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    Bipartisan Coalition in Georgia Wants to Kill the Free Market

    In Georgia, a state run by Republicans, a bipartisan coalition of legislators is coming together to kill the free market. HB 907 would regulate out of existence new upstart car services like Uber and Lyft.Peach Pundit in Georgia has a post on this.The legislation is being done at the behest of the taxi cab monopoly in the metro Atlanta area. Ironically, instead of asking that | Read More »


    The Republicans look like they are doing well and headed to pick up the Senate. Polling in Arkansas, Louisiana, and elsewhere shows strong Republican support. Ironically, the GOP may wind up still losing the Senate because of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. Another new, independent poll — this one from WHAS-TV and the Louisville Courier-Journal has 30 year incumbent Mitch McConnell four points | Read More »

    Ben Sasse Has Momentum in Nebraska

    Ben Sasse Has Momentum in Nebraska

    It is time for you too to get behind Ben Sasse in the Nebraska Senate Primary. At three percent in the polls this past June, Sasse is now tied at the front with Mitch McConnell’s pick. Unsurprisingly, Mitch McConnell and the Washington Lobbyist crowd’s pick does best with people who don’t like the tea party and Sasse does best with those who do like the | Read More »

    The 2014 Slate Card

    Our friends over at ActRight set up a slate card for us for 2014. It will evolve over time, but here’s a solid list of races if you’re looking to send some to a campaign.Your contribution will be processed through ActRight and delivered to the campaign. These are all people I am supporting in 2014.

    And We’re Doing Immigration Reform?

    And We're Doing Immigration Reform?

    Dana Milbank is a liberal columnist at the Washington Post who has enraged liberals overnight. Why? This column. It concludes, “Obamacare has been undermined by the very entity they had used to validate it.” As I noted on twitter yesterday, during the 2009-2010 fight over Obamacare, the left told Republicans, “Live by the CBO, die by the CBO.” The GOP had been convinced the CBO | Read More »

    In Kentucky, Matt Bevin Polls Better Than Mitch McConnell Against the Democrat

    In Kentucky, Matt Bevin Polls Better Than Mitch McConnell Against the Democrat

    Here’s a fact — Mitch McConnell polls badly in Kentucky. He has been in Washington since 1985. Kentuckians, like everybody else, are tired of Washington. So Kentucky has tired of Mitch McConnell. In fact, there may be no incumbent Republican Senator more vulnerable this year than Mitch McConnell. He stays in the race because of pride. Any other Republican with his polling would be shown | Read More »

    Existence, Fact, and Faith

    Rarely do I ask for forgiveness before delving into an off topic piece here at RedState. I often write about faith and religion, but never so specifically and outside the lines as this. But I have noticed a trend lately. A great many loud atheists have decided Jesus never existed. He was a figment of the imagination — a great conspiracy. For a Sunday School | Read More »

    Time to Change. Time to Choose.

    Time to Change.  Time to Choose.

    When the White House and Congress of the United States of America were controlled by Republicans, the nation found itself at war. It was a war not asked for by America, but one we were dragged into by terrorists who wished us dead. Some tried to blame America. Some claimed it was because of the cycle of poverty and violence our enemies suffered. They ignored | Read More »

    Barry Loudermilk in GA-11

    Barry Loudermilk in GA-11

    Starting today, I am writing about each of the candidates I recommend and personally support in the 2014 Republican primary cycle. You can find all these entries by going to the Target Races section under “Features” in the masthead, or by clicking here.— Erick Barry Loudermilk is a candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District. The incumbent, Phil Gingrey, is leaving his seat to | Read More »

    RedState Gathering 2014

    RedState Gathering 2014

    Go to to register now.

    The Speaker Reaps What the Speaker Sows

    The Speaker Reaps What the Speaker Sows

    Less than twelve hours into the Republican retreat and the leaks and attacks came fast and furious. John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan intend to push immigration through the United States House of Representatives. The bulk of the House Republicans thus far seem opposed, but Boehner and his lieutenants intend to find a path forward. They will start bid and grandiose and | Read More »

    Explained: The Media’s Light Touch Toward Barack Obama

    Explained: The Media's Light Touch Toward Barack Obama

    I think I now have the prevailing and ultimate theory regarding the media’s light touch toward Barack Obama. Yes, to be sure, they are liberals and Democrats. I’ve long documented how often “objective” reporters for the Washington Press Corp came over from liberal organizations and now feign objectivity. But with the revelation that Mark Murray is married to the FAA Chief of Staff, we need | Read More »

    Mark Murray Was Right. Just Not How He Meant It.

    I have long thought that most members of the Washington Press Corps go home at night to a cardboard box full of wine and lip print stained press clippings of Barack Obama. Mark Murray, the senior political editor for NBC News, reinforces that image.After the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Mark Murray tweeted:Obama’s ending on Remsburg wasn’t just a story about America | Read More »

    Radio is Awesome

    Just wanted to share. I really am blessed and I thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. I just got off the radio, having gotten behind the microphone at 4pm yesterday afternoon. Weather and traffic in Atlanta are horrible. As I was signing off at 4 am, there were still thousands of people stranded on the road unable to get home. Many of them | Read More »


    The Surprising Adventures of Baron Obamahausen

    Sitting in Middle Georgia tonight, the snow poured down muting all the sounds outside. I did not watch the President’s State of the Union. I read the transcript. I had read — not skimmed it — before the President had even gotten to “My fellow Americans.”I smelled an awful stench as I read through the speech. At first I thought the speech must be in | Read More »