A “balanced” approached included both tax increases and spending cuts. In other words, a “balanced” approach looked a lot like the so called fiscal | Read More »

    Hollywood Hypocrisy on Guns

    If you didn’t know, Hollywood has yet again sprung into action producing an “all hip celebrities on deck” ad demanding gun control. I’m sure Washington will take it as seriously as the last one.In any event, via Brad Thor’s twitter feed, I see that someone has put together a genius though not safe for work, video that puts all these do gooder celebrities calling for | Read More »

    Just Do It

    One of the biggest problems on Capitol Hill these days is that the leaders of both parties are calling all the shots without input from the rest of Congress until the end. Certainly there comes a point when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but the purpose of the legislature is to legislate and the legislators cannot do their job because of their | Read More »

    Setting the Record Straight: Adam Lanza Did use the Bushmaster AR-15

    The media did a horrible job getting its facts and figures straight during and after the tragedy in Connecticut. Gun control advocates have seized on a lot of information and ignored a lot of information in an effort to push their agenda.But I’m seeing gun rights supporters do the same. Most troubling, over the past week on radio filling in for Neal Boortz I’ve heard | Read More »

    Desperate Screams of the Press Clowns

    Desperate Screams of the Press Clowns

    If you ever needed a reminder of how pathetic the cast of clowns who make up the reporters and journalists in the media is, look no further than the David Gregory story and the reaction to it from the press corps. It is a non-story to them. Glenn Thrush, debating this with me on twitter notes, “The more [you] talk about the fake Gregory story | Read More »

    Regarding Dick Armey

    This constant drip of stories about FreedomWorks is rather pathetic.So Dick Armey shows up with a gun toting security guard to launch a coup against FreedomWorks? OK. What’s telling is that Team Armey is doing a lot of talking to Mother Jones — a far left magazine eager to destroy everyone on the right. Currently, they are engaged in tearing down FreedomWorks.That Armey is complicit | Read More »

    That Other Issue

    For five and a half years I was an indigent criminal defense attorney as one area of my law practice.I never once represented an innocent person. They were all guilty. I never had a criminal trial. They were all willing to take deals. Most of them were black men between the ages of 18 and 35 and their crimes most often involved drugs.Today is the | Read More »

    In for Talkmaster Neal Boortz

    I’m in for Neal Boortz today on his nationally syndicated radio show. The show runs live from 9am to noon and in delay around the country. The phone number for the show is 1-877-310-2100 if you want to call in. You can also listen live on the WSB live stream by clicking right here if you aren’t near a live radio broadcast.