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    I Come to Praise Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal

    As willing as I am to offer up criticism of Bush and the other 2016 candidates, I also think it is worth praising them when they are willing to take a position that is unpopular in the current cultural zeitgeist of the Circle of Jerks in the press corps. One of those issues is religious liberty. Another is free expression. In the past seventy-two hours, | Read More »

    Draw Mohammed

    Draw Mohammed

    I don’t want Saturday Night Live that much any more, but I’m glad I tuned in last night. I caught the “Draw Mohammed” skit and it perfect captured the media’s hilarious refusal to deal with the issue. They’re scared. The Right Scoop caught the video. It is hilariously done. As I noted Friday, “History shows us over and over that the moment evil realizes you | Read More »

    My moment of candor this Friday

    Were it me, I would not engage in the style of publicity and antics Pamela Geller and her organization engaged it. I take to heart Proverbs 3:34 that “He mocks proud mockers but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.” I also take the golden rule to heart. I appreciate the point Martha McCallum and Franklin Graham made. Just because we have the right, does | Read More »

    But the News Will Remain the Same

    But the News Will Remain the Same

    David Cameron and the Tories went down to a close but crushing defeat in the United Kingdom last night. Ed Milliband was able to cobble together a coalition with the Scottish National Party and other left wing parties to cross the threshold for the slimmest of all majorities. At least that is what polling predicted even days before the election when even Conservative pollsters expected | Read More »

    Yes and But In the Wrong Order

    Yes and But In the Wrong Order

    Last week in Garland, TX, a lady named Pamela Geller sponsored an event about Islam, a component of which included drawing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. While muslims in prior centuries painted Mohammed and some muslims still think it is okay to draw Mohammed, most muslims around the world condemn the drawing of any image purporting to be the likeness of Mohammed. Though not technically | Read More »

    Anybody Remember Jamestown?

    Back after Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012, I documented the incestuous bleeding within the Republican Party. The Blackrock Group, which tries to always win even when its candidates lose, featured prominently in that. It is a group that has made lots of money off political campaigns in various ways I would not be comfortable with were I a candidate near them. Now comes word that | Read More »

    No One Wants To Be the Winner of the Iowa Straw Poll

    The Iowa GOP decided to move its straw poll to the weekend of the RedState Gathering. We had been working with them to make sure the two would not conflict, but they chose otherwise. Consequently, we have worked on our end to make sure the candidates can get to the Gathering and then to the Iowa Straw Poll. However, in trying to put a bigger | Read More »

    Prayer Request

    If you are in the Chicago area, next weekend you can come watch me reach a personal milestone. I’m delivering my first actual sermon. And that’s the prayer request. I enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary last year and have begun pursuing my Masters in Biblical Studies. I decided against the M.Div because I really don’t have the time to master Greek and Hebrew. I started | Read More »

    Chris Cuomo Is Not That Bright. Good Thing He Can Hide Behind His Last Name.

    Chris Cuomo is the privileged son of Mario Cuomo. He is a liberal. He is a Democrat. He is a licensed attorney. But on CNN he plays an objective reporter who pretends to not be liberal. He is a liberal. And in fact, off air, Cuomo is very openly a liberal. He also lets the facade down on twitter. Cuomo, did I mention he was | Read More »

    Mike Huckabee Enters The Contest

    Mike Huckabee Enters The Contest

    Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee yesterday declared his intention to seek the Presidency of the United States. The media immediately seized on Huckabee as the “Christian” in the race — editorially pigeonholing Huckabee. They have done so at their own peril. Huckabee will prove himself far deeper and more expansive on issues than the media wants to believe. To be sure, Huckabee is a former | Read More »

    A Candidate Willing to Change His Mind

    Isn’t that what the media wants? A candidate who is bold enough to admit he has changed his mind? Well, we have a mind change and it is a really significant one. Governor Rick Perry has decided to oppose the Export-Import Bank, which is up for renewal in Congress. For those who don’t know, the Ex-Im is a cess pool of waste, fraud, and abuse | Read More »

    What’s Actually Going On

    I encounter people all the time who scratch their heads wondering how a bunch of leftwing nuts who believe you can pick your gender are attacking Americans who criticize Islam. These left-wing types who pound their chests over a “war on women” in the United States are perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to Islamic harassment of women, even in the United States. They | Read More »

    Here They Come

    Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are declaring their bids for President of the United States. Coming soon, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry will do the same. Bobby Jindal will most likely also announce. (I expect to see them all at the RedState Gathering, by the way) For those keeping score at home, that is one old corrupt white woman against a female former CEO of | Read More »

    Conservatives Must Oppose Bob Corker’s Capitulation

    Conservatives Must Oppose Bob Corker's Capitulation

    The video above explains why President Obama’s deal with Iran is so bad. Made worse is Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) 50%‘s effort to ratify the deal through a perversion of the constitutional process. Bob Corker is a little man who chairs the impotent Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The two traits have conspired to require him to feel relevant and stretch his little | Read More »

    God Bless Texas

    God Bless Texas

    My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.— Evan Sayet (@EvanSayet) May 4, 2015 Liberals who are perfectly fine dropping a crucifix in a jar of urine and calling it art are appalled that Pamela Gellar would hold a “draw Mohammed” contest in Texas. “She’s just asking for trouble,” they proclaimed. In fact, trouble did show | Read More »