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    The Hungry and the Well Fed

    The Hungry and the Well Fed

    In William F. Buckley’s mission statement for National Review, written in 1955, he did not mention winning elections. That’s not to say it is unimportant, unneeded, or unwanted. But it was not mentioned. In fact, Buckley wrote, “We believe that truth is neither arrived at nor illuminated by monitoring election results, binding though these are for other purposes, but by other means, including a study | Read More »

    Liberals Fear the Heritage Foundation and They Should

    Liberals Fear the Heritage Foundation and They Should

    The other day on Morning Joe, Eugene Robison was on and lashed out at the Heritage Foundation for leading the fight against Obamacare. He, like many other concern trolling liberals, said “Heritage Foundation, for example, which, you know, you would think ought to be coming out with those sort of reasonable [health care] policies … now they’re like, one of the loudest voices thanks to | Read More »

    Follow the Law

    Vladimir Lenin is said to have observed, “the worse, the better,” meaning the worse things got for Russians the better it was for the communists. Lately, the left has taken to calling conservatives “Leninists” for our refusal to fix Obamacare. The implicit acknowledgement here is that Obamacare is going to make things worse, despite their claims to the contrary. No conservative wants things to get | Read More »

    Americans for Tax Reform’s Ryan Ellis Thinks Tea Party Activists Are “Freaking Retarded”

    Americans for Tax Reform's Ryan Ellis Thinks Tea Party Activists Are "Freaking Retarded"

    When last we checked in on Ryan Ellis, the Tax Policy Director for Americans for Tax Reform, he was online saying Ted Cruz can go to hell and comparing Cruz to Aaron Burr. Not content to express his hatred of Cruz, Ellis is now going after the tea party. Like with Cruz, his tweet speaks for itself: I’m pretty sure ATR has, in the past, | Read More »

    My Fear

    My Fear

    I once had a person leave a message on my home answering machine telling me how he was going to come to my house, tie me up, cut off my eye lids, and force me to watch as he raped and murdered my family.Another person once emailed a very similar tale.One time after I’d made a bunch of liberals mad while I was out of | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Causes Americans for Tax Reform’s Policy Director, Ryan Ellis, to Lose It

    Ryan Ellis is the tax policy director of Americans for Tax Reform. I’ll let his tweet speak for itself. UPDATED: This just got passed on to me. A few days ago Ellis attacked Cruz at the Daily Caller. Ellis participated in the comments writing: “ive been fighting obamacare since long before anyone ever heard of ted cruz. frankly, he can go to hell.”

    I Absolutely Support Chris McDaniel Over Thad Cochran [updated]

    He didn’t say “God d*mn America” or accuse the CIA of giving AIDS to black men. That’d be the President’s preacher.He didn’t plan to blow up cops. That’d be the President’s friend Bill Ayers.He didn’t even attend a Klan rally. That’d be the left’s patron saint, Margaret Sanger.He didn’t show up in black face either.Chris McDaniel is running for the United States Senate in Mississippi | Read More »

    The Republican Schism

    There is a data set within yesterday’s CNN poll that even CNN largely overlooked, but that explains so much of the current tension within the Republican Party. Long after we are dead, pundits and political reporters will still talk about the Rockefeller Republicans vs. the Conservatives and other such archaic divisions that no longer exist except in the rhetorical habits of pretentious political reporters. The | Read More »

    To Each His Own

    To Each His Own

    I don’t really care if you want to stand with Mitch McConnell in his re-election. I hope you might go with Matt Bevin, but I’m not going to get worked up over it. I’m excited to support Matt Bevin.Likewise, I’m very pleased to support Chris McDaniel in Mississippi against Thad Cochran, who has been Mississippi’s Senator since I was three years old.But I’m not going | Read More »

    Advancing. Ever Advancing.

    Advancing.  Ever Advancing.

    Much cynicism has been expressed over the past month about the effort, led by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, to fight Obamacare. It was about money or defeating Republicans or something other than what it was about — undermining Obamacare with a united front. It was always about undermining Obamacare, despite the claims of others. But, those of us who were in this fight against | Read More »

    Ted Cruz is Doing the Right Thing

    Some conservatives are complaining that Ted Cruz will not filibuster the debt ceiling increase in the Senate.He is doing the right thing.While you and I and he and everyone else knows the debt ceiling issue will not actually throw us into default, we must remember low information voters and the media. The media will report that Ted Cruz has single handedly thrown the nation into | Read More »


    Bridge Burning and Bridge Building

    House Republicans have signaled they are giving up. They’ll merge their ideas with Mitch McConnell’s ideas. The result will be a funded government, raised debt ceiling, and nothing done with Obamacare. Throughout this fight, Harry Reid has outsmarted Mitch McConnell. Repeatedly, Reid used the Senate’s rules to toss aside numerous proposals from the House while McConnell looked on not knowing how to fight back. Reid | Read More »

    Reject This

    Reject This

    The basic framework of the deal Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid have hammered out is coming to light. The provision the GOP is crowing over — that the Obama Administration will check the income levels of those who receive a subsidy — is already the law. Meanwhile, the GOP will let the rest of the year proceed above sequester level spending, give the unions another | Read More »

    Obstructing Conservatives

    Obstructing Conservatives

    Columbus didn’t sail the Ocean Blue to discover a land where we wait around for Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid to decide the future of our lives. We decide. Not the power brokers in DC. We haven’t gone all this time and risked so much over two hundred years to turn the keys over now to others to run our lives. The Veterans on the | Read More »

    Sequestration Is the Bipartisan Law of the Land. Fight on Obamacare.

    I was very disappointed to see Robert Costa of National Review use of the dollar sign in this tweet: recently by a lot of liberals in the press, invited to the White House to sit with Barack Obama, and now subtly suggesting the McConnell – Boehner – K Street GOP attack on Heritage Action for America, Senate Conservatives Fund, Club for Growth, and Madison Project | Read More »