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    Shooting at the Family Research Council

    The Family Research Council is one of my favorite organizations. I consider Tony Perkins a friend and he and his staff are in my prayers today, as they should be yours. A gunman entered the building this morning, took issue with the work FRC does (no motive is known other than the gunman uttering a complaint about what FRC does), and began to shoot. A | Read More »

    GOP Consultants Palin on Paul Ryan

    Palin (verb w obj.) pay • lîn To pile on a Vice Presidential nominee and blame him/her for defeat so political consultants do not have to accept any responsibility. There have been a number of stories out over the past few days from Republican political consultants on background claiming the GOP is now screwed because Paul Ryan is the Vice Presidential nominee.There is an underlying | Read More »


    Josh Trevino, RedState Founder, Moves on Up

    I’ve long wanted to see Josh in a place like CNN with me, but today’s Transom brings really good and cool news: Joshua Treviño, a Redstate co-founder who has most recently served as vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation as well as a globetrotting raconteur and avid Twitterer (do not fight with him, as you will lose), will be announced today as a | Read More »

    John Boehner Calls TARP Opponents Knuckle Draggers

    Considering that so many tea party activities first became inspired to get active because of the Republican push for TARP, and were then emboldened by Barack Obama’s stimulus plan, we can say, I think, that John Boehner is calling tea partiers knuckle draggers.That’s unfortunate.Now, I’m sure he doesn’t think of it that way. He’s just talking about TARP opponents — also known as the conservative | Read More »

    The Crazy Fool From the Attic Turned Vice President Race Baits

    In fairness to Vice President Biden, I supposed I should have a full post for our collective crazy uncle in the attic turned Vice President. The man from Delaware claimed that Republicans want to put people back in chains. Considering there is only one group of people ever put in chains in this country, it is clear he was race baiting. I have no doubt | Read More »


    Morning Briefing for August 15, 2012

    RedState Morning Briefing August 15, 2012 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Obama Administration Continues to Fail on Energy Policy 2. Romney hits Obama for cutting $716 billion from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare 3. $20 Million to Inspect Catfish: Zero Catfish Inspected

    Martha Zoller: Let’s Get Her To Congress

    Georgia’s 9th Congressional District runoff presents the two faces of the Republican Party and asks voters to choose.On one hand is Doug Collins. Collins would fit right in with the Congressional Republicans who raised the debt ceiling on the promise of spending cuts and then weaseled out of the cuts. He’d fit right in with a GOP that gives lip to repealing Obamacare, but is | Read More »

    Election Day in Wisconsin: Go Vote for Mark Neumann

    It’s time Wisconsin. Heck, it has been a long time coming.Today, please go vote for Mark Neumann for the United States Senate. Polls in Wisconsin have the race incredibly close. There is a real chance for Wisconsin to send a man to the Senate who will join Ted Cruz, Richard Mourdock, Deb Fischer, and the conservatives already there to bring back fiscal sanity to Washington.Eric | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for August 14, 2012

    RedState Morning Briefing August 14, 2012 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Election Day in Wisconsin: Go Vote for Mark Neumann 2. Blowing Up the “Paul Ryan Will Turn Off Women” Meme 3. Martha Zoller: Let’s Get Her To Congress 4. Rick Allen for Congress in GA-12 5. Michelle Obama Poisons America’s Food Supply. Gives Kids Listeria.

    Rick Allen for Congress in GA-12

    The12th Congressional District of Georgia is routinely cursed with less than stellar candidates for Congress on the Republican side trying to take out John Barrow, the play it safe liberal who has cat like lives.There is a runoff for the 12th District between Rick Allen and Lee Anderson. I’m going with Rick Allen. Naturally, Lee Anderson would have you believe that Allen, a small businessman, | Read More »

    Blowing Up the “Paul Ryan Will Turn Off Women” Meme

    I have always thought it was both vapid and shallow for the left and a whole lot of the supposedly objective media to claim that women voters vote with their uterus, or more specifically whether or not they get to kill kids.All this talk about “Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood so women won’t vote for them” is ridiculous, not borne out in polling, and all | Read More »

    Michelle Obama Poisons America’s Food Supply. Gives Kids Listeria.

    Michelle Obama has poisoned the nation’s food supply and potentially given listeria to America’s children, according to press reports.Food inspectors have discovered listeria in packaged apple slices destined for McDonald’s, Burger King, and various grocery stores.It was Michelle Obama’s push for healthier eating that led fast food restaurants to begin including apple slices in their kids’ meals.Now, you and I may think it is outrageous | Read More »

    If Only Paul Ryan’s Plan Were as Radical as the Democrats Claim

    “Choice for Republicans involves trusting the American people to handle their affairs and retirement. Choice for Democrats involves only the option to kill children, with everything else pre-packaged in one size fits all government bureaucracy.” It is mathematically indisputable that should President Barack Obama obtain his legislative desire and increase taxes on those making $250,000.00 a year or more the nation would not close even | Read More »

    More on the Winning Argument

    In USA Today, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds quotes Iowahawk: “Paul Ryan represents Obama’s most horrifying nightmare: Math.”Let me break the math down for you.If Barack Obama gets his way and raises taxes on everyone making $250,000.00 a year or more, the amount of money he brings in will not close his own budget deficit. Nevermind the national debt — he won’t close this year’s budget deficit.In | Read More »

    The Argument

    Saturday on Twitter, my buddy Tom Crowe summed up what the two Presidential campaigns are all about: So #2012election comes down to GOP: “We trust you.” vs. Dems: “Trust us.” — Tom Crowe (@TomCrowe) August 11, 2012 This should not be a hard sell.