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    Two Weeks With the Apple Watch

    Technically, I’m a day shy of two weeks, but whatever. I wanted to get a good feel for the watch before writing about it. I think I have had enough time to be able to share my thoughts. Let me give you the take away up front: you do not need it. But if you get it, it is worth it. There are a ton | Read More »

    The New York Times Must Ignore History to Place Blame on California’s Woes

    The New York Times Must Ignore History to Place Blame on California's Woes

    Adam Nagourney, writing in the New York Times over the weekend, penned this piece looking at the history of Calfornia’s father-son governors, Pat Brown and Jerry Brown. He used the California drought to cast the story of Jerry Brown, now the governor, having to clean up the messes caused in part by his father. Pat Brown was California’s governor during the boom time of the | Read More »

    Hog: For the Summer

    I get copies of books to review and have been fortunate enough to start getting cookbooks for review. Most of them have been dreadful. Seriously — they’re food porn with recipes that look beautiful, but no one would ever want to make, let alone could because of the complex and hard to find ingredients. But some real gems come my way too. I was not | Read More »


    The Republicans in 2016 Are DOOMED!!!!!!

    Every once in a while you stumble into a news cycle and think, “This cannot be a coincidence.” As news reports bring word that Hillary Clinton is still refusing to answer questions from the press, Ramadi falls to ISIS, and things just aren’t going well for the Democrats right now, fear not. The press steps in with its usual “The GOP is doomed” headlines. We | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Was Fearless Yesterday

    Ted Cruz Was Fearless Yesterday

    Last night in Georgia, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% spoke to the delegates at the Georgia Republican Convention. Regular readers of RedState know that the Speaker of the House in Georgia, collaborating with gay rights activists, left-wing Democrats, and big business, scuttled a state version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Action in exchange for Democrat votes on a billion dollar tax increase. | Read More »

    Defending Marriage & Religious Liberty: Where Is Texas?

    “Texas has two weeks left to stand up for religious liberty.” It sure didn’t take long to miss Rick Perry’s leadership in Texas. As I have written here many times, there is a war waging against people of faith and the values we hold.  Nowhere is that more evident than the war on marriage that soon likely will culminate in another Supreme Court decree, this | Read More »

    Hey Free Beacon! Don’t Forget This George Stephanopoulos Story

    I call for the Washington Free Beacon to remember this story. I didn’t think at the time that it got the attention it deserved. But with the latest George Stephanopoulos story, I think it is time to revisit this. The Free Beacon exposed the Clinton Foundation donations and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager interning for Stephanpoulos. The Politico story from 2009 pointed out that the Clinton | Read More »


    This is a must read by Howard Kurtz on the George Stephanopoulos mess. The key paragraph for me is this: For George to give money to the Clinton Foundation, out of all possible charities, knowing full well that Hillary was gearing up to run, is a grave error in judgment. For him not to disclose this to his network or to viewers—especially when he was | Read More »

    The Believer In the Public Square

    On Saturday, I’ll deliver my first  actual sermon at an Apologetics conference in Chicago.  I submit it here now for your consideration.  Frankly, if I keep staring at it, I’m going to make changes again, so I’m getting  it in the wild now.  It’s written to be spoken, which I have not done in a long time. This is actually one of the most difficult | Read More »

    You’re Missing the Story on George Stephanopoulos

    You're Missing the Story on George Stephanopoulos

    Former Clinton employee George Stephanopoulos, who plays an objective reporter for ABC News on television, gave $75,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation. Shocker. No, not really. George Stephanopoulos has now decided to forego moderating a Republican Presidential debate. Shocker. No, not really. The real story in my mind is that the Republican Party ever thought George Stephanopoulos should moderate a Republican Presidential debate to begin with. | Read More »

    Marco Rubio Will Join Us At the RedState Gathering

    I should have put this in the announcement the other day. But apparently, for reasons I cannot fathom, Apple’s iCloud decided to start sending stuff to a junk folder even though I don’t want it to. And there I found an email from Rubio’s team from last week saying he would be at the RedState Gathering. So that’s awesome. Rubio was the first Senate candidate | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Gets The Iraq Question Right

    Knowing what we know now, I would still have voted to go into Iraq in 2003. I think it was the right thing to do and I think the objective data still shows that Saddam Hussein was happy to collaborate with our enemies to undermine us. But I don’t blame our Republican candidates for saying no. Jeb Bush stepped in it the other day and | Read More »

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    The Elephant in the Straw Poll

    “We … tried in January to meet with the Executive Director of the Iowa GOP, but we were told pretty bluntly that he ‘didn’t have time for RedState.’ ” I have had a number of people on twitter and elsewhere ask why the RedState Gathering could not be placed on the calendar at a time other than the Iowa Straw Poll.  The short answer is: | Read More »

    No, Christianity is Not Actually in Decline

    The New York Times has a breathless report on the decline of Christianity in America. Much of the lefty twitterverse is celebrating the decline. The Christian share of adults in the United States has declined sharply since 2007, affecting nearly all major Christian traditions and denominations, and crossing age, race and region, according to an extensive survey by the Pew Research Center. Seventy-one percent of | Read More »

    Round One For the RedState Gathering

    I hope you have gotten your tickets to the RedState Gathering, because with this post today I suspect we are going to see them start going quickly. Backers of the various candidates want to see their preferred pick and with Atlanta being an easy place to get to, well . . . I hope you got your ticket. You can register at this link. This | Read More »