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    An Upside Down World

    In December of 1865, the several American states ratified the thirteenth amendment constitutionally ending involuntary servitude in the United States. In the twenty-first century, Americans are coming full circle. In a number of states, a black man can again be forced by the government to work involuntarily for a white man. Not since the nation eliminated Jim Crow laws during the civil rights era have | Read More »

    Democrat Alex Sink Wants Immigrants To Clean Rooms and Plant Flowers

    Here again is another example of media bias. Very few have bothered to report on Alex Sink, the Democrats’ nominee for Congress in Florida, saying what she said. In explaining the need for immigration reform, Alex Sink — a seasoned political veteran mind you — actually said we need more immigrants to clean hotel rooms and landscape yards. If a Republican said this, the press corps | Read More »

    Debt Man

    This video from the Madison Project speaks for itself.

    Governor Jan Brewer Should Sign the Religious Liberty Legislation

    It is sad that we, in the 21st century, are at this point in the United States of America. We should be willing to leave each other alone and have basic respect for one another. We should not wish to impose our views on others or force others to serve us against their will. Unfortunately, in the name of tolerance, a group of activists nationwide | Read More »

    Support Dr. Milton Wolf

    Pat Roberts is Kansas’s Senator. He does not live in Kansas. His home is in Virginia. He drives a car with a Virginia license plate. His wife is a Virginia realtor. His house in Kansas is rented out to someone. He says when he goes to Kansas, which is less and less frequent, that he sleeps in a friend’s recliner. Pat Roberts has a challenger | Read More »

    Draft Bob Beauprez for Colorado Governor

    Draft Bob Beauprez for Colorado Governor

    There are seven people running for the Republican nomination for Governor of Colorado. None of the seven have shown an ability to unite the Colorado GOP. None have shown the ability to win the tough race. None have shown the ability to raise the significant money they will need for a very tough race. None even seem to have a very strong, statewide grassroots network | Read More »

    Two Must Reads

    Really, I need not say anything else. I know that is unusual, but just go read these two pieces. The first is by Andy McCarthy. The second is by Russell Moore. Read them and retweet them and put them on Facebook. It will save me the trouble of having to repackage and repeat arguments made better that I could.

    A Christianity Only American Liberals Would Recognize

    A friend sent along the following responding to this piece in the Daily Beast about religious liberty. My personal impression is that the piece is deeply shallow, but uses enough fifty cent words to cover that up. Beyond that though, you should go read the piece, then come back and enjoy this from my friend: I’ll try to pick out discrete lines here to respond | Read More »

    Yes, Jesus Would Bake A Cake for a Gay Person

    Yes, Jesus Would Bake A Cake for a Gay Person

    Jesus Christ would absolutely bake a cake for a gay person. He’d bake a cake for a straight person. He’d bake a cake for a girl, a boy, a person who isn’t sure what they are, a black person, a white person — Jesus would bake that cake if it, in  some way large or small, drew that person closer to Him. And Christians should | Read More »


    Standing With Matt Bevin

    Standing With Matt Bevin

    Matt Bevin ran a company, something Mitch McConnell has not done. While running that company, Matt Bevin put his signature on a prospectus for his company in which the company touted the economic benefits that would be derived from TARP. Pretty much every financially oriented business in America did the same at the time. That’s what Mitch McConnell, George Bush, Hank Paulson, and virtually everyone | Read More »

    Useful Idiots for Baal

    Useful Idiots for Baal

    I stumbled upon a Christian author I was not familiar with the other day and saw that he had written from a host of secular publications about faith. From CNN to National Journal to the Huffington Post to USA Today to the Atlantic to others — these are publications that tend to be hostile to people of traditional, orthodox Christian faith. When a Christian author | Read More »

    Why This Fight

    Why This Fight

    I was once an elected Republican. I started the College Republicans at my school. I served as the state chair of the College Republicans in Georgia. I have worked for more than two decades to get Republicans elected. But more and more I cannot tell you what it means to be a Republican other than opposition to Barack Obama. I want to be for something, | Read More »

    Andy Stanley’s ( @AndyStanley ) Quote is Troubling

    Kirsten Powers and I will no more agree on this topic than we do on the merits of calling Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie.” That’s fine. We probably disagree on most issues, though I appreciate her finding common ground with me and so many others on the cause of life for children stitched together by God in their mothers’ wombs. But I am really disappointed in | Read More »

    American Opportunity Alliance: Come for Social Liberalism. Stay for Wall Street Cronyism.

    Pay attention to this story. Put the American Opportunity Alliance on your radar. Conservatives need to be wary and need to follow money from this group to Republican candidates. A group of billionaires and multi-billionaires intent on pushing gay marriage and amnesty has started an effort to pump money into the Republican Party. The Politico report makes clear as well that these guys want to | Read More »

    Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General

    According to Senator Ted Cruz, “Ken Paxton is a tireless conservative warrior.” Paxton is running for Texas Attorney General. As all of us know, we may not live in Texas, but Texas affects us and we all probably secretly or not so secretly want to live there. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott frequently describes his workday as, “I go into the office, I sue the | Read More »