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    BREAKING: People Read Blogs in Mississippi. NRSC Blames Chris McDaniel For Mississippi Literacy.

    “[T]he Cochran campaign and NRSC decided to exploit the show of concern for political gain by lying about who knew what.”Thad Cochran is getting his butt kicked in Mississippi by conservative challenger Chris McDaniel. That has sent the NRSC and its friends into a tailspin and they are desperate to tar and feather Chris McDaniel. Some freak in Mississippi has handed them their latest tool. | Read More »

    Go See Godzilla

    I guess I am just going to start reviewing all the movies I go see. So this week, let’s dig into Godzilla. I liked it, which must mean Sonny Bunch will hate it. [UPDATED: I WAS WRONG!!!! Sonny Bunch likes it. He really likes it. So now you must go see it. It has to be better than the rock monsters in Noah because we | Read More »

    Does the NRSC Vet Its Candidates?

    This looks like a question that must now be asked. First, it looks like Pat Roberts, the NRSC’s candidate in Kansas turns out to be a Virginia resident. But this question must be asked, in particular, about Thad Cochran, the NRSC’s candidate in Mississippi. I should stop and say it is also worth asking because anytime a conservative the NRSC does not support does something | Read More »



    The New York Times paid its editor, Jill Abramson, less than the prior editor. She raised the issue. A few weeks later she was fired. Whether the two are connected or not is largely irrelevant at this point. The very same people who brought us the war on women are now tearing themselves apart like the “Moabites and Ammonites, and with them some of the | Read More »

    Congratulations Rush Limbaugh

    Congrats to my friend Rush Limbaugh. According to the Drudge Report, Rush has won Author of the Year from the Children’s Book Council. The CBC is an organization where children themselves vote for their favorite author. If you have not read the Rush Revere series, you should. They are actually great books and my kids are fans. My son has a horse he calls Lightning, | Read More »

    David Perdue Sounds Like a Man Who’d Raise Taxes

    I told you people he’d go there. You didn’t believe me. But he is a CEO who lives in the private, gated community of a private gated island. They see the world differently. CEO’s make really crappy senators because they feel compelled to cut deals and transcend the rubes of party politics to prove their own statesman like qualities. And David Perdue finally went there | Read More »

    Heads They Win. Tails We Lose.

    This is how it is and always will be. It is still funny to point it out. Mitch McConnell and company poured dollars into beating Ben Sasse in Nebraska. K Street turned out with him. Shane Osborn got to parade before Republican Senators. They had him a nice fundraiser at the NRSC. At the end of the race the Establishment Super PACs spend over a | Read More »

    Hunter Biden Joins the Ukraine Gas Conglomerate’s Board

    If you go there now you may get a 404 error like I just did. But if you go to the Google cache you’ll find that while Vice President Biden was visiting Ukraine, the country decided to put Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma. According to the press release of Ukraine’s largest gas provider, R. Hunter Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ | Read More »

    Idols of Our Destruction

    People, regardless of demographic, are into idols. We have cults of personality, standards by which we judge all comers, issues (not principles) on which we will not compromise, and the ideal of the nation itself. Not all are idols, but all can be idols. In political seasons, we make idols of our candidates — they are flawless, pure, and indestructible. That is until they are | Read More »

    The Great Divide

    When Christy Lemire reviewed Lars Von Trier’s “Nymphomanic Vol. 1″ she described it as “unexpected and so refreshing, especially given its subject matter.” Her review of “Moms’ Night Out” begins with “Depressingly regressive and borderline dangerous, “Moms’ Night Out” peddles archaic notions of gender roles in the name of wacky laughs.” A comedy about mothers going out together “peddles archaic notions of gender roles.” I | Read More »

    Russell Moore and the Radio

    Russell Moore is right. Christian talk radio, with some great exceptions, is largely insufferable. As both a talk radio show host and a student of the format, I listen to liberal talk, Christian talk, FM guy talk, political talk, NPR — you name it. I listen to it. And I find most Christian talk and pretty much all leftwing or “progressive” talk to be some | Read More »

    Nebraska and the Status Quo

    The Nebraska Republican primary draws near and the race is clear test of whether Republicans support the status quo. As Shane Osborn collapses in the Senate polling and Ben Sasse’s lead grows, some Republicans are flirting with Sid Dinsdale. Dinsdale claims to be a “life long” Republican, with a pattern of giving to Democrats. He’s a pretty good example of a crony capitalist, having used | Read More »

    My Georgia Picks

    People keep asking me to put all these in one place, so here it goes. Below are the candidates I have recommended in Georgia. I have not recommended people in every race. Statewide Governor: Nathan Deal U.S. Senate: Karen Handel School Superintendent: Nancy Jester (alternative: Ashley Bell) Congress US Congress, District 1: John McCallum US Congress, District 10: Jody Hice US Congress, District 11: Barry | Read More »


    If You Live in Texas, Vote for Ken Paxton for Attorney General

    Remember last year, when many Republicans in the Texas Legislature decided to pass a bill–supported by President Obama and Congressional Democrats at the federal level–requiring outside groups to disclose their donors to engage in political speech? Thankfully Governor Perry vetoed the bill, which would have stifled the free speech of all sorts of conservative organizations. Fast forward to the current Texas Attorney General’s race, and | Read More »

    Join Me in Fort Worth #RSG14

    Six years ago, I suggested those of us who’d built a relationship online here at RedState get together in Atlanta for a drink. I put out an open call and 400 people decided they wanted to meet. Well, with weather and scheduling conflicts, it turned out to be 200 of us. We discussed politics, met like-minded RedStaters in person, and heard from elected officials and | Read More »